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Playsoft Games: New Mobile Gambling Trends

Playsoft Games: New Mobile Gambling Trends

Updated 18/08/2023

The Playsoft Gaming company was established in 2004 and has rather quickly turned from a small and little-known developer of gambling slots into one of the market leaders in the field of mobile content services.

The brand was founded by two enthusiasts, and today, the company’s team of specialists includes more than fifty enthusiasts. Moreover, the developer actively cooperates with the world’s famous flagships.

Playsoft gaming provider

Specialisation of Playsoft

The manufacturer is focused on the development of the following products and services:

  1. Applications for mobile gadgets.
  2. Mobile games.
  3. Marketing strategies and options for mobile services.
  4. Quality assurance and integration of the entertainment content on such platforms as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.
  5. Development of the exclusive content.

Why Products From Playsoft Gaming are Profitable and Interesting

The first thing that we would like to mention is the widest range of the game content. The developer's catalogue contains a huge number of slots, a roulette, keno, card games, and much more.

The Playsoft brand in figures: Infographic

Playsoft Games: an Exciting Journey to the Gambling World

Among the most popular and interesting simulators from this developer, it is worth mentioning several products.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice's adventures in the mysterious magical world have been repeatedly used as a unique plot for animated and fictional films. A charming fairytale, written by Lewis Carroll, simply could not help but making the gambling software vendors interested. And the Alice in Wonderland slot from Playsoft is the best confirmation of this statement.

The game cannot be called a traditional emulator. One of its main differences is an unusual scheme of the panel. Instead of the standard cells in three rows, there are five reels with four “pockets” that are displayed on the screen. Such a system significantly increases the chances of winning.

Another advantage is a surprisingly bright and colourful design. From the very first moments of the game, gamblers are completely immersed into a fairytale. Here, they will meet the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, and plenty of original mystical attributes. And the main character herself is a special symbol that can expand to all the upper cells of the reels.

Aztec Empire

An exciting adventure allows players to take on the role of a treasure hunter. They will go to the ancient city of Maya and explore all the mysteries of the tombs, which are lost in the jungle.

Key features and gaming tools in the described slot machine are:

  • awesome graphic design;
  • five reels and twenty-one paylines;
  • convenient control panel with a large selection of settings for each spin;
  • excellent payout rates (from x5 to x3000);
  • unusual bonus symbols.

Each element of the design perfectly recaptures the atmosphere of the game. Players will have to form chains of such icons as ancient totems, images of exotic animals, pyramids, and portraits of the inhabitants of a forgotten Indian tribe.

Riches of Cleopatra

One might jump to the conclusion that the theme of Ancient Egypt is a hackneyed subject but the Playsoft team has managed to show the popular storyline under a completely different angle. This game is a magical journey into the world of forgotten secrets and the tombs of Pharaohs who have fallen asleep under the sand.

On the way to treasures, gamblers will meet scarab beetles, statues of a black cat ― the Bastet goddess, golden sceptres with precious stones, and portraits of the majestic Egyptian kings.

An incredibly realistic design makes the gameplay even more exciting and impressive. And the presence of special symbols, the round with increased payout rates, and free spins make this slot even more atmospheric and cause excitement.


The highlight of this solution is a unique story that tells users about the wild world. By launching the slot, players will be able to walk through the endless forest under the shining sun. On the way to the hidden treasures, they will also meet rare representatives of the animal world.

Amazing landscapes are fascinating: they will make you want to relax in the shade of the ancient trees, and the air will make you dizzy with the smell of a fir-needle that the wind brings from widely ramified pines of Taiga.

Pirate Treasures

For passionate treasure-hunters and fearless adventure seekers, the colourful Pirates Treasure slot will definitely seem very interesting. The game has five reels and twenty-one active lines. All elements are made in a colourful marine theme. From the very first moments, the silence is broken by the noise of raging waves and the cries of seagulls, and you will be able to feel a salty breeze on your lips.

This slot machine pleases users with the full set of components for big and regular wins:

  • a risk-game;
  • thematic bonus levels;
  • free spins.

Lucky Birds

You can use this game as an excellent antidepressant and a way to rally your strength. The slot is a journey through an exotic forest.

In the sun-soaked tropics, there are multicoloured toucans, miniature hummingbirds, colourful parrots, and other kinds of birds. Their songs can instantly distract you from everyday worries and allow you to fully enjoy the peace and dreams of travelling to exotic countries.

Constant Development: Unique Formats of Gambling Entertainment From Playsoft

Playsoft games for online casinos

Playsoft games have:

  • great design;
  • original plot twists;
  • attractive winnings;
  • wonderful background sound;
  • intuitive gameplay;
  • transparency of the gameplay.

But Playsoft slot machines are not the whole range of the company's solutions. In addition to traditional slots, the developer has also created many unique products.

It is worth mentioning the following solutions:

  1. Sports game. The unusual format of the entertainment allows users to take on the role of a participant of the largest sports events and races in the world. For example, the Tour de France product is presented in the format of the largest road racing. Players can either take part in single races or create their own team.
  2. Game trials. It is a truly unique solution with interesting gameplay. The latest thematic product of the brand has been downloaded more than twenty million times. A striking example of a successful solution is Transformers, which offers the ability to select a personal vehicle and an individual set of basic options.
  3. “Match-3” games. It is a series of exciting brain twisters with incredible plot twists. For example, the Hitman's stealth game. Users will have to choose their own strategy of action and get to the finals, unnoticed by the vast hordes of enemies.
  4. Strategies and arcades. Super Brawl Universe is an interesting arcade game, the main characters of which look like the extremely popular Nickelodeon characters.
  5. Fighting games. One of the best apps in the fighting games category is entertainment called Bladelords. Created by the Playsoft development department, the game has almost instantly gained a world rating of 4.5 stars.

A Unique Service From Playsoft ― the Playlive Platform

The Playsoft Gaming platform is recognised as a practical and functional assistant in the development and integration of gambling solutions for the mobile sector.

The product is made as a set of components with the following options:

  1. Management of the personal data of customers of the service.
  2. Provision of the continuous internal balance and adjustment of the game content.
  3. The alerting system for users.
  4. Management and control over the game competitions.
  5. Ability to change the game balance without launching a new release.
  6. Minimisation of fraud.

The Supplier Became Part of the Product Madness Team

In a strategic move, the British provider successfully acquired Playsoft, marking a significant milestone in the amusement industry.

This merger brings together two powerhouse companies, each renowned for their expertise and innovation. The deal aims to combine Product Madness’ vast user base and marketing prowess with Playsoft’s cutting-edge content creation capabilities.

Discover the benefits of this cooperation:

  1. Faster production cycle. The resource and expertise pooling is expected to accelerate the game implementation process, resulting in quicker and more efficient releases.
  2. Diverse portfolio. The acquisition grants Product Madness access to Playsoft’s impressive range of titles, expanding their offerings and catering to a wider audience.
  3. Global expansion. Leveraging Playsoft’s established global presence, the British provider gains a pathway to enter new markets and regions, driving international growth.
  4. Cross-promotion opportunities. The merged companies can simultaneously popularise their games, enhancing user engagement, retention, and overall player experiences.
  5. Innovation powerhouse. The combined strengths of the two studios create a strong team poised to lead the future of the gambling industry in terms of advanced technology and market influence.
  6. Improved user experiences. Clients can anticipate a more diverse range of titles with enhanced features, graphics, and gameplay.
  7. Investor value. The acquisition’s transformative nature is likely to generate increased worth for retail customers and stakeholders, driven by the merged companies’ growth prospects.
  8. Industry leadership. The deal solidifies Product Madness’ position in the field, enabling the studio to set trends and shape the direction of the amusement market.


The French company Playsoft does not chase international recognition. The provider has chosen a completely different path of development and has become a recognised leader in the development of interactive content for mobile platforms.

Each product of this brand combines the highest quality, a unique set of built-in bonuses, great graphics, and a two-level protection system, which guarantees absolutely transparent and safe gameplay.

You can get acquainted with the detailed range of the game content from Playsoft in the Gaminator catalogue. We are ready to provide a close consultation on any product that you are interested in and offer the most attractive terms for mutually beneficial cooperation. We have the best solutions for gambling projects of any format.

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