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Connecting the Gaminator Casino gaming system for 12%
500 credits + a demo access for free
Connecting the Gaminator Casino System,
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A popular video games package
An online casino’s profit increase
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Video Presentation of the Gaminator Casino System
The Advantages of the Gaminator Casino System
The biggest choice of the HTML5 slots
More than 400 games, more than 20 various functional system settings
A wide range of gambling entertainment: slots, live casino, card games, virtual sports
A constant replenishment of the library of games
Various options for launching the lobby
A multifunctional admin panel
The ability to manage the system through the admin panel
A complex hierarchical system (admin/sub admin/cashiers): you can build any level of management
A mobile-adapted admin area
An “emergency button” for cases requiring an extreme reaction
A large number of possible game settings
A mobile version (you can work via mobile devices)
There is an opportunity to work both through the terminal and with the cashier
The integration of the Finstrum payment system
The system is browser-based and does not leave traces on computers
The functioning in the online casino format and the reception of various electronic payment methods are possible
A new functionality is available: bonuses, tournaments, etc.
Multi-level jackpots
Functional free spins
A technical start-up
A 24/7 technical support
An enhanced casino API
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We Offer
HTML5 games
  • The largest collection of HTML5 games
  • The compatibility with all browsers and devices
  • The ability to work on mobile phones
  • Low hardware requirements
  • A multi-user support
  • Several types of Seamless and Wallet protocols
  • A large number of games and providers through one integration
  • Functional jackpots
  • Functional free spins
  • A fast integration
  • Multi-level custom jackpots
  • The ability to set bets for a player to participate in a raffle
"Extreme Button"
The system is completely browser-based, leaves no traces on the computer
Our Awards
ERG Awards 2010-2012
IGA Awards 2014
Global Gaming Awards 2014
WiG Awards 2015
WiG Awards 2019
IGA Awards 2020
EGR B2B Awards 2020
EGR Awards 2015
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What Our Clients Say
Ryan, USA

Thank you for this system! We recently have integrated Gaminator into our casino. Can you imagine what we see now… The gamers are fond of it. The slots are really fantastic. This is my advice to anyone: do not hesitate to purchase this software. You can hardly find anything better.

Chirayu, India

I had some hesitation regarding the software purchasing. But when I tried out the free demo-version of Gaminator, the decision came immediately. When you see how it works, no doubts are left. Mobile and desktop solutions are also effective, too many players use these kinds of devices.

Bruno, Brazil

Earlier, I used the other systems. But now I have to declare that this is the best. Gaminator is a champion in the area of gambling software! It has the unlimited number of games and very smooth operation of the software. Do you still think there is something better than it?


Josh, USA

I would like to note the gaming catalogue which is incredibly immense. The players have a wide choice of games. I have never seen so prompt paybacks, getting back your money within a short time... Moreover, the traffic of users is increasing.

Joaquin, Spain

Having integrated Gaminator, I think I discovered something awesome. No need to search for another system. You can use any currencies, no need to puzzle yourself how to make payments. Gaminator system is excellent, all options are easy.

Firas, Tunisia

The low prices for these slots are just the thing! Considering the high quality of the product, this is the best offer. Our clients really enjoy its user-friendly interface, they easily understand what to do. Technical support is provided, the service gives you any consultancy you are requesting. And the guys are continuously improving their service.

The Gaminator Casino System
no.1 for gambling halls and online casinos

Sooner or later, any person asks himself how to make real money on gambling establishments on the Internet. Obviously, you need to start your own gambling business with the best online casino software! But in reality, everything is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Gaminator Casino explains why to open online casino means to lose a lot of money and time and why it may be much better to buy a casino.

If you feel lazy to read this review and you want to get an individual consultation – contact specialists from Gaminator Casino and consider such an option as an online casino for sale.

The Creation of an Online Casino Step by Step

To begin with, let us figure out which stages the development of an online casino includes and what should be done to avoid sticking a bull's eye on your back from civil services:

  • Obtain a license.
  • Choose a developer of the gambling software.
  • Create and launch the website.
  • Integrate slot machines into an online casino system.
  • Provide reliable technical support and preventive measures.
  • Maintain a constant promotional marketing.

And now we would like to consider each step in more detail. Gaminator online casino experts discuss the elaboration process to guarantee a streamlined build-up process. Buy gambling software and other related components at our company.

Step 1. A License to Open an Online Casino

Unfortunately, in Russia, it will not be possible to find legal software solutions and obtain a license that will enable you to conduct the gambling business. The reason is simple: Internet casino gambling online (and in land-based clubs as well) is banned in this country. But how do hundreds and thousands of casinos work in RuNet and even in land-based gambling establishments on the streets of different Russian cities?

In fact, all these companies have obtained licenses abroad, and the legislation of the Russian Federation does not extend to them. Such documents are mostly received in offshore countries. It is a completely legal way to create an online casino with viable certification and the finest software solutions. The registration process, taxation, and, ultimately, your profit will depend on which jurisdiction you choose.

Most often, providers of online casino offers decide in favour of the following countries:

  • Malta;
  • Seychelles;
  • Costa Rica.

Good options for casino licensing are also provided by Philippines, Curacao, Kahnawake in Canada, and the Dominican Republic. As a licensee of these countries, you can conduct your gambling or sports betting business and not worry about any difficulties.

Another option is to buy online casino. In this case, the seller, most likely, has already obtained a license, and he will do the assignment of rights. Try to contact a local developer of online casino offers that can also provide you with a license. Popular Gaminator online solutions cover the obtainment of the necessary documents for official operation in dedicated regions.

Step 2. The Development of a Casino and the Selection of the Software

Let us not talk about those games that gamblers must download and install on their computers – most Internet users are just lazy to make some extra efforts. It is profitable to create online casino games that can be launched in a browser. And in the field of gambling, the speed that helps players to start playing is extremely important.

The creation of an online casino gaming system which is based on HTML5 technology will not be possible without a long search for trustworthy software vendors. Nowadays, there are plenty of such companies – almost everywhere they offer you to buy a casino, and many such organisations have really shown themselves to good advantage. But which company to choose among many offered opportunities? How to find the high-quality software, buy online casino software, and not regret it?

Order service

Here is a list of questions that you should ask a potential software vendor:

  • Is the casino gaming software reliable? How many visitors online casino deals with? How to resist attacks? What security software solutions are supported? Is it protected from hacking?
  • How easy is it to administer the casino gaming system? Will you be able to do it by yourself or do you need a constant support from the supplier? Is it compatible with sports betting direction as well?
  • How do slot games look? Do users like sound and graphics? How does the appearance of games affect the loyalty of gamblers? How are daily bonuses and other perks distributed?
  • What payment services can be connected? Does the software work with cryptocurrencies? Are payment channels safe? Is this online casino software integrated through an application programming interface?

And so on. There are many questions, and it is simply impossible to answer all of them in one article. But the gambling and sports betting software is a key to success! Experienced entrepreneurs usually decide to buy online casino with the ready-made gambling software for sale (for example Gaminator slots). They either trust well-known vendors or rely on the feedback. We also recommend you to find out any information on the company that is available on the Internet. Just remember that the development of an online casino takes longer than one day so be patient.

Step 3. A Website

Requirements for the website are mostly similar to those related to the software. Reliability, functionality, and security. Of course, if you want to open online casino, the significance of these parameters increases. You should be 100% sure that while you have gone out of town for a weekend or even gone on a long journey no one will hack your website and move the money channel to another account. If you are not ready to deal with technical nuances, it will be a good idea to hire specialists and find companies that offer a casino website for sale. It will save you both time and money. The Gaminator software package and proficient elaboration of the portal align perfectly with the turnkey collaboration that you can order at our customer support.

Step 4. Selection and Installation of Slot Machines

Have you already thought of what games and daily bonuses will be on your website? The development of an online casino involves a careful premeditation connected with the casino slots software, the estimation of its efficiency, and a constant connection and switching-off slots.

Here you will need a lot of analytical skills. By the way, this service can be performed by specialised turnkey casino service companies, so Gaminator slots look like a beneficial solution to take up. The process of connecting gambling systems and configuring daily bonuses depends on your budget and the desire to get to the bottom of the topic. For example, if you decide to buy casino online, this kind of work will already be included in the package of services.

Step 5. Support

The most profitable online casinos know that users should feel comfortable both during the gameplay and any breakdowns. Therefore, make sure that you can provide them with the round-the-clock technical support with the help of specialised software solutions. 

. Moreover, the communication should go through several different channels, which is more convenient for gamblers. For example, they need opportunities to use not only a built-in chat on the website but also a phone, an e-mail, and Skype. Such configurations are all included in our convenient turnkey casino.

It is impossible to provide such a level of support alone, perhaps, just at the first stages of the business development. When the casino platform will become more popular, you will need employees. For this reason, there should be another essential step – "to find reliable personnel".

Step 6. Finish the Creation of an Online Casino and Start its Promotion

So, our new gambling project is equipped with online casino software and is ready for launch. But it can’t bring profit yet. Obviously, we need to do advertising and to work on the optimisation of the gaming site.

The advertising can be outsourced but SEO and SMM specialists should better work as full-time employees, utilising effective online casino software for marketing. Also, you can find them by contacting specialised agencies. SEO specialists will make the website take a top mark in search systems, and an SMM specialist will promote the gambling establishment and your new Gaminator slots in social networks.

Remember that the promotion is not a one-time action but an endless process. And today, taking into account the level of competition, casinos can’t do without it. Regular daily bonuses will improve players' loyalty, and a constantly updating library of Gaminator slots will keep users engaged.

How to Launch an Online Casino and What is Needed for This?

We tried to tell you honestly what you will have to face if you decide to create online casino offers for gamblers. Yes, it is such a long process, the price of which is really high. If you ask what to do, we will answer – buy a casino with Gaminator slots! Buy a ready-made business on a turnkey basis, which will bring profit from the first day, and all the routine work on its organisation will be entrusted to the contracting company. Our online casino software for sale is included in one of the most demanded development packages available on the market.

You may also be interested in Five Reasons to Buy a Turnkey Casino

Online gambling system Gaminator can easily take on all these tasks. We can buy online casino. We not only sell a ready-made gambling business but also develop it from scratch according to the requirements of customers. To buy casino online, you can also write to us by mail or Skype and order exactly what you need.

Order service

A unique, beautiful, and attractive casino that was created for your special benefit is so close to you – just make one call.

Contact the team of Gaminator Casino, buy gambling software from top suppliers, integrate it as soon as possible, and create a reliable income stream – your own online casino!

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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