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How to Open a Bitcoin Casino: Five Easy Steps to Success

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino: Five Easy Steps to Success

Updated 22/09/2021

Probably, only the lazy one has not heard about cryptocurrency today. At some point, digital money became so popular that the terms “bitcoin” and “blockchain” were at the top of Google’s leading queries.

Bitcoin casinos as a significant part of online gambling

There is an opinion among the people that this currency was specifically created for the entertainment of the online platforms. Its capabilities and qualities are perfect for launching gambling projects of any scale.

What You Need to Know About the Bitcoin: A Brief Overview of History

Information about e-currency first has appeared in 2008. Its creator is Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto. It is noteworthy that there is practically no public data about him. An expressive analogy can be noticed between the name of the currency and its mysterious author: digital money is based on an encrypted coding system (cryptography), and the facts about the founder are securely hidden.

Technology has totally fulfilled the aspirations placed in it and marked the beginning of a real revolution in the world system. Bitcoin literally blew up the financial market. Being formed and stored in the World Wide Web in the form of a blockchain (a chain of encrypted codes), the cryptocurrency has properties that are not available to any of the currently existing banknotes or payment systems.

Gaminator specialists have collected comprehensive information about virtual currency. The advantages of the system, especially the use of bitcoin in the gambling industry, CMS for the cryptocurrency, etc., about these issues we will speak further in the article.

Why Bitcoin? Advantages of Cryptocurrency

The main merits of digital money:

  • Anonymity and complete confidentiality. The world of modern technology has not created a tool that allows you to get information about the owner of a bitcoin wallet. No one has the opportunity to know the name, surname and other personal data of the system user. To make financial transactions, you only need a wallet number and a secret code. No registrations on sites that provide services on the Network.
  • Decentralization and the absence of intermediaries. Any modern transaction requires the participation of a third party — the Bank. This does not apply to bitcoin, all currency manipulations are performed, avoiding both financial regulators and all existing payment services.
  • Perfect protection against the inflation processes. It is an innovative currency with no real issue. Being constantly in a virtual state, bitcoin simply cannot depreciate (in contrast to any paper money).
  • International spread. Bitcoin can be used for transactions anywhere in the world. Digital technologies have completely removed state borders.
  • High transaction speed. If banking operations require from an hour to several days, the e-currency is credited to the wallet in just a few minutes.
  • Full tax independence. The user is not obliged to report for the amount on his account to any of the existing supervisory or executive bodies.

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino

Step 1: Market Analysis

Advantages of cryptocurrency are very suitable for gambling activity. The number of gambling platforms supporting bitcoin payments is increasing every year in the modern gambling market.

However, without a preliminary study of the segment and the development of a step-by-step business strategy, even the most promising project can bring significant losses. The first rule of a successful launch is to always be up to date with the latest news and changes.

Some Statistics

Despite the huge number of obvious advantages, the opinion of analysts was divided: now it is quite often possible to meet shouting headlines that “bitcoin lives the last days”. For example, according to Juniper Research, the daily volume of transactions fell significantly. At the end of 2017, the figures for 360,000 transactions were published, and in September 2018 the mark fell to 230,000. The total amount of operations decreased from $3.7 billion to $670 million for the same time period.

However, over the past three years, there has been a rapid growth in the popularity of bitcoin casinos. To date, the percentage of gambling sites with the cryptocurrency support function has increased by 40%. And these figures continue to grow. The undisputed leader in the field is the United States. Here bitcoin has been recognized as the currency of the future for a long time — it is used not only for payments in the entertainment industry but also in many segments of everyday life. In America, just a huge number of special exchanges and ATMs, and in some areas the electronic currency successfully competes with the classic currency and accepted without exchangers.

According to statistics, the median age of users of bitcoin wallets is 32–35 years (more than 40% of the total number of gambling locations visitors). As a rule, this is a male audience with incomes above the average.

Effective Business Strategy

Bitcoin casinos can be divided into two main types: locations that use bitcoin software on a par with other payment systems, and platforms that accept payments only in cryptocurrency.

Gaminator specialists are ready to develop a step-by-step business plan for the launch and development of bitcoin casinos of any format. You can always ask for a piece of advice or order a turnkey project implementation service.

Order service

Step 2: Select the Direction of Launching a Start-up

There are four main ways to open a bitcoin casino:

Gambling platform from the ground up

The most expensive and energy-intensive option, including items such as independent market research, website development, software purchase, resource promotion. If you have no experience in the gambling business, the chances of success of the project are quite small. And, as a rule, the final result is much more expensive than buying the ready-made product from the contractor.

White Label program

A practical and less costly alternative to starting from scratch. In fact, the entrepreneur is able to buy a ready-made site, which can only be issued in accordance with his own desires and preferences.

The drawback of this program — dependence on the corporate parent. The operator must strictly follow the terms of the agreement without the ability to adjust the set of products or personally control the percentage of return. Also, do not forget about the monthly payments for the use of solutions provided by the casino owner.

Bitcoin casino script

Bitcoin casino script as the cheapest option to start a gambling business

This is a quite simple and very popular option, but not the most effective. Buying a script, the operator receives a code that still needs to be finished off. Be ready for the process of software integration and ordering the site.

The only benefit — this is the cheapest option (although the cost of adapting the code overlaps even this dubious advantage).

Bitcoin casino turnkey

Turning to the contractor, the entrepreneur receives an exclusive product, ready for profit. For example, Gaminator is ready to provide comprehensive services for the development of a gambling project of any complexity. You can only voice the desired parameters of the future site. All subsequent actions are performed by qualified professionals with years of experience.

Order service

Ordering a turnkey bitcoin casino development service, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • Exclusive website design, looking much brighter and more attractive than a number of similar projects created by the template.
  • Licensed content. The range of the widest selection of solutions from the most famous providers.
  • Carefully structured CMS system that includes tools to control and manage all segments of the gambling site.
  • Integration of bitcoin software and connection of other payment systems (for example, you can order the service of connecting the electronic voucher system Finstrum).
  • Competent technical and legal support of the project.
  • Multi-layered data protection system.
  • Effective marketing tools for business development.

Step 3: Purchase of Software Solutions

It is impossible to open a bitcoin casino without high-quality gaming content. The library of Gaminator presents only the best products from the leading players of the gambling market:


A distinctive feature of the brand’s gaming solutions is that almost every product instantly gains worldwide popularity.

There is a huge range of fascinating storylines, perfect graphics decisions, reliability and high speed of system’s work among its advantages.


The company holds a leading position in the gambling market for more than two decades. “Amatic” specializes in providing software for both online platforms and land-based locations. Its portfolio includes a huge selection of video slots, table games and poker.


This brand cannot be ignored. One of the largest titans of the gambling industry offers not only gaming content but also ready-made platforms for the online establishment. The highlight of the company is a unique bonus system.

Additional advantage: PlayTech has its own studio for live broadcasts.


The company’s portfolio includes more than a thousand video slots, each of which gives a combination of simplicity, functionality, original story and good payouts. Special attention should be paid to the latest developments with the introduction of three-dimensional graphics elements.

Mega Jack

Having started its activity by providing offline locations, today the brand successfully competes with the global giants of the online market.

The popularity of slots is ensured not only by impeccable graphics and original plots but also by a set of unique user-defined functions. For example, the Double Half option allows you to use not the entire amount of the current deposit, but only half of it in the game for a chance.


Slots of this company have a special charm and colouring. The brand made an elegant and unusual step — it moved to the Network games that have become a constant classic in offline establishments. This manipulation made it possible to win the favour of two audiences at once: fans of land-based sites were able to play their favourite slots without leaving home, and customers of online sites discovered completely new stories and opportunities that were previously available only in real halls.

Gaminator company offers the best conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation. You can always buy slots or order rental software with the subsequent opportunity to choose the best option for your business.


Step 4: Project Promotion

It is not correct to say that marketing is only advertising. This area includes such aspects as the formation of a positive brand reputation, attracting the potential audience with bonuses, promotions and discount systems. Finally, the main goal of marketing is to increase the profitability of your establishment.

When it comes to creating an online casino from scratch, the project owner will have to plunge into the world of optimization principles, traffic attraction, etc. Turning to the company Gaminator, you shift all the work on the shoulders of qualified marketers and SEO-experts.

Our experts use only modern tools and the latest developments. With our assistant, you are guaranteed to get a positive result with minimal time and financial costs. Cooperation with Gaminator will be the best alternative to self-promotion of a start-up.

Step 5: Making a Profit

The launch of a bitcoin casino is much more profitable than the development of classic gambling platforms. The establishment that accepts bitcoin payments gives its owners and visitors the following advantages:

  • Privacy. If in an ordinary gambling establishment, the user will have to provide his passport details and account number, then in a bitcoin casino the registration procedure does not appear to exist. In order to replenish the game account or cash out money, it is enough to have a bitcoin wallet number and a secret password.
  • Money safety guarantee. As a rule, in case of suspicion of illegal activity, the establishment can block the user’s gaming account and all its funds are burned (become the property of the casino). In a bitcoin casino, this possibility is completely excluded. Only the owner has access to the funds.
  • Minimum rates. Cryptocurrency has no material representation and can be divided into parts. Consequently, the visitor can replenish the deposit in the amount of $ 0.0001 and make an unlimited number of bets.
  • No commission. The absence of intermediaries in the form of payment systems allows you to forget about such an aspect as fees.
  • Legislative independence. To provide gambling services to the owner of a bitcoin casino, there is no need to buy a license. Cryptocurrency cannot be subject to any blocking and control, acting absolutely independently.
  • Huge growth prospects. Bitcoin casino is a competitive area that allows a lot of opportunities for development and obtaining super profits. The main thing is to constantly improve the quality of services and implement effective tools to attract customers.

According to statistics, the online sphere accounts for about $47 billion of the total turnover of the gambling market (data at the end of 2017). About 40% of all existing platforms support bitcoin payments. It is easy to calculate that the income of establishments that accept cryptocurrency is more than $120 million.

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino with Gaminator Company

The introduction of cryptocurrency into the economy and the gaming industry is a completely new era in global business.

Gaminator company is ready to provide comprehensive services for the development and promotion of your establishment. We use only the best marketing tools and offer licensed software from leading producers. By contacting us, you are guaranteed to get a successful, profitable product with a full set of current software solutions and game content.


For the comprehensive piece of advice on the development of a bitcoin casino and ordering services, you can always contact:

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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