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You can bring your gambling project to the next level with the unique Gaminator gaming system
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The Advantages of the Gaminator System
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Simplicity of the installation
Wide gaming portfolio
Customisable winning percentage
Legal support
Cross-platform support
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Igrosoft (HTML5 versions of the games)
EGT (HTML5 versions of the games)
Amatic (HTML5 versions of the games)
Aristocrat (HTML5 versions of the games)
Mega Jack (HTML5 versions of the games)
Microgaming (HTML5 versions of the games)
Рулетки/Карты (HTML5 versions of the games)
Unicum (HTML5 versions of the games)
Alps Studio (HTML5 versions of the games)
Playtech (HTML5 versions of the games)
RTG (HTML5 versions of the games)
Sheriff Gaming (HTML5 versions of the games)
Live Studio
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The Gaminator Casino System
no.1 for gambling halls and online casinos

Gaminator Casino Gambling Systems: a Detailed Review of the Available Versions of the Product

Gaminator Casino is a multi-task platform for the gambling industry. They take into account the specifics of both land-based casinos and virtual gaming projects. Customers receive a reliable system with wide functionality and stylish design.

We offer you to test one of the versions of Gaminator for free. Just contact our manager and get more detailed information.


Advantages of Gaminator Casino

Gaminator casino: advantages

The answer to the question of why it is worth buying the Gaminator gaming system for the gambling business is simple: because it is flexible, reliably, and profitable.


For a start, we offer you 3 versions of the gambling system for sale simultaneously:

  • Gaminator;
  • Gaminator2;
  • Gaminator3.

When creating their own gambling products, customers get a choice. In practice, this not only optimizes some financial expenses but also significantly reduces the time that is necessary for the launch of an online casino.

Advantages of the system

  1. The adaptability of the interface. Each solution, whether it is a Gaminator3 casino gambling system or other common versions, provides wide possibilities for customising the interface. You can use basic settings and add your own unique options. As a result, online casinos become unlike other gambling projects on the Web.
  2. Modern payment systems. Speaking of flexibility, it is hard not to recall the large selection of built-in payment services. While connecting gambling systems, clients themselves choose which payment system to work with. All we can do is to offer the best options on the market.
  3. Support for various currencies and languages. For this reason, Gaminator2 casino gambling systems become available for players from all over the world. They will be happy to spin the reels in their favourite slot machines, bringing a good income to the owners of the casino.


The Gaminator2 casino software, as well as other versions of the system, is based on HTML5 technology. Thanks to this, final products are highly safe and reliable.

To purchase a gaming system for the gambling business and then install it in their casinos, customers do not need to change the source code of the gambling project. The integration of the product is based on a seamless API technology, which also implies the data security of the existing project.

High Profitability

All of the above-mentioned parameters would remain unessential without the main thing — high profitability of Gaminator solutions. They make casinos successful and prosperous, quickly propelling the business to the next level.

The described parameter consists of several components:



High involvement of users

Gamblers like Gaminator3 casino gaming systems because of the wide range of entertainment, detailed pictures, and attractive bonuses.

The traffic of the gambling resource is growing exponentially, which positively affects the profitability of a casino

Practical financial filters

Operators can independently:

  • set up the size of the winning percentage;
  • modify the existing loyalty programs;
  • change the size of minimum and maximum deposits.

As a result, it brings additional income, which entrepreneurs will receive in addition to the estimated income

Global trend for gambling

Gambling is very popular all over the world. The main thing is to create a really interesting product with wide functionality, and Gaminator will be glad to help you with this task

Gaminator1 Slot Machine System

Gaminator1 slot machine system

This is the basic platform in the developer's assortment. It is a perfect choice for small gambling establishments that work offline.

The software supports for the operation via terminals or cash desks. Another useful option is to accept third-party payments in favour of mobile operators.

This Gaminator casino system is multicurrency and supports a large number of languages, which will be interesting, first of all, for tourists.

As for financial settings, operators have the right to:

  • adjust the size of the winning percentage;
  • set up the denomination of deposits in casinos;
  • manage maximum bets.

The platform operates with slots from 12 of the best manufacturers of the game content. The product range of the Gaminator1 includes slot machines from Gaminator, EGT, Igrosoft, Microgaming, and world’s leading developers.

Gaminator2 Gambling System

The Gaminator2 casino software has more well-thought-out functionality and offers businessmen several additional features. Apart from the standard method of working by accepting payments through the cash desk or terminal, the Gaminator2 gaming system offers convenient mobile versions.

Provision of games in the mobile format significantly increases the customer base of the gambling service. As a result, operators gain a large profit.

Financial options remain as flexible as in the previous version. At the same time, the Gaminator2 casino software offers advanced loyalty programs. Thus, for the first time, progressive jackpots appear here. Their size and method of payment are set at the discretion of the entrepreneur. As a rule, it is possible to make use of the basic settings from Gaminator.

Gaminator2 gaming systems are distinguished by enhanced process automation. For example, all updates on the platform are carried out automatically and, most importantly, for free. Data is transmitted with the use of an integrated protocol, so the developer guarantees 100% security of the information.

Gaminator3 Software: Advanced Software for Gambling Projects

Gaminator3 software for gambling

Gaminator3 gaming systems are a great solution for the gambling industry. Their main advantage is that they are multitasking.

This software is suitable for both land-based gambling clubs and kiosks and an online niche:

  1. The software allows you to accept payments through the cash desk and self-service terminals. Presence of the bill acceptor speeds up and simplifies all payment processes.
  2. Acceptance of third-party payments in favour of mobile operators is implemented according to the same scheme as in previous modes of the system.
  3. The version for online casinos greatly expands the opportunities of operators. The Gaminator3 casino software provides access to slot games for those users who prefer to spin the reels in a comfortable home environment.

Great attention is also paid to security matters. Thus, Gaminator has provided an extreme button “Logout all players”. It allows you to log out all the users that were previously registered on the gaming site at a moment’s notice. After that, they are all automatically redirected to the Google search page.

Affiliate programs, which are now built into the functionality of the casino, are organised to a high standard. For operators, it is a great opportunity to attract solvent traffic through cooperation with professional affiliates.

Game Content

Several new providers were added to the Gaminator3 casino software. These are LiveStudio, Sheriff Gaming, RTG, and Playtech. All solutions support the HTML5 version. Same as before, Gaminator pleases gamblers with a wide range of entertainment: virtual slot machines, roulette, the wheel of Fortune, table and card games, and other video games.

Each slot is characterised by impeccable graphics and a well-thought-out plot. The appropriate background sound and 3D animation elements only deepen the positive impression of the product.

To attract even more gamblers, the provider offers the following solutions:

  • Organization of tournaments. Only registered members of the platform can participate in them. The prize fund is formed by contributions from players. For them, this is a great chance to communicate with each other, and for operators, this is an opportunity to gain additional profit.
  • Jackpots. The system uses a progressive jackpot, the size of which increases with each new replenishment of accounts until the moment when some user is lucky enough to hit the jackpot.


Gaminator is an international brand that specialises in the creation of multi-purpose gaming systems. If customers buy solutions from this company, they will receive:

  1. Absolutely reliable and safe environment with the automatic update of the resource and fast integration.
  2. A wide range of games from such providers as Igrosoft, Microgaming, Gaminator Deluxe, and many others.
  3. Flexible and adaptive back office for easy administration.
  4. Various options for receiving payments — both via cash desks and terminals, as well as with the use of electronic payment modules.
  5. Profitable and promising business with fast self-repayment.

To order the best gambling system, contact our manager. Customers can purchase and rent solutions, as well as a demo version for the software beta testing.

Free demo version

Start your profitable gambling business with Gaminator right now! Our contacts:

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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