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How to Launch a Gaminator Casino in Hungary?

How to Launch a Gaminator Casino in Hungary?

Updated 28/02/2022

A fairly limited number of countries have legalised almost all types of gambling. Hungary is an ideal example of such a state. Various directions of the gaming industry are allowed here. Many entrepreneurs consider entering this market as an excellent springboard for the transition to the European business arena. Learn more about this prospective country.

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The Legislative Nuances of the Considered Market

Gaminator casino in Hungary: legislative nuances

The conditions for launching entertainment businesses in this country have not always been as favourable as they are today. The process of legitimising the modern gaming industry began back in 1991.

Until 2006, the gambling sphere was under complete government control. Foreign managers could not open Gaminator clubs in Hungary. Szerencsejáték and its subsidiary TippMix were monopolists in the considered market.

This situation did not satisfy investors from other countries who wanted to enter the Hungarian iGaming business. Therefore, they turned to the European Commission with a request to influence local authorities.

As a result, the legislation began to gradually change:

  • 2011 — the Hungarian market was opened to foreign suppliers;
  • 2012 — rules for licensing international projects were established;
  • 2013 — the government issued the first work permits;
  • 2015 — detailed norms of responsible gaming were formed and published.

The Gambling Supervision Department is the main regulatory body controlling the work of Gaminator casinos in Hungary. Its main tasks are as follows:

  1. Licensing of iGaming start-ups.
  2. Control over the operation of land-based and online enterprises.
  3. Imposition of sanctions and fines.
  4. Monitoring of the suppliers’ work and identification of violations.
  5. Blockage of unlicensed web resources and closure of illegal offline clubs.

The Benefits of the Hungarian Gambling Industry

According to local rulings, the following types of gaming are lawful:

  • card entertainments;
  • work of land-based and online Gaminator casinos in Hungary;
  • bets on sports, cultural, political, and other events;
  • lottery drawings;
  • gambling machines.

Why do entrepreneurs buy turnkey casinos in Hungary? Here are some advantages of this country:

A substantial number of internet users

About 80% of the population of this small European state (over 8 million people) are active web users.

More than 70% of citizens use mobile devices to access the network. These numbers are indicative of the prospect of launching Gaminator casinos in Hungary

The possibility of obtaining a licence

The Hungarian Gambling Commission evaluates candidates for receiving permits rather strictly. However, it issues several licences to foreign projects every year.

The availability of such a permission document will let you open a turnkey Gaminator casino in Hungary and successfully scale your business in the future

High profitability

The economic conditions of this state have been at a decent level for many years.

Entrepreneurs buy Gaminator gaming systems in Hungary to make good money and achieve financial stability

The Strengths of the Gaminator System

Gaminator gaming system: strengths

How to start an online casino in Hungary? First of all, to ensure the smooth operation of a gaming establishment, it is necessary to purchase a reliable gambling platform.

The Gaminator casino software is an ideal option for entrepreneurs who value reliability and high quality.

The considered provider appeared in the global gambling arena in 2013. The firm immediately became recognisable and respected all over the world. The brand is the winner of such influential prizes as the International Gaming Awards and GR B2B Awards.

In addition to the Gaminator casino games in Hungary, the system includes:

  • protection tools;
  • payment modules;
  • integration protocols, and other options.

The Gaminator casino software has an adaptive interface that can be easily customised to the needs of any project. The vendor cooperates with more than 20 world-renowned producers of entertainment content. The vendor's gambling portfolio includes over 600 different products.

The main advantages of the Gaminator casino games are as follows:

  1. Broad range of subjects and genres.
  2. Easy connection and integration.
  3. Vivid graphics and appropriate sound effects.
  4. Wide demand for the Gaminator gaming system in Hungary.
  5. Safe gambling environment.
  6. Convenient payment functions.

How to launch a Gaminator casino in Hungary? Just select the suitable version of the gaming system and leave a request on the official website of the brand.

The supplier offers several variations of the gaming platform for convenient operation on different devices. Managers can buy the Gaminator slots in Hungary for PCs, smartphones, self-service terminals, cash registers, and other gadgets.

The Main Thing about Starting Lucrative Casinos in Hungary

Turnkey casinos in Hungary from Gaminator experts

Since 2013, foreign investors have had a chance to approach the local market. It is marked by high profitability and significant audience interest in gaming activities.

The purchase of turnkey casinos in Hungary is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs planning to achieve financial success.

This business launch format will allow you to get:

  • high-quality gaming content from leading producers;
  • convenient protocols for integrating software components;
  • reliable protection systems based on innovative techniques;
  • customisable interface and cross-platform operation.
To buy the Gaminator slots in Hungary, contact our studio’s employees. They will help you choose the ideal gaming platform that will suit the characteristics of your future project.


Leave a request to learn more about the capabilities of our products and the prospects for entering the Hungarian industry.

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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