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How to Choose Payment Systems for Online Casinos: a Complete Guide

How to Choose Payment Systems for Online Casinos: a Complete Guide

Updated 24/09/2021

For most entrepreneurs who work in the gambling field, it is a problem to find an effective payment module. The Gaminator company has conducted its own research of this situation and prepared a comprehensive text article with detailed examples.

Payment systems for online casinos

We will talk about how to choose payment systems for online casinos, how much do they cost, ​​and how they can be integrated with the already existing gambling solution.


Features of a PS

The electronic payment system for online casinos is an integrated solution that allows you to make transactions within the framework of virtual gambling business. In practice, this speeds up and simplifies all operations related to transfers of cash funds and non-cash resources, which are made by players and casino operators.

As a result, we get a three-way partnership, each participant of which receives certain benefits:

  • Gamblers can replenish their current balance in a casino instantly and without any risks and withdraw the funds that they have won as well.
  • Operators of the online business provide stable replenishment and withdrawal of the player’s prizes and also their own profit from gambling. The presence of a well-thought-out payment system (PS) improves the brand's reputation by attracting the interested target audience. This is also a strong signal to the tax service that the company is honest and transparent, and it pays taxes on time.
  • A payment system acts as a financial intermediary in all calculations and receives a certain commission for its services. Sometimes, a fourth party is added to the chain ― a banking institution that also works on a fee basis.

Historical Background

The first payment system was launched in 1985. At that time, three central banks have implemented a system for real-time money transfers (the so-called RTGS format) by joint efforts. This new product has surprised everyone by the speed of international transfers and the most convenient management.

In 2003, already about 90 banks had a progressive PS in their assets. Experts believe that in 2020, 99% of all institutions in the world will act in accordance with the RTGS principle. The presence of this option, for example, is one of the basic parameters, which are taken into account in making decisions whether to provide a loan to a commercial bank or to make a refunding by the Central Bank. Also, the indicator is taken into account when conducting a comprehensive audit of the activities of a financial institution.

Payment Systems in Gambling

Payment systems in online gambling

Today, PSs are actively implemented in our everyday life and e-commerce in all of its aspects. These are such spheres as passenger transportation and hotel services, Internet commerce, and the communal infrastructure. The multitask payment terminals installed in shopping centres, bus stations, parks, and other public places also work on the basis of the PS.

The payment system for online casinos remains the most important link in the functioning of any gambling project or a betting website. Without it, any casino game and sports betting on the Web seem to be something impossible, outdated, and terribly inconvenient. Payment systems automate all operations on the basis of the gambling platform, allowing you to fully enjoy exciting and dynamic online slot machines, poker, baccarat, roulette, cards, and other types of gambling entertainment.

How to Connect a Casino to a Payment System

Connect an online casino to the popular paymnet systems

The integration between a gambling business and a PS is carried out in 4 stages:

  1. Search for the optimal solution. The process is simple but it requires attention to details and a basic understanding of how payment modules work.
  2. Conclusion of a contract with a specific provider. The documentation package that needs to be sent to the future partner is standard. It contains information, which confirms the registration and launch of an online business, and the legality of its activities.
  3. Moderation of a virtual platform. After the execution of the contract, operators must confirm the gaming site. All actions are described in detail in the instructions received from the distributor of the payment solution.
  4. Technical integration. Programmers of the provider who make all necessary settings and establish communication channels are responsible for the passage of this stage. Subsequently, the program code and all new information will be transmitted via the innovative communication relations TCP/IP.

Despite the complexity of the connection, the main task of the business owner remains to resolve the issue of how to choose payment systems for online casinos. All other functions are undertaken by the provider, who has vast experience in solving such problems and a huge workforce of high-quality specialists.

A good provider always offers technical support not only at the stage of implementation of the PS but also during the subsequent cooperation.

Optimal Approach

Experts recommend operators to connect several PSs at once so that gamblers can choose which service to use for making transactions. Gaminator adheres to the same opinion. Three or four built-in payment systems are the minimum that will make users stay on your Internet resource, feel comfortable, and spend time productively.

Top software developers (including Gaminator) offer products with already built-in payment modules. Such software significantly speeds up the launch of an online casino and helps to optimise the financial expenses of the customer.

We recommend you to contact Gaminator and learn more about the advanced software.

Order service

Selection Criteria for Payment Systems for Online Casinos

Electronic online casino payment system

There are many parameters, according to which it is possible to evaluate a particular PS. Below, you can find the main criteria that will help entrepreneurs to choose the best solution for their gambling business.


The service should provide prompt replenishment of funds and withdrawal of the earned prizes. In the ideal case, all financial transactions take only a few minutes.

Sometimes, the transaction speed can significantly slow down, especially in the case of interaction with some banks. Many of them adhere to the deadlines of three working days. But it is still faster than a standard post-office order or an express delivery service.


It is difficult to ensure the safety of savings by 100% but the programmers of providers are trying to reach this indicator. A multilevel system of protection against fraud, a special code for risk management, data transfer via secure communication channels, sophisticated filters and settings ― this is not even a complete list of procedures, which allow you to make your financial assets safe.


A transaction in a few clicks is what the entire world community is striving for. Modern online casinos should not be in arrears of the common trends. It is important that the integrated payment platform is as simple and convenient as possible for the average user. It should not cause any difficulties when gamblers perform basic operations.


Many users want to remain anonymous, and software developers must take this aspect into account. However, it is necessary to remember about the features of tax jurisdictions, many of which require full identification of an individual in case of payouts of prizes. Therefore, the best approach will be to focus on a specific legal field.


The more currencies the casino supports, the higher is the number of active users on the resource. It would be logical to choose a large multicurrency system, rather than a separate narrowly specialised product.


The presence of world-famous brands in the arsenal of an online casino will only increase the level of trust of customers. Gambling commissions are also more willing to grant permits to those operators who have concluded agreements with the best payment systems.

Bonus Offers

These are additional features that increase loyalty to the virtual platform. It can be personalised debit cards, promotional codes and coupons with discounts for some purchases in online stores, and other special offers.

Commissions for Transfers in Payment Systems

The cost of the services of an intermediary is expressed in the form of commissions. They are attached to each particular operation and have two forms:

  1. A fixed sum of money, for example, 50 cents for each payment. This approach is common in the USA and Canada.
  2. Percentage of the size of a transaction. This method is used mostly in the European and Asian markets. The interest rate may change depending on the amount of transfer: the higher is the amount, the higher is the percentage.

The rate tariff consists of several basic elements:




The size of the commission, including:

Standard fee



Interbank exchange margin. It minimises the risks of the bank if the money came from the shadow market segment


The PS’s rate

A fee of the payment operator


Online casino percentage

Payment of the virtual resource, which serves users


For clarity, the standard size of the commission is used ― 3%. It can be divided into three main components that are listed in the table above.

All three indicators have “floating” rates, which vary depending on several external factors. The size of interchanges, for example, is affected by the tax jurisdiction in which payments are made. For Ukraine, it is 1.3―1.8% from one operation, and in the European Union, the indicator is reduced to 0.8%.

As for the Internet project segment, many operators prefer to charge interest only in case of the withdrawal of funds. This approach is fully justified since it allows players to earn money and owners of the gambling business to fatten the profits.

The interaction with large payment brands allows you to revise the size of commissions and reduce it. Companies provide packaged offers, which include the commission.

Replenishment and Withdrawal of Funds

Such operations should be as clear and simple as possible for the end consumer. The speed of transactions is important because it directly determines whether the gambler will return to your gaming site or not.

Actions of players can be divided into two main directions:

  • Replenishment of the account. The money transfer must be done instantly so that the client can immediately start playing cards, poker, and other casino games. At this stage, there will be either no commission at all or it will be at the lowest possible level.
  • Withdrawal of prize money. Since the transfer of funds is usually carried out on a bank card, this process takes more time. In this case, there is an increased percentage of deductions for the services of a PS and an online casino.


Visa payment system

This is one of the most popular solutions, which is successfully used all over the world. You can open a debit or a credit card at any banking institution, and it will be very convenient to transfer money that you will win to it. Most operators have this payment system in their arsenal, which once again confirms that VisaNet is extremely in-demand.

The company carefully monitors the legitimacy of all operations that pass through its communication channels. In order to replenish an account or withdraw money, it is necessary to pass the identification procedure. Users can be calm: all personal data is strictly protected and cannot be disclosed to third parties.


It is the oldest PS in the world, which appeared back in 1996. Nowadays, the system is implemented into virtual resources in more than 200 countries. The company issues debit, credit, and prepaid bank cards that perfectly interact with gaming sites.

The solution is distinguished by the speed of transactions, reliability, and a wide range of bonus features. As in the case of Visa, to withdraw funds, you need to confirm your identity. This process is quite simple and does not take much time. In return, users receive instant replenishment of the account and the absolute security of their personal information. Confirmation of a successful transaction comes to the applicant's e-mail address in the form of a receipt scan.


Maestro payment system

This is a pet project of MasterCard, which was created exclusively for e-commerce. The service provides debit cards that allow you to operate only with your own funds. The efficiency of payments, low commissions, and support for several currencies are the advantages that distinguish Maestro from other products.

WebMoney Transfer

The main emphasis is made on the Russian-speaking audience, and it is evidenced by the simplified integration with leading CIS banks. The system supports exchange transactions, and it has a loyal conversion rate.

To register with WebMoney, it is also necessary to pass through the identification procedure. Players can be sure that their data will be safe: it is protected with the help of modern 3D-Secure technology.

Taking into account all of the above-mentioned factors, we can say that WebMoney is the best payment system in the territory of the former Soviet Union. This fact is confirmed by the number of bonus offers that often appear in the company’s catalogue.


This is a popular service that works exclusively with Russian rubles. The system interacts well with most of the major domestic banks, which means almost instant transfers with a minimal commission. This PS also has a lot of useful settings and filters that allow you to manage your electronic wallet.

In addition to the online casino sphere, you can use this system to pay for products in all services with the “Yandex” prefix (taxis, restaurants, food delivery, airline reservations, and other features).


The application is associated with the famous Ilon Mask, although subsequently, a controlling share was bought out by another e-commerce giant, eBay. At the moment, the service is considered to be the best one among visitors to casinos, betting shops, and other gambling portals.

This PS guarantees complete confidentiality of the information and the efficiency of all transfers. A unique option is a money-back guarantee from many online stores and gaming services. Before you begin, you need to create a personal account in PayPal but this procedure will only take a few minutes.


It is one of the leaders among the international electronic payment systems, access to which has been opened in 2010 for the residents of Ukraine and Russia. The registration procedure involves the introduction of personal data, which is well-protected and cannot be used by a third party.

The service issues its own Net + debit card, which can be used to pay for purchases in online stores. The card can be perfectly integrated with other popular systems, for example, MasterCard.


A high-quality and well-thought-out PS is the element without which the operation of online casinos is impossible. Payment systems ensure the correct replenishment/withdrawal of funds, and it is responsible for the safety of users' personal data. It also serves as a reliable mechanism for paying taxes. The presence of a well-known PS in your casino means that the service can be trusted.

Experts recommend operators to install several payment systems at once or even better ― to buy software with the already integrated PS. It is exactly the kind of software that is offered by the Gaminator company. This is a modern and multifunctional solution, in the arsenal of which, there are the best payment modules. Customers will optimise financial expenses and significantly speed up the launch of a gambling project.

The Gaminator catalogue also contains other products for the gambling industry: a betting script, multi-level affiliate programs, and poker software.


From us, you can also order a turnkey online casino or the development of slot machines. Our clients get exciting games with original storylines and colourful design. Such slots will definitely attract new users and generate good income.

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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