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Live Casino: Choose the Best Software

Live Casino: Choose the Best Software

Updated 24/07/2023

The Internet has provided great opportunities for the development of online gambling, but nothing can replace live communication between the dealer and the player. Perhaps this is the secret of the popularity of Live Casino. The segment of live games is growing rapidly and is increasingly attracting the attention of gamblers.

Live casino: games with live dealers

Advantages of Live Games

Live Casino is a kind of intermediate option between a traditional land-based gambling club and a web casino. Customers are in a comfortable place (for example, at home), can communicate with other visitors, write to the dealer, enjoy the rustle of cards and the movement of the ball in the roulette wheel.

Traditionally, the role of the dealer is assigned to an attractive girl in evening attire or a special suit. Sometimes, live casino software providers even grant gamblers the opportunity to leave a tip to the attracted employee as a sign of gratitude for a good game. Just like in real life!

It is obvious that such a promising format of the game can bring an excellent income to the entrepreneur if he adds Live Casino slot games to the gambling website and connects to one of the studios. After that, it is a simple guesswork!

Key parameter


Involvement in the process

Players are fully immersed in the entertainment due to the atmosphere of this casino, which is created not only visually and audibly, but also includes live communication with people

Influence on the result of the game

Everything takes place in real time and players can directly influence the outcome of the round via live chat with the dealer

Absence of manipulations

There is no possibility of fraud, all the facts are recorded on several cameras and can be easily proved in case of disputes

Availability for everyone

It is possible to join the live game and feel the real excitement at any time and in any place where there is an Internet connection

How Does a Good Live Casino Work?

Of course, by far not every gambling website is able to open its own studio and broadcast Live Casino games to the whole world, but large corporations are performing well with this task. There is only one question: how can small or novice gambling clubs connect to the broadcast of these studios? For this purpose, special software for the live casino was invented.

The main task of live dealer software is to connect the player to the table on the other side of the world.

This scheme works as follows:

  • Large live casino providers create their own studio, hire dealers, organize the whole gaming process from “A” to “Z”.
  • The developers of the company create live dealer casino software that is transferred to partners — other casinos that do not have their own studios but have a desire to join the game.
  • Partners attract gamblers from all over the globe through advertising and marketing, invite them to play in a live format and connect them to the current session using the special software.

Everyone wins — the organizers of the studio, the web casino, and satisfied gamers.

The success of Live Casino is based on three pillars:

  • excellent picture, which reinforces the sense of what constitutes reality, preferably Full HD;
  • professional dealers with rich experience;
  • wide range of bets.

It is interesting that almost all game tables in live studios are equipped with special sensors that allow conducting sessions quickly and with minimal delays (even despite the long distances).

Thus, in the roulette wheel, for instance, under each figure is a sensor that informs the prize number after stopping the ball. Therefore, gambler instantly understands whether he won or not.  Electronics supply more and more gaming tables every day, so betting becomes more interesting.

You can also install Live Casino software on your website and earn even more by attracting gamblers to a live game. In order to do this, you only need a little: to choose a good live casino platform and integrate it into a web resource.

What Should Be the Software for Live Casino?

Live casino software main features

Today, the live casino format is interesting mostly for gamblers who have visited land-based casinos more than once and are used to making high bets. But soon the demand for live dealer games among millennials is expected to increase. These people are a little different nature. They grew up surrounded by technological solutions and require the maximum always and everywhere. Therefore, a decent live dealer software provider must be able to offer operators something new.

Already, numerous manufacturers are working on the creation of software for live-games in the format of spherical video (360 degrees) and with the elements of augmented reality. This will enhance the feeling of presence in a real casino and deepen the gaming experience of each visitor.

And what about today? Developers are already offering a completely functional system that excellent performs the stream and games of various types.

The modern live casino software can:

  • customize the gameplay, audio and video stream to comply with the needs of each individual user and the capabilities of their device;
  • carry out sessions simultaneously on multiple tables;
  • record and store the full game history;
  • correctly introduce the customer to the game, familiarizing him with the terms and conditions on each table;
  • provide access to VIP tables;
  • provide communication between players and dealers via chat;
  • support different languages and currencies.

The constant development of technology allows improving the quality of the broadcast, thereby enriching the gaming experience. Live Casino studios regularly raise the level of service, train dealers, develop new gambling tables, etc. And all this work is done for players! It is obvious that in the future this direction will become even more attractive for gamblers.

Live Dealer Games

It is time to consider how the games are implemented in practice. We have reviewed the most popular gambling entertainments. If you are interested in creating your own live casino, we recommend starting with this content.


Live roulette is very popular among gamblers

Roulette is always relevant. This game is a real quintessence of excitement, because it does not justify any tactics or strategy, and the possibility of deception seems absurd.

Ball, wheel, dealer — that is all. Although today there are different types of roulette, the essence remains unchanged. Therefore, in Live Casino, the game remains the same good old roulette.

When the gambler joins the session, he sees the roulette wheel from all possible angles, and he also has an overall view of the table and the dealer. The betting tools are displayed on the screen, where a gambler can select the amount, conditions, etc.

Roulette is the choice of those players, who prefer to completely surrender to the excitement and not to puzzle over the difficult choice, although the emotions at the moment when the wheel slows down, there are the most thrilling. Thanks to technology, playing live-roulette, the gambler can get those experiences, that previously were available only to visitors of land-based gambling clubs.

Blackjack in a Live Format

One of the most intellectual entertainments in gambling is blackjack. Here the outcome is determined not only by Lady Fortune but also the experience, skills and ingenuity of the gambler. Cannot leave things to luck and surrender to an accident. The chances of victory increase in proportion to practice and the number of games played.

In ordinary web casinos, where the results of the blackjack session are determined by the random number generator, you will not get such pleasure. Therefore, true connoisseurs have to rely only on the live-format, where it is possible to come close to the real game, fight with a smart opponent and get real satisfaction from gambling.

Live-blackjack is a good option because there are a real card deck and a table, and, importantly, there is no RNG machine. The software provides the ability to chat with the dealer, there is an option to view statistics and other convenient features — everything to make the game comfortable and captivating.

Caribbean Poker

This is a subtype of poker, which is simply adored by web casino users. It is highly demanded. The essence of the game is simple: you need to collect a more valuable card combination than the dealer. Before the start of the hand, you need to bet on the ante. After that, all participants receive five cards. One of them is turned face down.

The highlight of Caribbean poker is the ability to bet on the jackpot field. Such a special decision can be made before the start of each round, that is, the player has a real chance to get the main prize.

Casino Holdem

A popular form of poker, where the visitor plays against the dealer. In order to win, as in the previous version, the gambler needs to get on his hands a combination more valuable than the dealer’s one.

Interestingly, the size of the winning amount in this game can reach 100:1! It all depends on Lady Fortune and the combination that fell. Here, a deck without jokers is used.

It all starts with the ante bet. If you want to stir up your nerves — make a bonus bet that can only play in a specific scenario.

In this round, the visitor gets 2 cards face-up and the dealer’s ones are closed. After that, 3 more joint cards are laid out face down on the table. They are used to form combinations of both the player and the dealer.

Thoughtful rules and excellent technical implementation will please connoisseurs of good poker and provide a real intellectual adventure.

Dragon Roulette LCPP

At first glance, it is the classic roulette, but the game has one distinctive feature that made it incredibly popular.

In this version, it is possible to make a bonus bet on the dragon:

  • golden dragon: 300 to 1;
  • silver dragon: 100 to 1.

These features will be appreciated by fans of thrilling excitement.


If you are looking for opportunities to start your own business, then take into consideration the option of opening a casino with live dealers. It is profitable, interesting for players and brings stable income to operators.

In order to provide a high level of service, you will need excellent software. You can purchase high-quality operating systems from Gaminator, where you will also be consulted on technical issues, marketing campaigns and even the intricacies of the legislation.

With our help, you can open a live casino in a matter of days and receive income legally and transparently. Do not hesitate and postpone — contact us right now:

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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