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iGaming in South Africa: Starting an Online-Based Casino by Endorphina

iGaming in South Africa: Starting an Online-Based Casino by Endorphina

Updated 24/07/2023

Local wagering is quite a novice, but it is developing rapidly. Over the last few years, the capabilities of the iGaming environment in Africa have grown significantly. Businessmen from all over the world can use sublicences from foreign companies and offer the best games to RSA residents.

One of the notable providers on the continent is Endorphina, a Czech producer of modern slots for every taste. Gaminator will talk about its advantages and opportunities for operators, as well as the peculiarities of the evolution of gambling businesses in Africa.

Endorphina in South Africa: peculiarities

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Wagering Industry in RSA: Basic Information

This area of business in the country has always caused controversy among various government officials. With the advent of democratic parties in the 90s, all variants of ground gambling entertainment gained legal status. It was also useful in suppressing the operation of the large black market.

The Main Milestones of RSA Gambling History

Here is a list of key dates of wagering regulation in the region:


Legalisation of the ground-based sphere in major RSA cities: East London, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, etc.


The government of the developed state introduced a licensing system through the National Gambling Act


The authorities empowered 9 native provinces of RSA to license terrestrial gaming halls and bookie shops. National Gambling Board (NGB) was established to regulate the area


Further ways to manage the sphere with the new law. However, all internet casino software in RSA has not yet been legalised


The only allowed form of wagering in the area is sports betting on licensed sites. An amendment to the Law was issued to fully legalise iGaming, but it was never implemented


Harsh court rulings were used against foreign amusement sites that offered their services on the Web in the state. To this day, it is illegal to play any digital wagering entertainment unless they are licensed


The relaxation of restrictions: working with prominent aggregators such as the Endorphina casino provider in South Africa helps foreign investors and province businessmen to work in RSA under a foreign jurisdiction approvement

South Africa Wagering: Popular Entertainment

Local audiences are fond of gaming activities because they are fun and enjoyable for the youth, families, and the elderly.

Citizens of Cape Town and Durban adore the following entertainment:

  • national lottery with 80% interest, sweepstakes and instant draws;
  • bingo and keno;
  • land-based slots;
  • live dealer offerings;
  • traditional games (samba, skate, cribbage, etc.);
  • sports betting (horse racing, football, golf, and rugby).

Endorphina Game Vendor in RSA

Endorphina games in RSA: core features

African wagering has a difficult history, but recently it has attracted many players and businessmen from all over the world. Since 2012, the market has expanded significantly with prestigious and new companies producing the most innovative casino novelties. Among the recognised representatives of such firms is the Endorphina gaming provider.

This is an organisation founded in 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic. From the very beginning, the creator has focused on elaborating high-quality slots that are massively spread today.

Quick Facts about the Brand

The attractive key characteristics of the Endorphina software provider in RSA are as follows:

  • high medium RTP indicators — 96.6%;
  • 100+ game titles on the global market;
  • a variety of licences;
  • lots of regions of operation (Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America);
  • use of HTML5 and WebGL;
  • 1,700+ global affiliates.

The Endorphina casino software in South Africa is famous for several reasons, which include:

  • various slots — conventional fruit machines, mystical and ethnic games;
  • realistic 3D graphics and compelling mechanics;
  • unique themes in all game positions;
  • entertainment certification by independent test labs;
  • many awards and high reputation among African players;
  • solid mathematics and comfortable design;
  • diverse payment options.

Major Video Slots of the Creator

This enterprise attracts administrators no less than players with its unique and exciting content.

Managers of African amusement sites often choose such Endorphina slot machines for sale:



Satoshi’s Secret

This is a unique and most favoured development, based on electronic money. Satoshi's Secret appeals most to a young audience because it offers 2 roles: a hacker-programmer and a trader. Players must guess cryptocurrency predictions or hack other people's accounts.

Administrators of Endorphina turnkey casinos in South Africa and punters admire such features of the title:

  • 6 reels and 20 pay lines;
  • Bitcoin acceptance;
  • free spins and diverse bonuses;
  • fascinating graphics and convenient interface


It is a traditional fruit machine, the second most popular among the local people. The key facilities of this product included in lots of turnkey casinos in South Africa are:

  • 3 reels and 5 pay lines;
  • multipliers;
  • vivid graphics and decent audio effects


This is a unique and fascinating development for the male audience. When a player starts the game, a beautiful sporty girl dances stylish twerk moves with each new spin.

The main features of the entertainment are:

  • simple mechanics and great usability;
  • 3x3 field and 5 pay stripes;
  • an exclusive and trendy design;
  • high customer retention

Football Superstar

Sports are favoured in the country. The residents love to combine fun, health and amusement. The most widely used sports to bet on are boxing, rugby, soccer, etc. That is why Football Superstar conquered the African market.

It has the following characteristics:

  • 5x5 grid;
  • 50 active lines;
  • scatters, multipliers and free spins;
  • popular plot


It is difficult to imagine a global network without emojis — small pictures that reflect human emotions. This slot is very popular because it is available online for all smartphone and desktop users who put emojis in messages every day.

The chief characteristics of the game are as follows:

  • 5 reels and 3 rows;
  • 10 pay lines;
  • diversity of bonuses, multipliers and free spins

The Main Things about the Work of the Brand in RSA

Endorphina turnkey casino in RSA: key notions

Clients are always engaged in a beautiful picture and practical gameplay, while entrepreneurs seek for availability of a profitable investment. All this is guaranteed with Endorphina. This is a reputable and prominent firm that creates exclusive gaming solutions.

An entrepreneur who chooses the firm receives such options:

  • exciting slots with unique and popular plots;
  • multiplatformity;
  • crypto money acceptance;
  • beautiful and vivid graphics.

Endorphina enables administrators to work in diverse parts of the world, including RSA. Unique 3D slot apparatuses are in access via smartphones, computers, and ground-based businesses in the country.

The Gaminator aggregator assists in connecting modern games from the vendor. You can learn how to buy Endorphina casinos in South Africa by resorting to our specialists. Receive a premium platform and a convenient business format in the African region.


Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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