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Gaminator BTD: the Best Slot Machines for Sale

Gaminator BTD: the Best Slot Machines for Sale

Updated 09/02/2023

Each Gaminator BTD slot on your online casino website is an additional profit generator. Although the Novomatic concern, which produces these slot machines, is about forty years old, its products are still relevant. Solutions of this brand successfully compete with the entertainment offered by other developers and continue to bring a fair amount of money to operators of web resources.

The Gaminator BTD gaming brand

Experts from the Gaminator studio offer you to find out why modern gamblers often ignore new products with stunning graphics and detailed visualisation but they are happy to launch classic Novomatic slots. From us, you can order demo versions of the best slot machines and see how profitable they are for the online business.

Free demo version

What Benefits Does a Gaminator BTD slot Provide for Casino Operators?

Products from Novomatic are extremely popular. It is hard to find an experienced gambler who has never launched the reels in Book of Ra, Lucky Lady’s Charm or Dolphin’s Pearl. These slots are familiar to everyone but the manufacturer’s product range contains much more interesting offers because the brand’s portfolio consists of more than two hundred thirty games: visitors to casinos have a great deal of choice.

Reasons for the popularity of slots from Gaminator BTD

Unblemished reputation of the provider

The quality of its software is beyond any doubt among both players and casino owners

Fair play

Manipulations with original slots from this developer are impossible. This was proved not only by the relevant certificates but also by practical consideration.

Users can be sure that the casino plays fair. That is why Novomatic slot machines are installed in the best gambling halls of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Monaco

Free demo versions

If we are talking about possible expenses (especially for the leisure), we would all prefer to have the freedom of choice and spend money without external pressure.

By creating free demo versions of games, the provider emphasises the fact that the needs of players must be respected. It wins over, increases the level of the users’ trust, and drives up profits of casino operators

Well-thought-out bonus program

Excitement, adventure, and interesting gameplay ― this is great but gamblers need more because they came for prizes and promotions.

The brand offers a loyal system, thanks to which users remain interested in playing the slot game even if they are losing

Interesting storylines and successful implementation of the ideas

In Gaminator BTD games, you can often find traditional, time-tested plots but each time, the developer brings something new to them.

Special attention is given to graphics and the background sound. In the “old” slots, the visual design looks pretty decent even against the background of ultra-modern games created based on the virtual and augmented reality technology

High RTP percentage

Slots with the RTP percentage of 95-97% are exactly what gamblers need, especially the beginners who can easily leave the gaming site with “greedy” slot machines.

In the Gaminator product line, some games have an even greater RTP percentage ― up to 98.6%

For several decades, Gaminator BTD slots have remained attractive to players. They can make users play for many hours, and the bonus program is designed to motivate gamblers to place high bets.

We are sure, that entertainment that increases traffic and profit will be relevant for your gambling establishment. Experts from Gaminator recommend operators to connect the Novomatic platform, offer them original branded solutions, and guarantee the prompt installation of programs in the website.


How Did Gaminator Slots Appear and Why Did They Become Popular?

At the end of the twentieth century, Novomatic slot machines were popular in land-based gambling halls. The demand was so high that owners of the locations were installing as many devices as possible because they brought huge income. But there was also a problem: not enough space for such a quantity of equipment. The developer found a solution by putting several games in one slot machine.

The original product was first presented at the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition in London in 2005. The new machine with a whole range of entertainment was called “Gaminator”, just like the entire line of slots.

The Gaminator complex has made a real revolution in the gambling industry and has instantly become famous. The set consisted of ten five-reeled slots with original storylines. The developer has equipped each game with nine paylines. Users have the right to choose how many lines they want to activate.

Each Gaminator BTD slot has its special theme and unusual design. It was in these games where the technology of the animated symbols was first used. Other developers started introducing it much later.

Distinctive Features of Slot Machines From This Brand

Gaminator BTD online casino games

Novomatic has released a large collection of games. They are very different but all of them have several common characteristics:

  • Simple interface. The developer wants new players to easily understand the rules of the game, return to his website, and place high bets. It means that the gameplay should be simple, interesting, and exciting. Novomatic programmers do not experiment with the location of the buttons but they develop a convenient control panel and do everything so that users never get confused.
  • Flash version. You can play without the necessity to download the program. It saves time, simplifies access to the entertainment for gamblers, which has a positive effect on the income of a casino.
  • Complete functionality. The control panel has everything that players need, and it is always “at hand”.
  • Ability to place minimum bets. Users do not have to take risks of losing large sums of money. They can launch the game with a small deposit, enjoy the process, and not worry about losing funds.
  • Round-the-clock technical support. Operators are always available and ready to help users to resolve any issues.

The multifunctional gambling platform from Novomatic is convenient for both gamblers and casino owners. Users can deposit funds in any way since payment modules support transactions in all popular currencies.

Special Features of the BTD Risk-Game

In all Gaminator slots, there is a risk round ― Beat the Dealer (BTD). By launching this game mode, users can double prizes that they have won earlier or lose all the money.

Gamblers are offered several turned-over cards, and they must choose one of them. When the choice is made, it is necessary to compare the nominal values ​​of the players’ and the dealer’s cards. If users have a higher one, the prize will be doubled, and if it is lower, all the money will go to the casino.

In case users win the round for doubling, they can always stop and collect the entire sum of money or continue playing in the hope of a more serious prize.

The round starts automatically after a successful spin. The risk-game can continue until the gambler fails.

The main feature of this mode is the unpredictability of results. There are no strategies that would help you to beat the dealer because here, everything depends on the random number generator.

However, some gamblers are still looking for a “magical” method, with the help of which they could win. There are always people who are trying to make money out of someone’s naivety, so it is very easy to find a lot of “reliable” winning strategies on the Internet. Do not trust them.

Types of the Rounds for Doubling

Gaminator slots have two types of risk-round:

  1. Games against the casino ― the easiest option where you should select a card, the denomination of which is higher than the dealer’s card.
  2. Beat the Dealer 50/50. Users have to guess the colour of the suit. A turned-over card appears on the panel, and a black and a red button appear nearby. In the case of luck, the size of the prize is doubled. The round can be more difficult if you are offered to guess not only the colour but also the suit itself. Then the prizes will be increased not by two but by four times.

Both types of risk-game are based on the “all or nothing” principle. Despite the simplicity, they are beneficial for the casino and give users vivid impressions. So we definitely recommend operators to connect such slot machines to their gambling websites. Any Gaminator BTD slot will quickly be repaid and make good money for an online resource. Below, we offer you a list of the most profitable games.


Five Best Gaminator BTD slot machines

Gaminator BTD slot machines

Several slots are considered the main source of income for gambling establishments.

Book of Ra

This is an adventure-themed genre. Users love this game for its theme, elegant graphics, and good background sound but mostly for its “generosity”. This slot also has a rich bonus program, so it is always in demand.

Dolphin's Pearl

We are all wondering what secrets do the depths of the ocean hide. Novomatic offers its own view on the undersea life and large payouts to those players who want to participate in the search for pearls.

Pharaoh's Gold III

After the incredible success of the Book of Ra slot machine, the provider has developed another slot dedicated to the culture of Ancient Egypt. This solution turned out to be extremely successful, and many users liked it very much ― the slot still attracts many fans of gambling.

Lucky Lady’s Charm

The lady we are talking about is capricious and unpredictable but she gives all visitors to the casino a chance to win good money. Gamblers will see here many symbols associated with luck and generous prizes.

Golden Planet

Connoisseurs of science fiction absolutely adore this slot, the plot of which is devoted to the mysteries of space. Also, here, you will find exciting gameplay and many bonuses.


We offer you original solutions from Novomatic and other well-known providers. By purchasing the Gaminator BTD product line for your gambling website, you get games that will quickly earn their keep and bring profit for several years.

In case you still are not sure what games to install on your website ― contact Gaminator. We will assist you in choosing the software and installing it on your website, and also, we can customise it according to your wishes.

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