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The Best Casino Software: a Complete List of Programs

The Best Casino Software: a Complete List of Programs

Updated 24/09/2021

The gambling industry is the most promising and profitable sector of the economy. Gambling has become the largest financial niche in the modern market, and its turnover is still growing. According to experts, in five years, the total revenue will increase by more than 80%. It is time to think about your own source of income and launch an online business. And the right casino software is a key to future success.

Online casino software

In this article, we will answer the most frequent questions asked by beginning entrepreneurs:

  • Why it is beneficial to own a gambling business?
  • What is online casino software?
  • What types of gambling programs exist?
  • Products of which suppliers are worth paying special attention to?

What is Virtual Casino Software?

Business software for online casinos is a key element of any gambling platform. Software products can be called the “foundation” of a gambling startup. Success and profitability of the entire company directly depend on their quality and functionality.

When choosing administrative and gambling software for a casino, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Convenient, intuitive user interface.
  2. Vivid and catchy visual design.
  3. Wide range of payment services.
  4. Large selection of the game content with an ability to regularly update and expand the product range.
  5. The presence of a built-in bonus system.
  6. Reliable security and protection of personal data systems.

Online Gambling: About the Current Situation on the Market

Casino games became extremely popular due to the following features:

Reasons for the rapid growth of virtual gambling

Success factors

Brief description


Today, to launch your favourite game, it is enough to have a personal gadget with a connection to the Internet. At the same time, virtual platforms, unlike land-based locations, can serve users in the round-the-clock mode, and there is no such a concept as “schedule of work”


If before visiting an offline casino, you will find a multi-level identification system up to fingerprint verification, then to register in the online gambling system, it is enough to spend just a couple of minutes indicating the e-mail address and creating a unique login. There is also such an option as identification via social networks pages

Data protection

In land-based gambling establishments, all security systems are monitored by staff members. The constant advantage of virtual casino software is the complete exclusion of the human factor.

All the received information is automatically encrypted and transmitted for storage to foreign servers with a multi-level security system. The limited scope of persons has access to data, and these people must identify themselves and provide weighty arguments to use the stored files

Free gaming

No land-based location can offer its customers such a service. When players visit the virtual service, they can use the demo version of the content as training material and be absolutely sure that their funds are safe

Product range

Any offline casino has area limitations, while not even the largest network services can offer over fifty types of entertainment, including:

  • board games

  • card games

  • slot machines

  • live transactions

  • lottery draws, and much more

Loyalty program

Casino software vendors offer the widest range of built-in bonus systems. For example, prizes for almost any active actions on the service.

Among the most popular and attractive options, we can name the following:

  • payment for clicking on a referral link

  • a prize for the registration on the casino website

  • transfer for participation in certain games or tournaments

  • a bonus for the first deposit, etc.


As a rule, in land-based casinos, payments are accepted in one or two currencies, while virtual establishments can accept transfers in any currency of the world.

On the web portals, the appropriate software is provided, which makes it possible to use the most popular electronic services

Modern gambling business can be most clearly characterised by the following indicators:

  1. Growth of the industry in 2019 — three billion nine million euros.
  2. The segment of the white market by 2024 may increase up to 90%.
  3. More than 52% of the global market’s income falls upon European countries.
  4. Coverage of the mobile market in 2019 — more than 60% of the global income.
  5. The growth-share of the mobile sector is 17.3% annually.

The Most In-Demand Formats of Gambling Platforms

How to choose online casino software

The online casino software is not only game content and payment services. The set of software components depends on the type of startup and the form of a project. Before choosing the best casino software, it is worth studying in detail the basic classification of gambling services presented on the modern market:

Classic Online Websites

A traditional online business can be of two types:

  1. A browser resource. The most popular format that offers access to the content directly on the browser page. To start playing, you do not need to download and install additional services: all the necessary control components are located in the game window. Interaction with browser platforms allows gamblers to play several games simultaneously.
  2. A downloadable casino. This platform is installed on the user's device and offers a wide range of games and settings. Experts also note the increased level of security and data protection during the use of downloadable products.

Operation in the Mobile Format

As we have already mentioned above, this market gathers about 60% of the global traffic. Mass development of mobile gambling services has become the new trend of 2020-2021. Today, the presence of a mobile version or a downloadable application is a mandatory attribute that guarantees operators a significant increase in attendance and an ability to increase the profitability of the business severalfold.

The world’s leading software vendors were among the first to do justice to the advantages and prospects of the new niche. The aim of the main developments is to produce content for mobile platforms. And only after the official release, the content is adapted to traditional online projects.

Among the reasons for the rapid growth of the sector, we can name a switch to a new programming language — HTML5.

The advantages of this format are:

  1. Cross-platform (software can be launched on platforms of any format and is supported by Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems).
  2. Scalability of the image (the image is displayed without the loss of quality, regardless of the screen settings).
  3. The minimum load on the RAM of the device.
  4. Sparing effect on the power level of mobile gadgets.
  5. Display on the browser page without the need to download additional software.
  6. Open-source (products that are presented on the market are available for subsequent updates).
  7. Minimisation of the development costs (the use of a new language has significantly reduced the expenses for the content production).

A Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casino software

Another promising operation mode is a gambling establishment that supports cryptocurrency. By the end of the last year, the market’s turnover has reached one billion two million dollars. According to experts, every second Internet platform in the world will be able to accept virtual money by 2023.

The widespread appreciation of gambling services that work with cryptocurrency can be explained by the following features:

Advantages of using bitcoins in casinos

Evaluation criteria

Brief description


To make a transfer, to indicate the size of the transaction and a wallet number will be sufficient, and no one will ever be able to track you

Complete protection

The transaction speed (no matter how much time and money was spent) is just several minutes. To interrupt or return the transfer will be completely impossible

The lack of necessity to pay commissions

Intermediaries are not involved in the process of transferring virtual currency, so there is no one to pay commissions to


Bitcoins are not under control of any existing government or country and are not controlled by any financial agency

A Blockchain Gambling Club

This kind of startup is based on is unique solutions, which, in turn, are based on decentralisation technologies. In fact, a virtual casino is a chain of data units that store information on financial transactions.

Any online user can study this data. However, the data is not subject to adjustment or other impacts from the third parties. Once created, the information block remains unchanged forever, which guarantees absolute transparency of actions of all gamblers.

The use of cryptocurrency and decentralisation technologies opens up the following opportunities for operators:

  • A project with one game. A gambling establishment can be a platform with only one game, while the main element of content is directly the bitcoin currency or a system for the completion of information blocks. Thus, gamblers may transfer money (their bets) to the specified address within a certain time period. After the round is finished, the pool goes to the user whose transfer is in the middle of the chain.
  • A startup without a permit. We would like to remind you once more that the virtual currency is not under control of any of the existing countries. Accordingly, to accept payments in bitcoins, special enabling documentation and the participation of intermediaries in financial transactions are not required.
  • An unblemished reputation. The type of platform structure guarantees absolute transparency of all internal processes. The casino, which provides everyone interested with the open access to financial information, is subconsciously perceived by users as the most reliable and responsible platform that takes care of its reputation.
  • Quick access to the global gambling market. To develop your own project, you can use the already existing and proven services. Thus, Gaminator specialists can help you to create a bitcoin casino. Also, any user can test their own strengths and create a project from scratch, using third-party services (an interesting option is the Ethereum platform). Moreover, to make a decentralised app, unlike mobile services, you will need to wait for just a few weeks, and the competition is much weaker.


The Main Types of Software Elements

Licensed online casino software

On the online platform, some of the third-party components can also be presented.

Please find hereby the most in-demand types of software:

  • Customer service, which is aimed at the retention of clients. A vivid example — solutions that are designed to generate notifications about promotions and perform newsletters.
  • “Assistants” from third-party suppliers. These are products that exercise only functions of familiarisation and support. Usually, this category includes various calculators, game strategies, statistical services, and supposedly winning methods.
  • Affiliate products — a set of systems that helps to expand the website’s audience through advertising campaigns on the resources of partners.
  • Software for hacking. It is important to remember that the development and acquisition of such products are illegal actions. Having decided on purchasing this software, gamblers risk being sanctioned by the authorised body, muddling money, and being blacklisted by the casino or even a whole network of casinos.

Administrative and Statistical Services

A gambling location with the legal software must contain not only a package of gambling programs but also an assortment of statistical components that allow you to find out about the needs of your clients and make your project as efficient and profitable as possible.

Built-in analytical systems help to optimise all internal processes and develop the most successful and promising work strategy. Usually, is a standard set of components that are purchased together with the gambling platform.

If the range of offers does not suit you, you will always be able to contact the Gaminator team and order an advanced toolbox.


Acquisition of additional components for a statistical review provides operators with several benefits:

  • simple and quick installation (the interaction with platforms of any format is possible);
  • an extended set of individual options;
  • high speed of data collection and its processing;
  • possibility for a full review of the current situation with the business;
  • no overloads and negative impact on the technical features;
  • an ability to create report forms for specific periods;
  • analysis of the behaviour of those gamblers who did not pass or did not complete the registration procedure;
  • control over the signs of deviant behaviour;
  • possibility for blocking personal accounts of unfair players;
  • availability of bucking options (report of certain categories and parameters).

Financial Service From Gaminator

Please find hereby software that is equipped with the Finstrum built-in payment service and has all the necessary certificates.

If you connect our financial system, you will get:

  • regular updates of the easily installed system;
  • legal operation;
  • technical and legal support of the service;
  • round-the-clock and prompt customer support;
  • ability to use the most in-demand systems in one set (Visa/MasterCard, Qiwi, WebMoney, Wallet One, and RBK Card systems);
  • a guarantee of the full payback of a financial instrument within two-three months from the moment of launch.

Slot Games: Operating Peculiarities and Classification

Gaming software: slots for online casinos

It is essential that you pay sufficient attention to the game content, which is included in the list of key elements of any gambling service. All modern casino games are based on the RNG — a multi-structure code program developed with the use of MD5 algorithms.

Usually, to develop gambling software, two main systems are used:

  1. The algorithm of pseudoscientific numbers (these are commands installed by programmers for calculating each subsequent position of the digital chain, regardless of external factors).
  2. Hardware systems (they deal with the production of numerical sets on the basis of a random starting point).

Today, there are several categories of gambling products.

Classic Slots

They are the descendants of famous land-based “one-armed bandits”. Their analogues are fruit-themed and three-reeled slots, as well as games with one payline.

Multi-Reeled Models

There are three types of them, which are extremely in-demand:

  • Five reels. A recognisable product line, which elicited the greatest response from gamblers thanks to a large selection of built-in bonuses, special symbols, additional rounds, and free spins. Besides, such games have from fifty to one hundred paylines.
  • Seven reels. It is not a very popular format that has a limited number of prize chains — no more than ten. The advantage of this system is loyal conditions for players for claiming their prizes.
  • Nine reels. A relatively recent development, which attracts with the system of independent rotation of each active element. In this case, winning combinations can be made in any direction: horizontally, diagonally or vertically.

3D Slots

All the above-mentioned formats can be found in this category. The main emphasis here lays on visual design. The developers are focused on how the game looks and are trying to make the game session as atmospheric and realistic as possible.

Amusement With Prizes

This creative variation of old land-based slot machines came from the old bars of Britain. Its “ancestor” looked like a massive unit without the protective glass. Anyone could “hold” or “push” the necessary symbol simply by touching the reel.

The online version has the same feature. These slots are equipped with additional buttons that allow you to influence the course of the game and form symbols into the most advantageous combinations.


A series of these products are available only on Rival platforms and has interesting additions to the main plot. When certain combinations appear on the screen, gamblers are offered several parallel options for the development of the action. The size of payments can be affected by the long arm of coincidence and by the user's personal skills as well.

Classification of Slots by the Type of a Jackpot

There may be several kinds of prizes:

  1. An individual prize (the sum is accumulated from the percentage of the “burnt” bets on a particular slot machine).
  2. A fixed prize (the sum is set by casino owners).
  3. The accumulative system (it combines several slots and the size of the reward increases as the number of “burned” deposits in all slot machines of the network increases).

Live Content

Games with live dealers are a unique format, which helps operators to interact with players. This format has not only a creative technical structure but also an extended array of individual settings. Exceptions are bonuses and additional rounds. Also, most live solutions do not provide free game sessions.

Live games are broadcasted from the closed rooms with a special design, which fully recaptures the atmosphere of real casinos. Cameras and related devices provide a panoramic view, and a few additional windows are shown on the game screen atop the main background (a section with bets, the coefficient table, and the virtual analogue of markings of the layout).

Software for poker software and board and card games in this format has become extremely in-demand, and here is why:

  • Interaction with professional croupiers. Such work can be entrusted only to real professionals. All dealers are very attractive girls.
  • A wide range of games: poker, baccarat, craps, blackjack, lottery, bingo, and much more.
  • Wide betting limits. Players get an opportunity to deposit from a few cents to hundreds of dollars per session. For example, in the VIP segment, the size of bets cannot be less than one hundred dollars.
  • Transparent gameplay. The dealer does not play against a specific user since an unlimited number of gamblers can simultaneously play at the virtual table. The result of the game session depends only on the long arm of coincidence and skills of gamblers.

Top Five Software Vendors According to Gaminator

The best online casino software

We offer you a list of the most successful software vendors that can satisfy the requirements of the most sophisticated gamblers:


The Dutch brand has presented about one hundred exclusive developments, among which it is worth distinguishing a series of the fantasy-themed content, as well as the number of board and card games.

The assortment has a wide selection of live products from the company’s own recording studio, software for organising tournaments, and much more.


This brand is a pioneer in the virtual gambling industry. Having created the very concept of “online casino”, the provider offered more than eight hundred fifty options for the game content. Each product supports an interface in twenty-four languages, covers a huge audience, and is distinguished by unique game mechanics.

The supplier is mostly focused on its branded product line, which is based on the plots of cult western blockbusters.


The Swedish developer is popular with operators of both virtual and land-based sectors. Today, the brand is rightfully considered as the largest provider of unique game simulations and the 3D content. A separate sphere of action of the company is the production of mobile solutions.

As additional services, the provider offers hosting, training programs for casino staff, and push and pull strategies for gambling projects.


The supplier’s target audience is people from CIS countries. At the moment, the brand's portfolio includes about seventy solutions, the aim of which is to cover various spheres of the online gambling industry.


Initially, the company has been specialising in the provision of land-based platforms. With the development of the virtual market, the supplier has grown rapidly, and today, it is rightfully considered one of the leading creators of gambling trends.

The brand has a network of its own studios for recording live broadcasts. The main emphasis is laid on the continuous improvement and modernisation of offers.

The results of the work of one of the best teams of programmers in the world are projects with the impeccable graphics quality, adaptability to any operating systems, and unique bonus programs.

About the Acquisition of the Gambling Software

Everything is more or less clear with the nuances and features of the administrative and gambling software for the casino. Now, it is time to choose the most practical and convenient way to purchase gambling products. It is possible to launch a personal project in the following ways:

Development From Scratch

This option is a great chance to become the owner of an exclusive project with a unique set of built-in solutions and an unusual design. The disadvantage of this choice is a significant material investment and time expenditures.

As a rule, the project costs several hundred thousand dollars. As for the required time, product development can take from six months to several years.


This is a quick, economical but unfortunately unreasonable solution. Being tempted by interesting offers, operators risk not only muddling their money but also becoming the owners of a whole set of viruses that a personal device will receive.

Even in the case of buying the operable code, you will have to spend a lot of time and money on the adaptation of the system to current needs, legalisation of the project, development of the design, and promotion of your gambling establishment.


It is a very practical option for entrepreneurs with minimal experience or limited initial capital. According to the contract, you will have to rent a ready-made software package with the possibility of promoting the website under the label of a parent company.

The disadvantage of this method is the necessity to work with a standard project, dependence on the internal policy of the lease provider, and the need to pay a fee for using the software.

Development on a Turnkey Basis

How to create casino software: turnkey solution

This is the best answer to the question of how to create your own casino software and become the owner of an exclusive gambling startup. When ordering the turnkey development service, you get the opportunity to bring to life the most unusual and creative ideas.

We are ready to offer you the following services:

  1. Development of exclusive design and several sketches of the logo of a future company.
  2. Customisation of the gambling platform.
  3. Free regular updates of the system.
  4. Connection of the best game content from well-known providers.
  5. Organisation of technical support.
  6. Legal project management from the moment of preparation of documents, registration of the status of a legal entity, and the application processing to the resolution of disputes that may arise during the operation of the casino.
  7. Provision of multi-level security.
  8. Connection of reliable financial services.
  9. Development of exclusive loyalty programs and thematic events.

The Gaminator team also offers:

  • development of mobile applications;
  • connection of bitcoin wallets;
  • integrated promotional marketing;
  • connection of relevant affiliate services;
  • integration of the gambling software on existing platforms;
  • development of exclusive game content in HTML5 format.

In Conclusion

The “right” software for a virtual casino is the most important factor for the success of a gambling website. Quality and functionality of software components have a direct impact on the reputation and profitability of a project.

The modern range of software components can make even an experienced entrepreneur confused. We strongly recommend you to turn to subject matter experts.

Order service

Some useful tips for choosing the game content:

  • Certificate of quality. Large manufacturers test their products in independent laboratories. The presence of an appropriate conclusion is the key to the highest quality of the product and confirmation of the unblemished reputation of the brand.
  • Adaptability of the product. As we have already mentioned above, the biggest part of traffic falls upon the mobile sector. The content you buy should work smoothly and be displayed qualitatively, regardless of the type of device or operating system used by players.
  • Multicurrency. The more payment services are available to users, the wider is the audience.
  • Feedback. The feedback of partners who have already bought the software and the opinion of players themselves are very important. The more positive comments and characteristics you get, the more loyal your potential customers are to the gambling location.

There is always an opportunity to try to contact suppliers yourself and discuss the optimal cooperation conditions but this approach is not recommended for the beginning entrepreneurs. As a rule, major companies prefer not to cooperate with no-name brands, and the percentage of commissions may be sky-high.

Leave an application to our managers, and we will not only show you how to choose the best casino software but also provide a whole range of ready-made solutions that can significantly reduce both financial expenses and time expenditures.

Gaminator is your trustworthy assistant, and our specialists can bring to life the boldest dreams!


Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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