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Betsoft: Top Slot Games Developer

Betsoft: Top Slot Games Developer

Updated 09/02/2023

Betsoft is one of the most popular online casino gaming content developers of the last decade. The company specializes in the production of 3D slots, but its portfolio also includes mobile games and software solutions for managing gambling websites.

Betsoft online casino games

The Role of Betsoft Gaming in the Gambling Industry Development

Interestingly, a few years ago, in 2016, Betsoft Gaming programmers completely abandoned the use of flash technologies and released an innovative solution — the original Shift platform.

Key benefits of this system:

  • all games through this platform are provided in HTML5 format;
  • it no longer makes any difference from which device the user enters the casino (mobile or desktop): the games operate equally well on all platforms.

The release of Shift from BetSoft — what did it mean for the entire world of gambling? The unique Betsoft casino software has provided new opportunities for operators and raised the bar of quality for web casino software by several levels. Many companies now are developing in the same direction.

As for the slots, one of the key parameters Betsoft is relying on is the amazing graphics — colourful, juicy, sometimes so exciting that the visitor forgets about reality. This is one of the success secrets of the machines from BetSoft.

Nowadays, the brand has released about 150 slots and continues to regularly delight fans with new creations.

Why Betsoft Brand Is So Popular

A short description of the company and the ways of Betsoft gaming provider development will help to better understand whether to give preference to its software when opening your own casino.

The BetSoft review should be started with 2006 when a small company undertook the production of stationary equipment for slot machine parlours. Fortunately, the management of the company had enough foresight to understand that it is better to switch to games development.

The first BetSoft slots were created in 2010 within the series Slots 3 and quickly conquered the market because they were created on the basis of three-dimensional graphics.

Today, within this series there are 2 separate directions:

  1. Slots 3 Arcade — a line of games with exciting and very fast gameplay, which is perfect for experienced gamers who prefer to act quickly and are fond of multipliers of winning chances.
  2. Slots 3 Interactive — a new direction of games in which the player’s actions directly affect the development of the storyline. It is a unique format that immerses the gambler in a fantasy world with amazing emotions. At the same time, the machine combines all the best gaming features.

The Betsoft casino software review would be incomplete without mentioning the excellent board games. Among them, there are the most popular among gamers around the world baccarat, blackjack, Betsoft roulette and others. Betsoft poker also should not be omitted: in the portfolio of the developer, there are several varieties of programs — from Texas Holdem to the Caribbean version.

In 2011, the Betsoft game provider introduced a platform for mobile gaming called ToGo, where you can find modern bright games that run well on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The manufacturer offers an impressive range of games that can surprise players and delight operators.

The Gaming Assortment of the Betsoft Company:


Number of games

Total slot machines


Gard games (except poker)


Poker software

28 varieties

Mobile games


What Is Good About Betsoft Games?

All BetSoft slots are characterized by a unique branded design so that the products of this brand can be instantly recognized. The main task of the BetSoft team is to create a really funny slot and provide the player with pleasant emotions.

So, in the Birds game, traditional visual design is absent at all. Instead of the typical columns (either vertical or horizontal), the playing field is presented in the form of power lines on which the birds sit.

Rotation of the reels is as follows: birds fly off in different directions, the wires are empty, and then new avian appear on them. If the gambler hesitates with the spin, the birds just look at each other and seem very funny. For a moment, the player may think that he is watching an entertaining cartoon.

Due to this approach, the BetSoft games can be called true works of modern graphic art. Well-designed universes, beautiful animations, wonderful visualization and unconventional sound — what else the gambler of the 21st century could ask for being happy?

The Best Video Slots From Betsoft

Betsoft video slots for online casinos

The Slots 3 series differs with vivid 3D graphics and detailed animation. But this is not the only thing that makes BetSoft games popular. Slots are good from a technical point of view: try to run them on different devices and witness for yourself.

The widest range of themes that prefer gamblers of different cultures and ages guarantees an increase in casino traffic and, as a result, the income of its owner. You should definitely include the machines from this manufacturer in the list of software for installation on the website.

We have prepared a Betsoft slots review, which are considered to be the most popular among players and profitable for operators so that you can get acquainted with the brand products and make an informed decision.


Amazing due to its idea and implementation, the slot from BetSoft, called Plumbo, tells about the Norwegian rock band (not the most popular and in demand even at home, in Norway). This group really exists even gives concerts!

Here is what you can find in this video slot:

  • Unusual visual design. The traditional five reels are placed directly on the concert stage, and the symbols are the members of the musical band. In Plumbo are used real photos of all members of the group.
  • 25 paylines, some of them can be deactivated, although in this case, the chances of winning will be much lower. Considering that the functionality of the slot allows the player to choose the denomination of tokens, the total bet per spin can vary from 1 cent to hundreds of dollars.
  • Special symbols: wild and scatter. They perform the usual functions: wild replaces other icons in the chain, and the scatter brings free spins in case of multi-falling.
  • Short combination: even 2 symbols can bring a payout. Due to this innovation, the excitement of players becomes even hotter, and it brings great profits to the casino.
  • The user can view the game statistics in the slot, analyse the strategy and develop a new line of behaviour.
  • Musical arrangement. As you can guess, the slot plays the songs of this Norwegian band.

Viking Age

It is difficult to find a gambler who would refuse to compete for the jackpot. Vikings — one of the players’ favourite themes along with comic book characters and pirate raids.

As for Vikings Age, this machine can boast a stunning visualization and stylization of the Viking culture. BetSoft programmers have used a really creative approach of the slot creation and provided players with a great adventure.

The characters are well-drawn: a thick beard, strong stature, stern looks... In addition to this, artists have added the ships, axes and, of course, treasures for the authenticity sake.

Right of the reels, there is a lush warrior, who comments on the entire gameplay. She is a direct participant of the game and, if the user does not dare to start the reels for a long time, begins to resent. The slot looks very atmospheric, and that is the reason, why players are fond of it.

Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers is a story about brave gold diggers: a pretty blonde and two prospectors who are trying to find gold deposits with the help of hamsters. In this Betsoft casino online slot, the creators have provided 5 reels and 30 paylines.

In Gold Diggers, the user will meet the following characters:

  • two prospectors uncared-for appearance;
  • girl with blond hair;
  • a barrel of tar;
  • nuggets;
  • oil lamp;
  • mischievous hamster;
  • pickaxe, hammer and other attributes of true gold diggers.

The main character, though looks comical, is the highest paid out symbol in the game. In addition, Gold Diggers game has some nice themed bonuses and original features. So, a special symbol Gold Rush activates an astonishing bonus game.

The prize round allows the gambler to take a direct part in the search for gold. Or rather, it is necessary to choose the appropriate land and blow up the reels.

An additional chance to increase the prize appears when three hamsters simultaneously are shown on the playing field. All the player needs to do is to specify the direction of the animals in search of gold. If gambler guesses, he will receive a prize. Great entertainment after a long hard day!


BetSoft gaming products are perfect for new online casinos that strive to attract a young audience and are aimed at long-term work. These slots will provide constant traffic of the website and will captivate gamblers with interesting gameplay for a long time.

In case of ordering and installing BetSoft slots on the website, all you have to do is to contact the manager of Gaminator company. You will receive detailed information about the capabilities of the software, its advantages, technical requirements, etc.

Here you can order other programs for the development of a successful web casino, for example, gaming platforms or software for the project analysis. You will get a quality product from the official vendor, who will undertake the work of integrating the new software into your website.

Contact us right now and start earning more!

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