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Mega Jack: Online Casino Slots for Sale

Mega Jack: Online Casino Slots for Sale

Updated 09/02/2023

The sonorous word combination “Mega Jack” appeared in the slang of gamers in the “zero” years, when machines with this name were installed in all the gaming halls of the post-Soviet space.

Mega Jack is the brand under which the Bulgarian Casino Technology provider has released a line of 12 video slots. Perhaps the creators themselves did not expect that their games will become popular and even get popular “nicknames”, because it happens very rarely. Today it is difficult to imagine a successful online casino without Slot-O-Pol or Aztec Gold slots, the last ones are simply called “Pyramids”.

The Bulgarian gambling provider Mega Jack

Almost all the first decade of this century, Mega Jack company was the leading gambling brand in Eastern Europe and only in 2010 began to yield to larger providers from abroad. Although Mega Jack slots were released in 1999 and updates appear quite rarely, they are still in demand and are extremely popular.

Why the Mega Jack Brand Has Become Popular?

The success of the line of slots depends on several reasons:

  1. The unusually colourful design highlighted profitable games among the competitors.
  2. The storylines were not “wipe out”, but fresh, and therefore the products of the Bulgarian developer were well received by gamblers.
  3. A free game mode has appeared for the first time.
  4. There were 21 paylines at the times when 10 were considered an incredibly large number and almost a miracle of technology.

The most important fact — Mega Jack casino products were pioneers in the “soft” style of gambling. That is, the prizes, albeit small, dropped out quite often, and the whole gameplay was diluted with bonus rounds, which were more than one.

If it seems surprising, remember how the games are held in the “old school” slots, where there are no bonus rounds, additional opportunities to win, and prizes consistently come once on 10 spins.

Indeed, the authors of the Mega Jack games have tried to implement in their products all that technology of the time could offer. But they did not stop on it. The industry is developing, and the “weak” machines fall into oblivion, and Mega Jack slots manage to remain among the favourite ones so far. Perhaps the whole secret is in the special atmosphere of the game?

Whatever it was, it has been almost 2 decades after the release, and Mega Jack slot machines are still in demand, interesting and delight visitors to a variety of online casinos.

The Main Merits of Mega Jack Slots

The creators have tried not only to implement technical innovations but also to apply the capabilities of a new generation of graphics in these games. They were focused on even the smallest details, and the storyline necessarily had unexpected twists. This approach made the Mega Jack game classical.

Mega Jack slots in facts and figures

Risky Game

Each Mega Jack slot has a built-in risky game opportunity that is activated after successful spins. Simply put, the machine offers gambler to put all the winnings at stake and try to increase it twice or lose everything in case of a failed outcome. This round is much stirs interest and makes users more aware of the excitement.

The mechanics of risky rounds in Mega Jack slots are as follows: in the additional window there are four cards face up. The user has to open one of them and compare it with the dealer’s card. If the gambler’s value is higher, the win is multiplied exactly twice. But if not, all winnings per spin will be forfeited.

Unique Double Half Option

Manufacturer of Mega Jack presented in all the slots a special option of Double Half. The essence of it is as follows: the player can bet half of his cash prize for the previous round, and in the case of drawing cards in his favour, multiply the bet by 1.5 times.

The advantage of this feature is that at any outcome, the player reserves half of the winnings per spin. The Double Half function is unique and is not repeated by other providers.

Other Capacities of Mega Jack Games

Mega Jack slots boast a number of special features

Bulgarian slots can boast of a number of special features that we just could not ignore:

  • Special symbols. There are Wild, Scatter and Bonus that have already become standard, but the developers have introduced a new exclusive icon, which, if certain conditions coincide, activates the bonus arcade. And here the real adventure begins!
  • Free Spins. Free spins can hardly be called a unique feature, but in Mega Jack slot machines, spins without payment can easily be extended if some icons fall out.
  • Bonus rounds. In Mega Jack slot machines there are different in mechanics and external design modes. Depending on the theme and the plot it can be bonus games, additional stages for luck like “heads-tails” and other options that enrich the gameplay.
  • Big prizes. Casino Technology developer allows winning on their slots the jackpot of 10,000 game tokens! Depending on the user-defined coin value, the winning can become very large.
  • High chances of winning. Many machines of the Mega Jack brand are equipped with more than twenty winning lines. It is much easier to play and win prizes with such a huge range of opportunities.

As you can see, Mega Jack slot machines remain, on the one hand, a real implementation of the traditional “hall” gambling, and on the other — offer unique options that cannot be found in other brands.

What Mega Jack Video Slots Are Necessary to Buy First and Foremost?

Of course, it makes sense to install all Mega Jack slots. We recommend that you immediately integrate a full line into the site, because each gambler has its own favourite machine, and this is at least strange if some products of the series are installed, and others are not.

In this article, we will consider the most popular games of the Mega Jack brand and their features, as well as try to understand why they are so popular among gamers.

Aztec Gold

This is an astonishing slot, telling about the lost world of the Aztecs and adventurous treasure hunt. The mechanics are traditional: 5 reels with three visible symbols form the playing field, as for the paylines, there are 21.

Interestingly, the icons seem to come from different eras: here are ancient signs, rock paintings, and modern pictures, and even some images of animals and plants: cougars, alpacas, corn, tomatoes.

The scatter symbol is a Firebird (3 such icons will give free spins). The pyramid acts as a bonus symbol, which, falling out three times in one spin, activates a bonus round.

The player is given three attempts to choose a pyramid that hides the prize. The user has a chance to launch a bonus called Diamond Bonus. This is a special round. Here you can get the maximum payout in the whole game.

The screen displays a field with 25 cells (they are located 5x5). Each of them has its own surprise. The user can select one cell on each row and collect the prizes hidden under them. After that, the whole field opens and you can estimate how close to your guess the main win was.

Aztec Gold is on top of the Mega Jack series. This is a fascinating slot with non-trivial bonus mechanics and probably this is the secret of its popularity. The exclusivity of this game is confirmed by numerous copies from other providers, which have been released over the years.

Slot-O-Pol Deluxe

The Deluxe prefix in the slot name means an updated version, not the one that was released in the first 12-slot series. New, more colourful graphics and a huge set of winning sequences made this game a world hit. Now prizes fall even more often, and the gameplay becomes more exciting, turning the gambling into the elite entertainment.

In this game, the user chooses how many lines to activate per spin. This number can range from 2 to 21. By the way, it is in Slot-O-Pol Deluxe that you can hit the progressive jackpot.

The design is traditional for fruit theme. Each symbol is a fruit. On the field of Slot-O-Pol Deluxe, you will find cherries, lemon, plums, grapes, pineapple. And the additional symbols in the form of dice or the famous letter “E” remarkably diluted fruit variety and make the game a bit more serious, which is only beneficial for operators.

And what about bonus games? There are two of them in Slot-O-Pol Deluxe. The first is the round that starts after three symbols with the image of the lucky wheel. On the screen appears almost the same wheel with sectors, each of them contains a certain amount. Rotate it to pick up the prize, which will be indicated by the arrow after the stop!

Another bonus round is activated when on the playing field 5 dice are collected. Here you can get several prizes (all quite large), and the size of your winnings is determined by moving chip.


Just imagine: a huge liner crossing the sparkling sea, exotic cocktails, fruits, beautiful sunsets and champagne. This is the slot Champagne, which will help to plunge into pleasant gambling and forget about the problems after a hard day.

The design exactly conveys the interface of physical slot machines and due to this, the fans of land-based clubs are very grateful to the developers. But the symbols, though made in the “old school” graphics, are very colourful and juicy.

In the Champagne slot machine, players particularly appreciate the following symbols:

  • Wild, the function of which is performed by the coat of arms, it can traditionally fill a gap in the combination, thus extending it and increasing the win per spin.
  • Scatter brings winning regardless of the part of the gaming field on which it appears. 5 scatters at the same time will bring the player 15 free spins.
  • Bonus (in the game it is an icon with champagne) activates the bonus round if 5 of these symbols are collected on the field for one spin of the reels.

The bonus game is very simple: the player only has to choose two of the five bottles of champagne, each of them, of course, contains a cash prize or a multiplier.


If you want to expand the audience of the website and provide players with a wonderful pastime by means of good slots, then you certainly need Mega Jack slot machines: to buy and install them on the website is a matter of a couple of hours. Experts from the Gaminator technical team will perfectly cope with it.

Whatever software is installed on your web resource, Mega Jack games are perfectly integrated into the existing platform. Just entrust us with updating the content on your website and enjoy increasing your daily profit.

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