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The Gambling Sphere in 2023: Innovations, Original Approaches, and Gamers’ Safety

The Gambling Sphere in 2023: Innovations, Original Approaches, and Gamers’ Safety

Updated 23/05/2023
The Gambling Sphere in 2023:
Innovations, Original Approaches, and Gamers’ Safety
$125.6 billion
The online gambling market will reach $125.6 billion in 2027.
$90.2 billion
The land-based sector will amount to $90.2 billion in 2027, with a CAGR of 8.3%.
The number of gamers placing bets will grow by 23% by 2027.
The gambling sector will remain the largest employer.
North America will be the fastest-growing market.
In the coming years, the following games will be in demand:
Crash content.
Cluster slots.
Live content.
Skill-based games.
Games for smartwatches.
79% of companies have already implemented or only plan to use AI in their work. In 2023, operators plan to use TRN, ETH, LTC, and other units along with BTC.
Online Casino Management Trends

Gaming is a promising economic sector, which is not inferior to the world leaders in terms of its capitalisation — finance, insurance, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. The direction is developing at a rapid pace. This creates excellent conditions for investment and business scaling.

Gambling perspectives in 2023

Gaminator describes the main trends in the gambling market in 2023. Learn what content to buy and what platform to open to get a good income in the short term.

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Strong Growth in the Entertainment Sector

At the beginning of 2023, the online portal Research And Markets published a report with forecasts and statistics for the gaming industry:

  • The online gambling market will reach $125.6 billion in 2027. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 9.1%. The capitalisation of the field will be affected by the active digitalisation of the economy, the use of technological innovations, and the growing penetration of smartphones.
  • The land-based sector will amount to $90.2 billion in 2027, with a CAGR of 8.3%, according to experts. Macau, Singapore, Manila, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City will remain key gaming centres.
  • The number of gamers placing bets will grow by 23% by 2027. Currently, 1.6 billion users regularly visit casinos (land-based and online projects). 4.3 billion residents play from time to time. The proportion of users who prefer to spin slot reels online will also gradually increase.
  • The gambling sector will remain the largest employer. At the beginning of 2023, it covered 1.6 million workers from 6.6 thousand establishments around the world. By 2027, the number of employees will grow by 10%. However, the structure of hired personnel will also change. Live dealers, chatbot management specialists, software analysts, and game practitioners will be in demand.
  • North America will be the fastest-growing market. This will be affected by the phased legalisation of gambling in many states. Online slots and sports betting are already allowed in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, and Michigan. This, together with a high per capita income, makes North America an attractive investment direction.

Technological Achievements

The course towards the application of innovations has been chosen by many owners of online casinos and software manufacturers. Land-based companies are also focusing on modern IT solutions, trying to optimise the operation of gambling halls and improve customers’ experience.

Consider what technologies will be relevant in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

Casinos and artificial intelligence: future

AI contains machines and systems that mimic human behaviour. They are capable of collecting and analysing huge amounts of information, self-learning, and making intelligent decisions based on previous experience.

According to estimates by the American software developer Oracle Corporation, 79% of companies have already implemented or are only planning to use AI in their work. The online media Grand View Research predicts that the global artificial intelligence market will reach $930 billion by 2028.

The strong points of implementing AI algorithms in the gambling field are as follows:

Fraud protection

Artificial intelligence detects and blocks DDoS attacks, phishing, the introduction of Trojans and utilities, program code obfuscation, and other actions of intruders.

AI creates behaviour models for specific players or groups of customers, as well as online casino employees. Based on the saved templates, it is possible to detect atypical activities easily and prevent multi-accounting and fraud associated with bonuses and confidential information

Automation of routine tasks

AI is the basis for creating chatbots. The possibilities of virtual assistants are quite extensive. They include advising gamers, organising personal mailings, and informing users about new slots and current promotions.

Chatbots can play on behalf of the operator, accrue bonuses, and hold group tournaments

The improvement of customers’ experience

AI studies the interests of gamblers (betting history, requested games, limits, and favourite software providers). Based on the data received, it forms personalised solutions.

The introduction of AI contributes to the improvement of users’ experience. Visitors stay longer on gambling sites and turn into regular customers

The support for responsible gaming

Customers' behaviour patterns can be used to identify non-standard actions that indicate the risks of ludomania. They include too long stay on a site, an increase in the cost of spins with frequent losses, etc.


A decentralised peer-to-peer network is the basis for creating a crypto casino. Such an iGaming platform is characterised by increased security, provable honesty of the results, and a guarantee of payouts.

Cryptocurrency operates on the blockchain. It is a universal settlement method. Its popularity is growing every year. In 2023, the share of transactions in digital money will increase. Although the leadership, as before, will be held by Internet payments in fiat units: online acquiring, bank transfers, and transactions through eWallet services.

The use of cryptocurrency in online casinos is associated with its legalisation in many countries.

The acquisition and sale of digital assets are regulated in:

  • the United Kingdom;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • the USA and other states.

The collapse of the FTX international exchange in November last year did not lead to a general panic in the blockchain market, as sceptics predicted. Most entrepreneurs, including the iGaming industry’s participants, have decided to diversify their savings in digital assets. In 2023, operators plan to use TRN, ETH, LTC, and other units along with BTC.

The benefits of applying cryptocurrencies in online casinos are as follows:

  • complete privacy;
  • anonymity and unhindered access from anywhere in the world;
  • minimum commissions;
  • instant transactions.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR technologies are the basis of immersive design. Its goal is to create detailed visualisation for a complete plunge into the gaming product. This applies to entertainment content: slots, multiplayer fishing options, and other positions in online casinos.

Immersive design is also used in the development of software for iGaming sites. The solution helps to better present the payment service, casino platform, security software, and other products.

Immersive design meets gamification goals. When engagement tools work in the interface, they literally challenge users and motivate them to complete tasks to the end.

Game Development with Original Mechanics

Online casinos software development

The audience is a bit tired of traditional 5-reel slots. They are being replaced by innovative content with improved graphics and attractive features.

In the coming years, the following games will be in demand:

  1. Crash content. Such solutions are characterised by a wide range of bets, anonymity, and provable honesty of the results. In the centre of the plot is an object moving along a parabola, which is destroyed at a certain moment. Gamers cash out bets before the explosion and receive generous prizes. Crash content supports a multiplayer mode and contains interesting social features (chat, leaderboards, etc.).
  2. Cluster slots. Combinations in such machines are created in the form of bunches. They have a non-standard shape and various sizes. The content attracts players with an increased number of payout directions and innovative features. In Yggdrasil Gaming's Gigablox mechanic, for example, reels can spin inside already-created clusters and bring additional prizes.
  3. Live content. Real dealer roulette, Texas Holdem, and baccarat are interesting to the audience due to the authentic gameplay, honesty, and transparency of payouts, as well as comfortable interaction with croupiers. Live content imitates the real casino experience. That is why many land-based clubs have transferred into this niche after the pandemic. Most projects have diversified their activities by accepting bets both in live mode and in stationary halls. These are Ladbrokes, William Hill, Flutter Entertainment, and other well-known companies.
  4. Skill-based games. The task of online casinos is to attract as many millennials as possible. This is possible through the development and implementation of content that implies a certain experience. Such entertainment options require more critical thinking and the use of different gaming strategies compared to traditional slots with a built-in RNG.
  5. Games for smartwatches. This sector is growing rapidly. With the help of such advanced gadgets, users can read the news on the Web, follow the weather forecast and, of course, place bets.

Online Casino Management Trends

Consider how the owners of iGaming sites will work in 2023.

The Focus on the Mobile User

In the conditions of active economy digitalisation, the portable device market continues to grow. Therefore, operators need to consider the preferences of this audience segment.

The software must be adapted to play on smartphones. Such innovations include cross-platform support, the acceptance of bets using hotkeys, improved design, and reduced size of software for trouble-free installation on a mobile phone.

Games for desktop sites will also find their consumers in 2023. The main advantage of traditional online casinos is the complete immersion in the gambling process thanks to 4K monitors with a diagonal of over 30 inches. The connection of two or more screens allows users to play different entertainment solutions at the same time and even place bets on different sites.

Competitive Environment

Major market players have more financial and technological opportunities to introduce innovations, organise large-scale advertising campaigns, and sign profitable sponsorship contracts. Therefore, the role of global corporations in the development of the field is growing every year.

To stand out from the competition, young studios need to create advanced products and offer non-standard betting channels, as well as original promotion options.

An excellent solution would be to launch a blockchain casino or release slots with innovative mechanics. A few years ago, the Australian company Big Time Gaming, which presented the Megaways feature, took this path.

Look at the leaders in the global online gambling market:

  • Bet365 Group Ltd;
  • Entain PLC;
  • Flutter Entertainment PLC;
  • Kindred Group PLC;
  • William Hill PLC.

Large firms will focus on mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and innovation. The purpose of the changes is to strengthen their influence in local markets and expand the product portfolio.

Improved Protection for Users

The trend towards responsible gambling is gaining momentum. This is facilitated by both regulators, which tighten the requirements for licensees, and the operators themselves, who are developing systems to prevent ludomania.

In 2022, Entain PLC presented the Gambling Responsibly America app. The solution contains tools to help and support gamers, as well as many educational materials (articles, videos, charts, etc.). The product is currently available to online users in the US. However, it will be available in Europe, Asia and other regions soon.

The Curacao Gaming Commission promises to present updated business rules for its licensees. The main changes are expected to be aimed at improving the protection of customers and preventing the development of ludomania. The regulator plans to connect all operators to the online monitoring system and organise a multi-stage verification of transactions.

The commissions of Ontario (Canada), the United Kingdom, and other countries are working on modernising the responsible gambling system.

The Creation of Online Communities

Improved social interaction will ensure greater retention of the audience and contribute to the growth of operators’ profit.

In 2023, online casinos should integrate the following tools:

  • multiplayer games;
  • tournaments;
  • seasonal campaigns and quests;
  • online chats.

The Main Things about Gambling Trends in 2023

Gambling market trends in 2023

The entertainment sphere is a promising area for investment.

  • Leading experts predict the growth of the field in the next 5 years. The key indicators of capitalisation will be the digitalisation of the economy, the introduction of innovations, and the legalisation of gambling in many countries with developed economies. The online sector will take the lead thanks to the growing penetration of smartphones and the attraction of the millennial generation.
  • In 2023, a trend towards the use of new IT solutions is observed. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, as well as virtual and augmented reality are popular. Crypto instruments provide anonymous and secure transactions, AI improves user experience, while VR and AR contribute to the immersion in entertainment worlds.
  • The popular types of content are as follows: cluster slots, skill-based options, live solutions, and crash games.
  • In the coming years, the market expects major mergers and acquisitions of top companies. Among the key trends, experts highlight the tightening of requirements for the protection of gamers and the growing influence of social tools on audience retention.
Gaminator is your reliable partner in the gambling industry. You can order certified software, ready-made turnkey online casinos, payment services, and other useful solutions from us.

The Gaminator studio offers a proprietary entertainment system in three basic versions for:

  • offline halls;
  • desktop sites;
  • mobile betting apps.

The product is characterised by a wide gaming portfolio, cross-platform support, easy installation, and flexible settings.


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