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Playtech: Casino Games From Top Developer for Sale

Playtech: Casino Games From Top Developer for Sale

Updated 24/07/2023

We are pretty sure that you are already familiar with the games and software from this provider because Playtech is one of the most famous and outstanding developers in the world of gambling software. This brand, created in 1999, has quickly sidestepped rivals and took the leading positions in the market.

The company, founded by an Estonian businessman with Israeli origin, just in two years after its appearance, signed the first contract for the supply of gambling software for sale in an online casino, and after another 5 years, Playtech shares appeared on the London stock exchange.

The Playtech gambling company

Over the past two decades, the company has grown so much that it began to absorb smaller brands: GTS, Virtue Fusion, Ash Gaming, Mobenga and many other gambling software developers. As a result, today Playtech can offer the widest range of quality casino software.

In fact, at the moment it is almost impossible to find an online casino that would not use the products of this developer. We will try to understand the reasons for such popularity.

What is Great About Playtech Software?

All Playtech casino software is united by the idea of omnichannel. What does it mean? Think about how many times a day the average person comes into contact with the Internet. Browsers on PC, mobile phones, all kinds of messengers, virtual panels of game points and gadgets with augmented reality technology — any devices connected to the Network, give the gambler access to the game.

In the next 5-10 years, as experts predict, online gambling will take the following form: it will be played everywhere (even on the move) and from a variety of devices. The Playtech gaming system offers the delivery of entertainment content to the user through various channels of interaction with the Network, and this is a unique chance to begin to develop a new segment.

First of all, the operator can launch a web casino, then add a betting shop on the Internet, and subsequently master keno or bingo. All Playtech casino software is perfectly synchronized with each other and, as already mentioned, is united by the idea of omnichannel. With this software, you will be able to build a huge and successful gambling business.

Why You Should Give Preference to Playtech Software

  • The manufacturer regularly updates the existing programs and releases new ones that are in tune with the spirit of the time, meet the needs of operators and the level of technology development, and thus sets the bar for the entire gambling software market.
  • All software for casino management, betting shops or any other gambling web projects is obliged to pass all the necessary certificate procedures conducted by international organizations, gambling commissions of different countries and is tested by large operators.
  • A huge team of designers, scriptwriters, artists, animators, programmers, as well as lawyers and mathematicians is working on the development of games.
  • Slot machines, sports betting, poker, roulette, bingo, keno — absolutely all gambling entertainment can be found in the range of Playtech.

Such a personal touch allows the company to keep a high demand for their programs, and the owners of online casinos — make good money on the organization of games. As for the customers, their loyalty to Playtech only confirms the quality of the content.

Playtech Gaming Systems

The company produces specialized online casino Playtech software for all kinds of tasks, operators and businesses. Let us consider the key programs in the portfolio of this developer and their main functions.

Online Casino System with Gaming Slots

This program has brought the company worldwide recognition and fame. It has everything that any entrepreneur may need to launch a new online gambling project.

This software has a built-in business intelligence system, it provides tools for advertising promotion and increasing audience loyalty, also the most popular and widespread payment systems in the world are connected.

The player can enter the casino from almost any device and at any time thanks to a single account omnichannel solution Playtech ONE.

Playtech Betting Software

The Estonian developer managed to create a unique platform for sports betting, the release of which caused the effect of an exploded bomb in the betting software market. The Playtech betting platform can receive bets from customers both via one of the dozens of online channels and at physical betting shops.

It should be emphasized that this software provides the widest coverage of events for betting: not only sports but also virtual competitions, as well as some events of social life.

Software for Virtual Sports

It is impossible to ignore the special program for the organization and carrying out of games in the Virtual Sports format. This is a new direction in the gambling industry, which is only gaining its first fans. Playtech has already released specialized software for it.

Playtech Poker Software

This great client program for poker Playtech released a few years ago, and since then, hundreds of poker rooms on the Internet have been organized and launched on its basis. The functionality of the client includes everything that is necessary for a quick and hassle-free launch of the poker platform.

The platform not only allows to conveniently configure the entire internal infrastructure but also offers a choice of several types of poker, a huge range of variable bets and admission fees.

Due to the multicurrency and multilanguage support, the program has become one of the leading software for aspiring poker room owners around the world.

Live Casino Software

This high-quality software that can be used to broadcast everything that takes place in the gambling Studio in real time, and wherever the Internet is available, is also presented in the company’s portfolio.

Playtech software allows running a casino with live dealers if there are only a website and one of these programs. This software implements all the options that are necessary for the start.

What games are played in a live casino? Poker, baccarat, Playtech roulette. Variations are based on customer preference. Besides, the manufacturer guarantees the security of data and payments, which is important.

Playtech Slots and Their Advantages

Playtech is a provider known nowadays as the owner of the largest gaming slots range. Just imagine: there are more than 600 models! Every month the company produces new machines that compete for the attention of players and always find their audience.

In the range of Playtech, you can find original content like Jackpot Giant or Age of the Gods, as well as traditional, familiar and almost cognatus machines.

The real gem in the portfolio is Playtech casino slot software, released after the conclusion of the partnership agreement with DC Entertainment and Marvel. In these slots, the main characters are Superman, Iron Man, Hulk and many other heroes loved by a wide audience.

The slots based on the movie, for instance, Matrix, Robocop and Gladiator are in great demand.

The provider’s idea is quite simple: every gambler will want to feel like a hero of a fantastic action movie and compete for the main award.

Playtech Games Features

Playtech slot machines are easy to recognize: they have several rounds. This is a feature of all slots from this brand.

In contrast to other providers, Playtech games include:

The title of the round


Demo version of the game

Start the game in idle mode, without real bets and winnings. A great way to check the mechanics of the slot, to get acquainted with its capabilities before the first deposit replenishment

Normal game

The basic game when the reels are spinning, then freeze at certain positions, and the size of the user’s winnings is determined by the results of the spin

The bonus round

The mechanics are distinguished from the game in normal mode. The bonus programs vary from slot to slot but are traditionally combined by the storyline with the main theme

Risky game

A special round, which is a card handing. Allows instantly multiplying the win by 2 times, if the user manages to beat the dealer. Having suffered a defeat, the player loses the entire amount for the last spin, and the game returns to normal mode

It is worth paying tribute to the work of the Playtech team — all slot machines are constantly updating: the graphics are refreshed, the design becomes more convenient, new icons and variants of winning sequences are added. Sometimes one can even count on a revision of RTP in favour of a larger side.

What Playtech Slot Machines Will Bring the Greatest Profit?

Profitable Playtech slot machines

The range of the manufacturer is really astonishing, therefore we recommend to install all the games on your website because each slot has established itself as a hit. But if you want to test the machines for the beginning, start with the following ones. We guarantee you will be satisfied.

The Mummy

This slot is created on the basis of a well-known film “Mummy” which once has caused quite a sensation. Playtech prefers to make games based on popular stories, but one has to agree that this approach is entirely appropriate for business.

The Mummy slot is made according to the classic scheme: 5 reels and 25 paylines. Icons here are the characters of the film: king Imhotep, a couple of famous heroes and, of course, the Mummy. Other symbols include revolvers, ancient statues, and a screech beetle.

By the way, the Mummy plays the role of a wild symbol here and is the main source of winnings. It has several superpowers that reveal depending on the place of appearance on the screen.

The Mummy slot provides incredible opportunities, the user is pleased and interested in gameplay, and the adrenaline pumping. If you install this slot machine on the gambling site, you will give users an unforgettable adventure.

Fantastic Four

Slots based on comics have always captured the attention of gamblers because people also want to feel like heroes of an epic saga. No wonder that the Playtech manufacturer has put so much effort to get the opportunity to officially release themed slot machines.

It is easy to guess from the title, what story is the basis of this video slot. But the Fantastic Four machine is popular not only due to the good plot — the graphical component is perfectly implemented, and is based on thoughtful mathematics.

We are sure that the Fantastic Four slot with thematic characters, bright picture and good sound, together with a huge range of winnings, will be popular for more than one year.

Iron Man 2

The developers created Iron Man 2 on the basis of the film with the same title. The slot has a lot of robots, facilities, references to the film, and, of course, there is a pretty girl (Black Widow).

The game mechanics is also interesting: the player can receive a payout for combinations of symbols arranged both horizontally and vertically (for example, if different pieces of the robot coincide on the same reel).

In this slot, users will have a chance to hit a big jackpot more than once, as the developers of Playtech have implemented accumulative jackpots. It is perfect for an exciting and full of a fun game!

Incredible Hulk

This slot is also devoted to the comic book hero. Playtech managed to find a gold mine, and this provider is developing it perfectly. The main character is an incredible green-skinned Hulk. Most often he just destroys everything around, but in the end, it is all for the sake of justice!

The game will help you relax after a hard day, and great bonuses will make the Incredible Hulk the most favourite slot of all.

Like in other Playtech casino games, the Incredible Hulk has 5 reels, 25 paylines. The Hulk himself plays the role of a wild symbol. There is also a bonus game. Here you need to destroy the police cars, and it gives gamblers a special pleasure. In general, it is great fun!

Green Lantern

He is not the most famous hero in the Russian-speaking space, but a valuable character for true fans of Marvel comics. Green Lantern is a video slot with beautiful graphics, pleasant music and a lot of additional bonuses. Well, that is all you need for great gambling.

There are three bonus games in Green Lantern:

  • Fear Fight Mission. You can blow up different icons, except jokers, and at the end of the round free spins are activated.
  • Training Center Mission. 10 free spins are triggered, during which the bonus wild symbol is active.
  • Secret Sector Mission. 10 free spins are activated, but this time with the dynamic multipliers.

Perhaps, the players will appreciate such a variety. Add to this stuff the interesting characters, great animation, and you will understand why this slot is in our top.

Age of Gods

Are you ready to travel back to the world of ancient Greek epos and meet the gods living on Olympus? Age of Gods is an example of a well-designed slot, with convenient gameplay, exciting game process and incredibly high-quality graphics.

Symbols (these are the images of gods and goddesses) are drawn accurately with the smallest details. Each of them has its own character, attributes, behaviour. Animations make the user feel that he/she is literally inside an ancient legend.

The machine has 4 bonus games, special symbols and bonus features that allow getting additional winnings. Visitors to your site will highly appreciate the gameplay. Just install the slot and witness it for yourself!


Playtech online casino software is a program that will definitely help to increase the efficiency and profitability of your gambling site. Excellent quality, wide range and constant use of new technologies brought the developer to the market leaders.

You can buy Playtech software in Gaminator studio. Our company is an official supplier of brand programs. Managers are ready to advise on all issues related to the gambling business.

As a bonus for our customers is presented a nice Playtech price, the ability to rent or connect a demo version of the gaming system, assistance in paperwork and technical support.

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