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How Players Choose Online Casinos in 2022-2023: Practical Recommendations

How Players Choose Online Casinos in 2022-2023: Practical Recommendations

Updated 05/01/2023
What attracts customers?
What annoys gamblers in website design?
Wide range of games
Privacy protection
Bonus opportunities
Website design
The presence of psychedelic, too bright shades in the colour palette
The loss of balance between advertising and useful information
The lack of a clear structure of the site
What does the audience take into account when bidding?
The website must support both electronic wallets and standard bank cards
It is better to set the deposit size in the $15 — $200 range
Set limits only in case of restrictions from the financial guarantee of the company
It is undesirable to set large commission fees
What else do players pay attention to?
The presence of support
Good rating
Positive reviews

Players provide the profitability of the gambling industry. Therefore, their opinions and preferences must be taken into account, especially in the context of a global customer focus trend.

Online casino players

The Gaminator experts decided to figure out how players choose online casinos. We will talk about the tendencies and forecasts of analysts for 2022-2023, the main principles of selecting worthy websites and common mistakes of operators.

Searching for a Decent Online Casino: What Are the Customers Guided by

To understand why players choose one or another online casino, you need to consider a few basic differences that are typical for various virtual resources.

Wide Range of Games

Most experts agree that the variety of game content plays a key role in searching for the best gambling platform. The parameters for evaluating different sites are shown in this table.



Number of slots

500 and more


Action, history, culture, holidays, classics, products based on famous comics and films


Poker, baccarat, roulette, dice, lotto, card games, slots, and others

Types of entertainment

The decent online platform should have both free video slots and real money games

Additional options

Live-casino, broadcast of popular tournaments

Technical aspects

Demanded products must be characterized by sufficient volatility and dispersion, as well as by a high level of RTP

An extensive assortment is an essential condition for all projects in the online gambling and betting fields. For example, a good bookmaker should propose not only sports wagering but also profitable betting lines on political, economic, and cultural events of world significance.

Privacy Protection

Given the globalization and reorientation towards e-commerce, more and more active Internet users want to remain incognito. The gambling industry must ensure this right, especially if it does not contradict the laws of particular tax jurisdiction.


The presence of the appropriate permission can be checked by players easily. Most lists of licensees are in the public domain today.

As for illegal online business, it is trusted only by a relatively low percentage of users. This is a critical factor for anyone who prefers real money gambling.

Information about the received permission must be presented on the main page of the site, as many legal jurisdictions require. This approach will help customers find out that they are dealing with an absolutely legal online business.

Bonus Opportunities

Modern platforms offer many bonuses aimed to increase traffic:

  • Prizes for registration and attracting new customers;
  • Bonuses for activity;
  • Free spins;
  • Cashback in case of an unsuccessful session;
  • Point accumulation programs and subsequent exchange for real money;
  • Commission fee discounts;
  • Reload bonuses.

Some representatives of the gambling business have developed multi-stage VIP programs aimed at increasing customer loyalty and casino revenue.

Website Design 

The platform must maintain the overall style of the brand. It is pleasing to visit a well-thought-out website with a design developed by a professional team. Players appreciate user-friendly navigation. It allows them to find all the necessary information in a few clicks.

Experts highlight some annoying things associated with the design of websites:

  1. The presence of psychedelic, too bright shades in the colour palette. Players are emotionally tired of them.
  2. The loss of balance between advertising and useful information. Pop-up banners and videos during the session may cause indignation from users.
  3. The lack of a clear structure of the site, especially if there are some difficulties with a quick search for relevant data. Customers like when the game content is ordered in the appropriate sections, and financial information is displayed in a separate panel.

Real Money Gambling: What Things Are Worth Your Attention

How players choose an online casino: things worth the attention

The main criteria for choosing an online casino are closely interconnected with the financial aspects. The following points must be taken into account by the audience, especially when it comes to real money gambling.

  • Payment systems. Analysts recommend connecting several payment modules at once. This will allow users to have a choice. The selected tools must support both electronic wallets and standard bank cards. The cryptocurrency payment option looks stylish and innovative.
  • Deposit amount. Minimal and maximum sums must be provided in the available parameters. They have not to scare potential participants. On the contrary, such amounts should point at the high quality of the casino. It is better to set the deposit size in the $15 — $200 range.
  • Withdrawal limits. You should not limit the player when it comes to withdrawals, even when he or she will win a rather large prize. Most gambling experts adhere to this principle. They believe that it is advisable to set limits only in case of restrictions from the financial guarantee of the company.
  • Multicurrency. This is the support of all popular currencies and loyal conversion rates within the system.
  • Commission fees. Most companies cannot stop charging a commission fee since the bank and the payment system also participate in this process. Nevertheless, it is undesirable to set a large deduction sum. In this case, casino owners may scare off their potential audience.

Mobile Applications

The popularization of gadgets at the global level is forcing businesses to adapt to this trend. Therefore, any self-respecting casino should have a thoughtful mobile gambling application for fans of card games and other entertainments.

Such an app must be consistent with the desktop version of the platform. The solution should work on such operating systems as iOS and Android flawlessly. It is better when the design of the product completely repeats the concept of the original source. In this case, it will be easier to navigate the app for users. At the same time, all the active elements of the platform must be adapted to the smartphone screen scale.

Additional Criteria

Online casino selection criteria

Here are some other things worth considering:

  1. Customer support. Round-the-clock support, quick feedback, and competent answers can inspire great respect from customers.
  2. Ratings. Various reviews, top lists, and ratings always influence the opinion of clients positively.
  3. User feedback. Players like to familiarize yourself with the opinions of real people who share their own experiences after interacting with a particular resource. Thematic forums are very popular among users.


Gaminator will help you open your own business and get high gambling profits. We consider all the wishes and needs of the gamblers in detail in order to offer demanded and relevant products.

The purchase of a ready-to-launch solution, turnkey online casino, will become the best solution in this area. We propose a full-fledged platform that will reach self-sustainability in the first months of operation.

The Gaminator company is developing betting and poker software, and dynamic HTML5 games. Such video slots will look stylish on your site and provide a decent profit. Contact us to find out more!


Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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