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Belatra: Gaming Software for Sale

Belatra: Gaming Software for Sale

Updated 18/08/2023

Belatra is well-known in the gamblers circles provider that manufactures interesting, funny slots. Belatra games have become popular far beyond the borders of Belarus and thanks to the Internet have managed to penetrate into the hearts of gamers of all continents.

Gambling company Belatra

Incredibly, the company was founded back in 1993, when online gambling itself did not exist, so the first games were developed for slot machines. However, over time, consumer demands have changed — and the format of products has improved.

Today, Belatra slots show excellent results in the web casino and consistently bring profit to the organizers.

What Makes Belatra Slots Good?

The developers of gambling software have a difficult task: not only to release a new product but also to be engaged in its promotion. It is also necessary to constantly update the games to be in keeping with modern times.

The situation with this brand is atypical. Classic Belatra slot machines are very popular to this day and do not even need additional advertising.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon. The first of them, of course, is the comic side of every story revealed in the slot. The second reason: the provider is not afraid to show the world as it is, without rainbow colours and temptations.

Simply put, the Belatra slots reflect the life and therefore find a response in the hearts of players so well. After all, no matter how attractive fantastic stories are, reality cannot be avoided. And this is the main secret of the brand products’ success.

Igrosoft Belatra is created by a large team, in which each employee is doing his things. Programmers, artists, writers — they all understand the specifics of gambling and know what users really need. This approach allows the company to produce amazing games.

Briefly About the Priorities of the Provider

Belatra casino software is perfect for attracting a new audience and increasing the loyalty of regular visitors. All the software excellent reveals itself both in online projects and in case of installing on the physical machines.

The Belatra company in figures

Belatra is aimed at the local audience — land-based slot machine parlours and all kinds of web casinos in the post-Soviet space. Slots are very popular among the Belarusian gamblers and players from neighbouring countries.

Advantages of Belatra Software

Belatra slots can boast of many strengths, but we will highlight only the key aspects that are crucial for online casino operators when choosing equipment for business.

The strengths of the software:

  1. Easy integration into any modern gaming system. Whatever software is installed on your website, you can be 100% sure that Belatra games will be able to work without problems and please both players and you. In case of any problems, you can always ask for help from the technical specialists of Gaminator studio and get the expert assistance.
  2. Excellent interface, which will be understandable for the user with any degree of computing proficiency. All buttons are in the place: it is intuitively clear where to find this or that option.
  3. Funny graphics, in which it is easy to guess the heroes of Eastern European culture. Artists have put their soul and life experience in each of the games, that is why they seem familiar and native to us.
  4. Non-standard ideas that were the basis of the plots. Belatra games are devoted to acute social issues. Developers sometimes laugh at the characteristics of temper or behaviour associated with the culture and mentality of post-Soviet society. And due to this, content attracts more gamers.
  5. Special symbols by means of which the user can get a huge prize. Usually, Belatra games have a special character that triggers the bonus round, as well as a prize sign that increases the size of the win per spin. And this is a good reason to give preference to Belarusian slots.

The value of wide functionality should not be underestimated. The manufacturer’s software is made as simple as possible, but there is enough amount of the necessary settings and functions.

By the way, the developer openly says that provides an endless guarantee for its physical machines, which can also be purchased for your gaming club. And considering that this “hardware” is installed on Belatra, there is no doubt that the company’s guaranty applies to software.

Such an approach is a confirmation of the impeccable quality of products and a high level of responsibility of the developer not only to the casino operators but also to the entire gaming community. This is another reason for confidence in the Belatra software and an explanation of why hundreds of online casino owners have already installed slots from this brand on their gambling websites.

What Attracts Players to This Gaming Content?

Belatra slots for online casinos

Now, when we have outlined all the benefits for the casino operator, let us look at what the players love in the Belatra slot machines.

There are several reasons:

  • tremendous graphics, nice picture;
  • fascinating storylines;
  • transparent mechanics;
  • high probability of big winnings;
  • convenient interface;
  • pleasant music;
  • large selection of games.

One thing is for sure: the Belarusian developer creates products that can be discussed for a long time. Let us move on to specific examples and explore the most popular Belatra slot — Lucky Drink.

Lucky Drink

Casino operators who want to give players a great entertainment and make good money, without a doubt are recommended to install this slot.

The manufacturer managed to release a lot of interesting machines that turned out to get their share of applause in the era of semi-basement gambling halls. In those “dark” days no one could dream of gambling on the Internet, and now it is enough for gambling people to find a good site to play without standing up from the couch. And you have a chance to give them a real excitement!

Lucky Drink is a combination of fascinating plot and unusual design. The video slot is already considered a classic, and users among themselves call it in a simple way — “Devils”.

The slot is based on 5 reels and 9 winning lines. The user has to get a special combination of symbols after the reels stop, which will bring a prize. However, the gameplay is quite familiar. Before starting the reels, you need to decide on the size of the bet, including the required number of lines and start the reels. And now you can hope for the favour of Lady Luck!

Visually, all elements of the game are stylized as a traditional liquor feast. The main character is a habitual drunkard who has cosily nestled next to a keg of beer. He saw the devils, which presumably was the reason for the emergence of such a folk name.

There is a cat with a bottle of vodka next to our hero. Probably, the cat also hallucinated to drunken hero. But it remains a question the “reality” of other equally interesting characters that appear in the slot.

In the game you will find the following characters:

  • wooden barrels;
  • red cat with the bottle;
  • drunk regular;
  • waitress;
  • salted herring;
  • mysterious hats;
  • old-fashioned burning candles.

Especially interesting is the sexy waitress, who periodically passes between visitors and pours alcohol. You definitely need to “befriend” with her. This heroine can please gamblers with the increase of bets by 2,500 times!

By the way, the role of a special symbol in Lucky Drink is played by the devil. 3 spawns of hell activate the bonus round, during which the gambler has to open the barrels. Each can be a bonus or a multiplier, and maybe even the imp. As a result, it can be a great adventure!

As you can see, the game turned out to be really quite spicy: it concerns not the most useful addiction of a human, which makes the gaming process even more interesting. The same is true for other Belatra slots. That is the real secret of this manufacturer’s success and that is why players, even beginners, enter into the search box as a request the name of the brand products.

Land-Based Products from the Vendor

Discover the main characteristics of entertainment cabinets from Belatra:


This up-to-date solution was designed to elevate the casino experience. Packed with progressive technology and advanced functions, the product offers a wide range of benefits for both players and operators.

Nevada boasts the following features:

  • high-definition graphics and immersive audio create an involving atmosphere;
  • diverse entertainment library includes classic slots, video poker, and interactive bonus rounds;
  • user-friendly interface provides easy navigation and gameplay;
  • customisable themes and configurations suit different client preferences;
  • progressive jackpot systems enhance excitement and winning potential.


The solution represents the next level of land-based entertainment. With a focus on modern technology and a sleek layout, it offers a smooth and thrilling experience.

These are Neostar’s key benefits:

  • vivid cabinet design that stands out on the casino floor;
  • high-resolution monitor for stunning visuals and enhanced gameplay;
  • interactive touchscreen controls for an intuitive and engaging user interface;
  • multi-game functionality that allows customers to choose from a variety of titles;
  • enhanced security features for safe and fair play.


This Belatra's solution was designed to provide a classic yet captivating experience. It combines traditional elements with modern technology to create an enjoyable and nostalgic atmosphere.

Consider the options provided by RioGrande:

  • classic mechanical-style slot with a modern twist;
  • vibrant and colourful layout reminiscent of vintage machines;
  • easy-to-understand gameplay for users of all skill levels;
  • interactive bonus features that add excitement;
  • high-quality production and attention to detail.


Interesting, fascinating, sometimes funny and recognizable at first sight — all these words are about the slots of the company from Belarus Belatra. If you want to please players, increase site traffic and your income level, then consider the purchase of brand machines as a promising investment in your own business.

Do not worry that you may have installed a platform from another developer. Belatra slot machines are perfectly synchronized with the software of any manufacturer. If you still have any troubles, the Gaminator technicians will come to the rescue.

Find out from the personal manager how quickly and at a reasonable price to install the Belatra games on your website.


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Artur Zimnij
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