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Reliable Hosting for Online Casinos: The Best Offers in 2024

Reliable Hosting for Online Casinos: The Best Offers in 2024

Updated 26/12/2023

Online casino hosting is the basis of any gaming platform. The uninterrupted operation of the project and the amount of processed data depend on its quality. The main thing is to choose a reliable solution from a time-tested supplier.

The Gaminator team will help you understand what things you should pay attention to when making a purchase. Besides, we will acquaint you with the most important functions of a VPS for the gambling business. You can connect hosting for casinos from us in just two clicks. Just leave a request to our managers and describe your wishes in detail.


The Essence of Casino Hosting

Hosting for online casinos

The casino Internet server is a remote technical base for ensuring the operability of a gambling start-up.

Physical equipment is located in a foreign offshore zone. Customers are provided with a virtual environment for conducting business. Moreover, several independent projects can be located on one machine at once. This is a convenient way to provide services without having to open a land-based representative office.

Our customers can order reliable online casino hosting in the following jurisdictions:

  • Isle of Man
  • Malta;
  • Antilles;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Antigua and Barbuda;
  • Costa Rica;
  • Curacao.

Contact Gaminator managers to learn more about the advantages of offshore companies, the cost of gaming licenses, and the nuances of obtaining a permit to conduct gambling activities.

The Advantages of Stable Hosting for Casinos

Online casino servers from Gaminator are characterised by the following benefits:

  1. Round-the-clock support. We guarantee the prompt elimination of technical failures and 24/7maintenance.
  2. Instant response. Our servers for casinos are hosted on cutting-edge equipment that provides an instant response to external requests.
  3. Stability. The performance of the system is maintained at a high level, regardless of its workload.
  4. Throughput. Our server for online casinos is adapted for high-traffic websites. The product can process vast volumes of information in a short time, providing an instant response for several thousand users simultaneously.
  5. Official work. We offer reliable online casino hosting with the appropriate license and certificates. You can use our platforms within the framework of the law.
  6. Safety. Our VPSs for gambling projects are protected by advanced security systems (including Firewall) that can block unauthorised access to your resource.

How to Choose and Connect Hosting for Online Establishments

Connecting hosting for online casinos

When choosing a server for an online casino, operators should pay attention to several factors. For example, there are two types of hosting — managed and unmanaged. In the first variant, all technical aspects and monitoring of equipment operation is the responsibility of the service provider.

If we are talking about an unmanaged product, hosting for online casinos is provided only with the basic root access processing option. All internal settings, as well as software and content integration processes, are carried out by the buyer. He or she also should protect information and maintain the correct functioning of the entire system.

Stable hosting for online casinos must meet the following criteria:

  • permission to support niche online portals for organising real money games;
  • high-speed processing of streaming data;
  • reliable and uninterrupted operation with low downtime indicators (good hosting for a casino website can maintain performance at least at 99.95% level);
  • regular updating of security systems;
  • interaction with the latest versions of PHP;
  • well-thought-out interface and convenient control systems;
  • an extensive selection of business expanding tools (backup programs and components);
  • technical support.

VPS for Gambling Projects: The Main Types and Differences between Them

Virtual private hosting for a casino is a real server emulator with the highest privileges.

Characteristics of the System

  1. Physical equipment supports several independent platforms for Internet resources.
  2. Virtual servers operate independently.
  3. The owner of the online business receives personal root access and the opportunity to customise servers to his or her own needs.
  4. VPS hosting for online casinos duplicates the resources of physical equipment (processors, RAM, data, network).
  5. A private server has better performance than virtual hosting.

To choose a stable hosting for your casino, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:


Key indicators of performance and capacity of the system are as follows:

  1. Redundancy. This is a set of services and tools for data backup (diesel generators and UPS are used in case of a power outage; alternative communication channels, redundant physical devices, etc.).
  2. Scalability. This criterion will allow you to evaluate the ability of the equipment to cope with a sharp load increase.

Physical Equipment Parameters

Since stable hosting for online casinos duplicates the configuration of the "parent" system, it is worth considering the following characteristics when making a purchase: processor power, RAM, disk memory, physical parameters of the equipment.


The optimal server performance is 99.95%. Moreover, the system must have protection against unauthorised entry.

Operating System

As a rule, hosting for casinos is adapted to interact with two global platforms: Linux and Windows. The second variant will cost more, but it will provide access to a broader range of options. Besides, it can support a lot of unique applications that are not available on Linux.

IP Addresses

The presence of additional identifiers is relevant in such cases:

  • a gambling platform requires the installation of an SSL certificate;
  • individual address (if this service is not available, all web resources running on the same server receive its IP address);
  • identifiers for different channels (unique values ​​for the website, mobile application, thematic blog, online broadcasts, etc.);
  • addresses for internal systems (game catalogue, reporting documents, information for marketers, verification systems, players database, etc.);
  • IP for websites with separate domains for different language interfaces.

Server for an Online Casino: Order the Service from Gaminator

Server for an online casino

Our team has prepared a list of the best foreign providers that guarantee the smooth operation of casino websites.

Top 5 hosting offers for gambling projects

The name of the service

Short description


The physical equipment of the brand is located in the United States, India, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

Consider the benefits of the purchase:

  • a free trial period for each new client;
  • regular backup (automatic daily option);
  • unlimited subdomains and e-mail addresses


Servers for casinos are characterised by the following benefits:

  • legal hosting of gambling websites, taking into account international regulations;
  • the maximum level of security;
  • stable connection regardless of user traffic volumes;
  • round-the-clock technical support


The physical equipment of this Ukrainian product is located in Germany, the Netherlands, and Ukraine. The decision to connect this hosting for casinos is suitable for novice operators and enterprises with high user traffic.

The system has more than six thousand active projects today. The first five days of operation are free

Inferno Solutions

The brand is registered in the UK. Its physical equipment is located in the Netherlands. Virtual hosting for casinos is provided to operators from more than ten countries


This system was recommended by WordPress. Its list of advantages includes:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • convenient functionality with a wide range of personal settings;
  • loyalty to the supplied content (the company's servers are available to any gambling projects including adult websites)


Reliable VPS for gambling is the key to the stable operation of the entire project. The smooth functioning of the website and the possibility to process maximum information flows depend on the quality of this service.

  • Hosting for casinos is a virtual emulator of a physical server providing an instant response to any actions and guaranteeing protection of the project's internal systems from unauthorised entry.
  • The presence of hosting is an excellent opportunity to conduct business without the need to open a land-based representative office.
  • To choose a reliable gambling server, users need to pay attention to the performance, throughput, legality, and technical parameters of physical equipment.
  • The Gaminator catalogue contains time-tested and reliable suppliers that will help you to organise real money games on legal grounds.

You can connect hosting for casinos at any convenient time. Just contact Gaminator managers. Moreover, we propose diversified gaming content to our customers. Our catalogue includes solutions for traditional slot machine websites, mobile services, social and Bitcoin casinos, live streaming platforms, and sweepstakes.

We offer you to buy the best solutions from leading suppliers or create an exclusive project according to your sketches.

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