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Five Reasons to Buy a Turnkey Casino

Five Reasons to Buy a Turnkey Casino

Updated 19/07/2023

Why would you need to search for such an offer as a turnkey casino website for sale if you can do everything by yourself? At first glance, it is not necessary. But the creation of any business is a complex and multi-step process. You will have to register a company correctly, organise the attraction of customers, integrate payment methods, train employees, and get on with the receipt of profit.

And if we are talking about the organisation of the gambling business, the whole task turns into a real campaign of Odyssey. Let us see why experienced entrepreneurs recommend people to purchase a turnkey online casino business instead of creating it on their own.

Sign up for a consultation with a specialist from Gaminator Casino if you are interested in the turnkey online casino development. Just leave your enquiries, and we will contact you in the next hours and tell you the most detailed information on this service.

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How to Create an Online Casino

How to create a turnkey online casino

It is easier to understand why the creation of a turnkey casino is better than all the other options if you know what steps the whole process consists of.

The preparation of a business plan

Any casino, including online ones, requires cash investment. And it is not just a one-time payment: it is necessary to pay for advertising every day, and affiliate programs also need to be paid once a month.

Expenses on finding and getting casino software, ensuring relevant payment methods, maximising player engagement — all these and more stages have to be planned thoroughly. So you need to know for sure that the start-up capital will be enough until the moment when you will be able to pay off the investments.

The registration of a company

In most countries, it is the easiest step: to collect documents, pay a small government fee, and register a firm. However, beginning entrepreneurs almost never can avoid a bureaucratic apparatus, so it is worth arming yourself with patience. Even if you decide to buy a ready-made turnkey casino business, you will still need to register a company. A legal online gaming portal is guaranteed lawful operation and support from a renowned provider of necessary components.

The choice of software

A gaming platform is often called the basis of a gambling establishment because it consists of slots, administrative panel, and many other technical elements of the future web casino. There are two main requirements for the platform: resistance to external attacks and stable operation. Protective casino software grants reliable encryption and firewalls against hackers. Up-to-date online gaming solutions will provide high player engagement and stability of operation.

The purchase and installation of games

A creative stage that will define the core of your audience. For beginning entrepreneurs, it is better to choose profitable games since it will help the casino to get stronger quickly and move on to the next phase. Then you can update the game content because it will help you:

  • Not to lose loyal customers. Player engagement is extremely important since retaining existing clients is much cheaper than acquiring new ones.
  • Attract new ones with unique slot machines. The casino game library must be updated all the time for boosting player acquisition.

The creation of an online casino website

During the development of a gaming site, it is important to take into account not only the design but also the accessibility of the interface. The easier it is for gamblers to find registration pages and pages where they can deposit and withdraw funds, the more they will play and make transfers of money.

An adequate structure of an online gaming platform is also integral for the artificial intelligence of a search engine for a clear analysis of the site. A casino solution with an in-depth elaboration of a platform is valued most preciously.

The acquisition of a gambling license

You may think that it is better to start the licensing procedure earlier. After all, while the commission is looking through the documents, it is possible to have time to create the site and select the software... 

But in practice, most jurisdictions require that the application package includes the information on the software solutions that were used, the domain, hosting, a detailed business plan, and a strategy that will allow you to enter the market. This incentivises an operator to order a turnkey online casino website and ensure the completion of all processes as intended without any delays.

The integration of additional software

While casino game assortment is the main programming support for the platform, an operator still has to care about his back office. A gambling site needs detailed monitoring from managers. So, such casino software as payment modules, security systems, partner programs, etc. has to be present on the platform.

A turnkey casino solution is extremely convenient from this perspective. Developers keep in mind all standards of current years to ensure the presence of all the necessary player engagement and administrative components.

The development of a marketing strategy

Effective marketing is not only expensive advertising but also the customer retention, ways to increase their loyalty, and the creation of a reputation of a casino. It is better to entrust such work to professionals. After all, even when you decide to open a business based on franchises (White Label models) or buy a turnkey casino, the cost of the promotion does not change, and there is a chance to lose your money.

Marketing experts agree that the best player engagement strategies are:

  • Search engine optimisation. Adaptation of an online gaming site to the trends of the sphere (from content and structural perspective) guarantees a high ranking in the result list.
  • Social media marketing. Casino game advertisements in popular networks can be tricky. A lot of legal aspects should be considered. So, a casino solution that includes sensible targeting within social networks is highly appreciated.
  • Affiliate partnership. The most effective player engagement can be achieved thanks to cooperation with popular webmasters. Wide targeting and casino game advertising brings solid conversion numbers.

The connection of the technical support service

Unlike land-based gambling cubs, online casinos operate during twenty-four hours and do not have breaks or weekends. But who will provide round-the-clock customer service? You have to hire employees and them train or entrust customer support to a third party to make sure that your clients will always get excellent services.

What is so beneficial about a ready-made casino solution is its support by an existing team of assistants. It is amazing to know that players can find quick answers not leaving the site.

Now everything is ready for the launch. It is almost impossible to do everything that was mentioned above on your own. A person who will want to do it should be a programmer, a designer, a lawyer, a marketer, and a call centre operator simultaneously.

Or you can act like a real entrepreneur and give all possible tasks to contractors, purchase a turnkey online casino business with a license, and start getting earnings immediately.

Five Reasons to Choose the Turnkey Casino Business

Turnkey casino business development

Now we know how the whole process works, so it is time to find an answer to the following question — why is the turnkey casino better? You should not be surprised that such offer as turnkey casino website for sale is so in-demand since there are five main reasons for it.

Reason №1. Resolution of legal issues

A turnkey casino is a package offer that includes all the elements that are necessary for being able to launch the gambling club immediately. A license is also included here, and its price varies from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars.

It happens in the following way. You choose the name of the future website and its domain address, and the contractor finds a gambling license holder, and this permit will allow you to work legally within the territory of your country. The address of your online casino writes it in a license, and you become the owner of a sub-license.

For entrepreneurs, finding a beneficial turnkey online casino for sale is a great example of an economy. It saves such important resources as time, money, and nerves, and opens up unlimited opportunities for the development of their business. Sometimes this reason is already enough to buy a turnkey casino with the license.

Reason №2. The selection of software

To purchase a turnkey casino means to get the ready-made software together with an online gambling club. A full set of programs that was not only tested by other experts and received positive reviews from other businessmen but also harmoniously combined with each other.

After all, casino owners often acquire gaming platforms and games from different providers, as well as different payment modules. It creates various technical problems, which will make you invest additional funds in order to bring the system to at least an operating condition.

The modern casino software is usually developed based on the same technology. But its integration features can be different. Obtaining a reliable casino solution guarantees a successful analysis of offers and their installation. 

Problems can occur if programming components are incompatible with each other. It is especially true for casino scripts that can supposedly be downloaded on the Internet for free and installed on your gaming site. But here it is worth thinking: who is ready to give away the program that was created as a result of hard work for free? The software is the basis of the entire future business, so it must be strong and reliable.

Therefore, Gaminator Casino offers a turnkey casino website for sale only with proven and high-quality software, guarantees its operability, and always provides customers with technical support, no matter what happened. We are responsible for the product that we sell. Our online casino turnkey solution follows a unique strategy for every customer and its operational region.

Reason №3. A website

The gaming site can be ordered from anyone, the market now offers companies many profitable options. You can do it by yourself if you have the necessary skills. 

However, there are several difficulties that make entrepreneurs think that it is better to entrust the development of a website to experienced specialists. Ordering a site as a part of a casino solution builds a 100% guarantee of its relevant design, structure and content. 

Urgent questions an online casino turnkey solution answers:

  • How to find a designer who can take into account the psychology of gamblers and is able to create gaming sites that are comfortable with this category of users?
  • Will the developers of a casino solution do everything that is necessary for the SEO promotion immediately or will this issue have to be resolved separately?
  • How to integrate the game content?

And so on. The creation of a turnkey casino on the Internet allows you to do everything at one fell swoop: to prepare the website for specifics of games, to synchronise the software with the control panel, as well as to install and test all slots.

Reason №4. Effective promotion via advertising

The advertising of gambling is already banned in some countries, and now even international services like Facebook or Google Adwords refuse to promote online casinos. It is possible to organise an effective promotion only in one case: if it is done by a specialist and elaborated as a part of an online casino turnkey solution.

An experienced marketer can not only suggest how to set up advertisements but also develop a set of promos, bonuses, and discounts for the existing customers. It is the kind of knowledge you get together with a turnkey casino.

Reason №5. Customer support

Large companies like Gaminator Casino have a customer support service, and partners can transfer applications from their website to trained employees. Chat, call centre, postal correspondence — any way of communication is available to players.

You will be able to serve each visitor, resolve all emerging issues quickly and easily, and maintain a high level of trust. Questions about games, payment methods, registration, and everything else can be answered quickly to keep clients satisfied. And all this without much ado!

These are the main reasons to buy a turnkey online casino. But we are sure that you will find much more when you contact the personal manager from Gaminator Casino.

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How to Purchase a Ready-Made Casino From Gaminator Casino?

Turnkey online casino website from Gaminator Casino

You should not think that it is too difficult to organise an online casino business. In fact, you only need to find the answer to one question: who should deal with the creation of your future gambling project? Where can I find the most effective casino solution? Who can complete so many tasks?

You can definitely trust Gaminator Casino, buy a ready-made online casino, and start a new life as the owner of an online gambling club!

Here is what you get in the turnkey casino package:

  • high-quality software and its increment in accordance with your requirements;
  • a modern and interesting website, which is totally ready for the SEO optimisation, a large flow of traffic, and acceptance of payments;
  • a wide range of slots from a huge directory and their installation on the gaming site;
  • integration of the most relevant payment methods of the operational area;
  • a sub-license for being able to conduct gambling activities;
  • legal support;
  • the development of the advertising strategy and marketing activities;
  • round-the-clock customer support.

Our specialists have been working on the gambling market for many years, and that is why we are well aware of how it works. We are ready to share our knowledge, support you at every stage of the creation of your project, and enjoy your success.


We will start developing your new successful gambling project immediately after you contact us in any way that is convenient for you:

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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