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Creation of Online Casinos in 2023: Virtual Gambling Business

Creation of Online Casinos in 2023: Virtual Gambling Business

Updated 05/01/2023

Investments in the online casino field bring worthy profits faster than any other type of online business. It is no surprise that entrepreneurs launch new gambling and betting projects hoping to get rich. However, newcomers may face some difficulties. Not everyone can succeed in this lucrative industry.

Gaminator specialists offer you to learn more about the specifics of conducting a gambling business in 2023. We will explain to you what is worth paying attention to when developing a plan. Besides our team is ready to help you create an online casino that will allow you to make good money.

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Pros and Cons of the Virtual Gambling Business

Virtual gambling business: pros and cons

The creation of a gambling project is associated with lots of difficulties and risks. Before launching a start-up, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages of Online Casinos

  1. Large audience. Residents of almost any country can become visitors to your website.
  2. High profits. Your business will pay back within a few months and generate decent profits under the condition of the proper management.
  3. Simplified registration procedure (compared to launching land-based casinos). You can contact a company that will help you obtain permits and start your own business in a few weeks.
  4. The minimum staff. Of course, you should recruit personnel. Nevertheless, the number of employees is relatively small. This peculiarity will help you reduce your costs significantly.
  5. No need to rent the premises. You do not have to purchase special equipment and pay qualified specialists for its maintenance.
  6. The opportunity to use multicurrency payment services. The connection of popular Bitcoin services in addition to traditional financial systems can become a perfect way to attract and retain players on your casino website.

Disadvantages of Virtual Projects

  1. Legislative prohibitions. Gambling is allowed not in all countries. This fact can be a serious obstacle.
  2. Difficult preparatory stage. Such procedures as registering a company, obtaining a licence, creating a business plan, developing a website, and searching for an effective advertising campaign require a substantial investment of effort and money. However, these problems can be solved with the help of the right business partner. Contact Gaminator and entrust the support of experts.

Preparation for the Launch of an Online Casino

Online casino: preparation for the launch

The preparatory phase may be rather difficult for a novice entrepreneur. Mistakes can lead to the collapse of the entire project. Therefore, it makes sense to get acquainted with its specifics in detail.

Analysis of Competitors

The aeration of an adequate business plan is possible only after a thorough analysis of the situation in the gambling market. It is better to entrust it to experienced specialists. They will identify current trends and develop original, fresh solutions that may interest your customers. With this research, you will enter the market with a unique selling proposition that can attract a large target audience.

Business Plan

The entrepreneur must understand the perspectives of further development and expansion of the business right at the start of the project. When preparing a business plan, it is necessary not only to calculate the expected income and expenses but also to consider non-obvious indicators and risks. The independent performance of these tasks is an extremely complex process.

Besides, some problems may arise during the estimation of possible profits, because reliable data on revenues of the casino field is not publicly available. The fact is that many entrepreneurs do not share this confidential information.

It is necessary to calculate the starting costs. Do not forget about additional services. You should also plan your budget for the first year of operation.

Expected costs:

Item of expenditure

Percentage of budget

Company registration


Business legalisation


Licence renewal


Software purchase


Maintenance of program components


Staff recruitment


Marketing services


Additional expenses


Legal Procedures

You need to register a legal entity in the jurisdiction that will issue you the licence. You will also need to conclude an agreement with a bank, open an account, and make contracts with providers.


Gaming software plays a key role in the operation of online casinos. You need to choose it attentively and meticulously. Your web resource should have a reliable security system. Besides, payment tools have to support several currencies and money transfer methods.

Here are the main criteria for the quality of software products:

  • functionality;
  • stability;
  • high speed of work;
  • multiple-language support;
  • working in mobile format.

Obtaining a Permission Document

Most often, operators pay attention to such jurisdictions as Curacao, Kahnawake, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, etc. A licence issued in one of the EU states is suitable for work in European countries

When choosing a jurisdiction, take into account the cost, validity period of the permit, as well as the authority of the target state.

An excellent solution for a beginning entrepreneur is the operation under a sublicence. In this case, the paperwork will cost a minimum amount and take less time.


When choosing a platform, your attention must be paid to the interface, the simplicity of navigation, the registration form, and the level of security. The website should be comfortable for both the operator and gamblers. The design of the resource plays an important role in attracting new users.

When buying a domain name, consider the peculiarities of the target audience’s mentality. Your website should be fast and easy to find, catchy and memorable.

Gaming Content

To attract new users, it is worth integrating slot machines from popular manufacturers into your project. Do not try to save some money on entertainment content. The diverse and high-quality assortment will make your resource interesting for players of different ages.

The new casino should have at least 100 video slots of various themes, board and card games, as well as entertainments with live dealers. The presence of this set will allow you to get started in the gambling industry. However, new content should be added to the catalogue according to the expansion of your business scale.

Start of a Business Project

The duration of the preparatory stage partly depends on the clarity of tasks assigned to the contractors by the customer and the effectiveness of feedback. After completing all the procedures and solving the main issues, the project can be launched. This is the most responsible moment.

To ensure stable operation of your casino and high-quality customer support, it is necessary to hire personnel. Automatic security systems and employees must monitor the behaviour of visitors to suppress fraudulent activities on the website promptly. It is also essential to organise the promotion of your new project and choose beneficial affiliate programs.

Technical Support in Virtual Casinos

The requirements for the quality of customer support service are very high:

  • Round-the-clock work and quick response. As a rule, customers contact the technical support team in difficult situations. As a rule, they are upset or annoyed. Users need to resolve their issues as quickly as possible. Players can leave negative reviews about the work of your casino in case of not receiving useful answers. They will affect the reputation of your project.
  • High tolerance of consultants for stress. Casino employees often have to resolve issues related to clients’ money and explain the same things several times, restraining negative emotions. They have to remain friendly in all situations and try to solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
  • Thorough check of documents. The result of money transfers depends on the quality of controlling copies of passports identity codes. That is why the selection of personnel should be very meticulous.

A proactive support team that will help your clients and inform them about upcoming promotions can increase the profits of your casino.

Well-Thought-Out Marketing Methods Are the Key to Your Success

Online casino marketing methods

The main business owner's task is to attract and retain as many visitors as possible. It is important to position an online casino as a trustworthy project that is capable of meeting all the needs of players. To do this, install high-quality software, develop a user-friendly website, and launch an effective advertising campaign.

What Gambling Sites are Attractive to Players?

The first thing worth considering at the stage of developing the gambling web resource is the design of your site. Your portal must stand out from other online projects. It also should be recognisable and comfortable for visitors. The style and convenience of the interface directly affect the time spent players in your online casino.

The characteristics of a high-quality gambling resource:

  1. The simplicity of registration. Gamers do not want to fill out long forms and enter personal information. It is necessary to develop a simple and clear registration system allowing users to spend minimum time and effort. To do this, it is worth excluding unnecessary personal information. It can be requested when depositing or withdrawing money.
  2. Helpful notifications. Users should be familiar with the current offers. This information will help you get players interested in loyalty programs. Your casino will receive decent profits thanks to this tool.
  3. Attractive design. Modern Internet users are very demanding when it comes to graphics quality. They can be attracted only by a good image and intuitive navigation.

It is better to design the website in restrained colours, for example, blue, red, black, and green. The shades should not irritate players or cause eye fatigue.

It is also worth paying attention to the creation of your logo. A recognisable emblem can affect the decisions of gamers to visit your website. Even if the user leaves the resource, he or she may interact with it later, having seen the familiar logo in an advertisement.

Retention of Customers in Online Casinos

Receiving decent user traffic is only half the battle. It is important not only to attract but also to retain customers and encourage them to play real money games.

Consider some effective user retention tools:

  1. Limited time frames of events. Customers can earn additional rewards by completing certain actions on the website during the proposed time frame. For example, it may be participation in tournaments or games. You must inform your clients about such events in advance by launching advertisements and notifications.
  2. Push notifications. Players often stop using gambling websites, but they are happy to visit them again if they are informed about interesting promotions using a special application. Statistically, well-organised reminders can increase the project’s customer engagement rate by 40%. Remember, notifications should not annoy users or be perceived as spam.
  3. CRM systems. These are programs for collecting statistics, analytics, and forecasting. Thanks to CRM-systems, casino operators can select the most appropriate tools for interacting with visitors.

Promotions as Instruments of Loyalty Programs

The following types of promotions are the most popular ones:

  • Rewards for specific actions. The operator can offer customers bonuses for attracting new users, registration, first deposit, and other activities.
  • Games with virtual money. Such entertainments can be provided on an ongoing basis or as an additional prize.
  • Cashback. Failures are always unpleasant. It is worth returning a certain percentage of the lost money to players to keep them on your website. 
  • Activity points. These are bonuses that are awarded for certain types of activity. They can be spent on games or exchanged for prizes.

You can get inspired by successful loyalty programs of competitors or develop your strategy. The second variant will bring you much more benefits.

The Main Things about Creating Online Casinos

You will inevitably face a lot of difficulties when launching your gambling project. To solve emerging problems successfully, you need to have strength, time, money, and extensive experience in the gambling industry. Entrusting the performance of some tasks to a trustworthy intermediary is a great idea. The Gaminator studio can become your reliable partner.

The range of our services includes such options:

  • the development of turnkey projects;
  • the selection of software;
  • filling the site with content: video slots, board and card entertainments, and games with real dealers;
  • technical support;
  • counselling.

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We will help you minimise the cost of creating and launching your website and advertising campaign. You will receive a high-quality online casino with an extensive gaming catalogue with the software from leading providers (Gaminator, Igrosoft, Amatic, Playtech, and others).

Contact us to start cooperation:

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
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