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How to Buy Novomatic Casinos in Turkey: Useful Wagering Guide

How to Buy Novomatic Casinos in Turkey: Useful Wagering Guide

Updated 06/06/2022

Every newly minted entrepreneur understands a need for high-quality tools for business development. This includes both upper-scale software and marketing services, reliable payment systems, a variety of entertainment content, etc. The best step toward the creation of a profitmaking gambling portal is to find an experienced manufacturer in this field.

Specialists from Gaminator Casino help connect premium options from top providers. Our team has the Novomatic slot machines for sale as the most convenient gaming solution.


The company operates around the world but has gained immense popularity in Turkey. This country is a very religious and advanced state. It is bordered by strict restraints on iGaming and the great excitement of players, which provokes the growth of entrepreneurs’ interest.

Novomatic casino provider in Turkey

Learn more about the Novomatic corporation and how to get the perfect service to create a gambling site.

Quick Facts about the Upper-Scale Developer

Novomatic has existed for more than 40 years, constantly progressing and increasing turnover. At the moment, the enterprise is thriving and working hard to improve its products day by day.

The well-known brand has offices in 50 states and supplies quality titles in the field of gambling. The main markets where the supplier operates include the countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

Other gaming locations include Turkey and nearby countries, South Asia, Latin America and the United States. The scale of activity of the Turkish casino provider Novomatic is huge and in stable demand. It is worth considering the backgrounds of such a massive manufacturer.

Key Dates in the Company’s History

Novomatic Corporation works in more than 100 countries, although first, it used to be a small enterprise somewhere in Austria. For 40 years, the company's success in the wagering field has grown so much that the firm has become recognisable all over the world. And recently, for example, David Hasselhoff and other stars became the brand ambassadors.

The backgrounds of the Novomatic software provider in Turkey are quite exciting and diverse.

Let us review the key milestones in the history of the branded supplier:




The prominent company was founded by Professor Johann F. Graf in Austria. That year, the staff presented the first products — Admiral slot machines


A start-up gambling organisation began to expand across Europe, namely to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland


The creation and release of effective hardware for terrestrial slot machines


Foundation of the first holding company in Switzerland. Also, that year the firm started providing its services to South Africa


After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the enterprise started a more active operation, spreading to other European countries. Also, the firm opens the first gaming house in Montreux, Switzerland


That year, the Novomatic gaming provider established a new and massive casino location in Prague, Czech Republic


Expansion to 30 countries, including Botswana, Namibia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, and Norway


The firm presented a hardware platform for fruit machines of the latest generation and began developing the first multiplayer slots


Already a well-known producer improved the world of live games with new solutions of advanced technologies and also released multiplayer slots


Expansion of legal activity in South Africa (3 licences), Great Britain, as well as Peru and Colombia


The prosperous Novomatic supplier won the Big Player award for the most productive digital organisation. In addition, it set its record for annual turnover — 1 billion Euros


The beginning of legal and prospering work in the market of Spain, Portugal, Chile, Macau and the Philippines


After several years of successful presence in the Italian industry, the company produced the 10,000th-anniversary video lottery terminal. Novomatic also joins a responsible gambling program


The corporation signed a permanent contract with the Romanian State Lottery for the supply of branded sweepstakes solutions


The organisation took part in ICE Totally Gaming, the largest gambling show in London, Great Britain. Thanks to this, the firm established itself in a global audience and received many excellent reviews


The organisation celebrated its 40th anniversary and received a bookie licence in Germany

Ready-Made Novomatic Casino in Turkey: Modern Wagering

Novomatic turnkey software in Turkey

This is a unique and flexible supplier that knows how to adapt to a new market. The company has an innovative strength through its numerous developments for slots, live casinos, regular gaming rooms, and advanced titles for online entertainment. That is why it works in such a limited but big market like Turkey.

This is a religious and progressive state simultaneously, where traditions are mixed with the latest technologies. It concerns the architecture, IT, art, education, marketing, and gambling business in Turkey. The latest sphere is strictly regulated — since 2007, illegal wagering has been banned.

All that did not stop Novomatic — it constantly helps make money in the licensed wagering business. Furthermore, there is a large group of gaming and sports betting fans in towns such as Antalya, Istanbul, Gaziantep, and Konya.

Chief Characteristics of the Prominent Novomatic Producer

The quality and creative solutions are fascinating enough to blend in flawlessly with the Turkish culture.

Consider the main features of a superb manufacturer:

  • upper-scale technology in the gameplay and visualisation, which creates the perfect picture;
  • well-made slots with the latest generation developments;
  • a large collection of products for the live dealer, slot, mobile and browser games;
  • high rating among suppliers due to the solidness of service and developments;
  • a convenient user interface that pleases customers, as they can adjust the settings to suit interests;
  • Novomatic’s turnkey casino in Turkey to develop original content on the internal and external websites;
  • low amounts to start with to adjust to the betting business;
  • free versions of the best games for platform visitors to try out the products;
  • high-quality and timely helpline in any matter.

These aspects make up the portrait of a competent and well-organised enterprise. Novomatic enriches the European wagering retail by attracting both regional and international audiences.

Main Turkish Solutions of the Best Wagering Provider

The team of an outstanding vendor produces original and appealing goods. Applying for the branded installation, operators get a reliable base for the implementation of the most daring projects.

The success of the Novomatic casino provider in Turkey may be explained by the engagement in multiple areas of wagering. In addition, the firm is involved in creating solutions only within legal frameworks.

Let us take a look at the main titles in the Turkish and European markets:

Lottery games

Both young and mature audiences play sweepstakes, so this segment is highly developed by the state. The firm provides unique solutions for lotteries

Ground-based solutions

An outstanding producer is developing original options for terrestrial entrepreneurship. The supplier of casino software in Turkey works in such big towns as Izmir, delivering exclusively high-tech appliances, furnishings, and other tools

Live casino opportunities

The modern audience is still fond of conventional entertainment (poker, baccarat, bingo, or roulette) with croupiers.

The offer from Novomatic is tempting as it brings out all the good prospects of a live dealer casino. The corporation employs exclusively skilful staff with decent experience

Betting options

The administrators can also connect a program for cybersport wagering. The legal brand has received many licences in the betting area recently.

In Turkey, people enjoy placing bids on sports, and the firm’s specialists help organise a bookie platform

Vending facilities

The production of the Novomatic software for casinos in Turkey has been continuing since 2007. The organisation has gradually improved the equipment with innovations, exciting designs and bonus systems.

Admiral slots are a classic 5-reel solution with a dozen pay lines, delivered worldwide.

In addition, the firm offers an attractive jackpot system. These are variations on the big fruit machine wins. They include joker elements, advanced and network prizes

Online solutions

The studio works diligently to develop the right Novomatic casino software in Turkey. It features high performance, a high level of protection, as well as many promotion tools

The Turkish web industry is teeming with ready-made solutions from Novomatic. This is directly related to the quality and quantity of titles at the same time. They fit perfectly into the atmosphere of a cultural and highly developing country.

Turkey is said to be planning to become a member of the EU shortly. It is believed that far more interesting proposals will appear soon, bringing the gaming industry to a new level.

Primary Novomatic Goals in the Wagering Market

The corporation has been operating for over 40 years and continues to expand throughout the Eurasian continent. During this time, Novomatic has gained vast experience in the field of iGaming and user service.

The firm pursues important goals including:

  1. Responsible wagering. Novomatic works primarily to follow the policy of accountable gambling. It cares about the audience, dealing with player safety and wagering addiction prevention.
  2. Effective marketing. In addition to the premium Turkish turnkey casino platform, the client receives a huge catalogue of settings and utilities for promoting gaming portals.
  3. Data security and privacy. The company respects its customers and assures 100% safety.
  4. Compliance with international licences. Novomatic production is well-known in diverse parts of the world, from the Indonesian Peninsula to Iceland. The enterprise is certified in numerous institutions.
  5. 24/7 useful customer service. Novomatic is aimed at helping and inspiring platform users. Around 20 thousand office employees worldwide serve at the highest level.

The Main Things about the Experienced Wagering Producer

Novomatic slots in Turkey: games for sale

Novomatic is undoubtedly the most honoured representative of the industry in the country. More and more investors decide to put money in the ground businesses, and operators and players are interested in various web titles. Since 1980, the enterprise has reached considerable heights and is rapidly developing the Turkish market.

There are such characteristics of the organisation:

  • 50+ representative offices and trade relations with 100+ markets in Europe, Africa, and America;
  • high-tech solutions for both web and ground-based gambling activities;
  • more than 2,000 locations around the world, as well as 212,000 slots;
  • Novomatic’s Turkish casino software with contemporary technologies and a user-friendly interface;
  • bundle of effective advertising functions to promote the wagering portal;
  • a huge catalogue of entertainment products for regular and digital casinos;
  • an attractive bonus system and jackpot solutions;
  • responsible wagering to prevent user addiction.
We suggest contacting our specialist to start the online casino in Turkey by Novomatic. Gaminator provides connecting profitable titles from the global vendor.

Explore the branded supplier with our studio, we assure professional assistance and an individual approach. Start your business now!

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Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
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