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How to Launch a Gambling Project in Europe in 2022-2023

How to Launch a Gambling Project in Europe in 2022-2023

Updated 05/01/2023

Europeans are gamblers, and the history of their countries only confirms it: already in the 13th century, casino games were played even in bars and hotels. Since then, there have been almost no changes: the gambling business is now legalised in 20 states, and sports betting is allowed in 4 more states, although it is impossible to open a casino there.

Even where there are prohibitions, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to start their own business, especially if they will consult with experienced lawyers or entrust the preparation and legalisation of documentation to reliable intermediaries.

Start a gambling project in Europe

Experts of the Gaminator studio offer you to find out how to create a gambling project in Europe in order to achieve success and get a stable profit from gambling.

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In Which Countries Gambling is Especially Popular?

Europe is varying: each country has its own traditions regarding gambling. Thus, residents of Italy, Poland, and Spain are considered to be the most gambling nations (according to the sociological poll of 2010).

And if not everyone is loyal to the casino, then, almost all the respondents enjoy buying lottery tickets (about 90%). Gambling is also very popular in France, the UK, and Germany.

The represented data is somewhat aged, and it could be called into question if it was not confirmed by the results of studies published in the New York Times (2018).

Italians still head the list of the most gambling Europeans. On average, one player spends on his pleasures a sum, the U.S. dollar equivalent of which is 517 dollars.

Analysing the results of surveys regarding gambling in Europe, sociologists were somewhat perplexed. A taste for casino games among the Italians and Spaniards is explained by their temperament, and the French, Germans, and British “can afford” having fun in casinos due to their high standard of living.

As for the Polacks, the reasons for their loyalty to this industry remain under wraps. The only logical assumption of sociologists is that the residents of poor Poland consider gambling as a potential source of the unearned income.

Before launching a gambling project in Europe, entrepreneurs need to study the mentality of the residents of the chosen state and find the right format for the future gaming site and the content.

Why is it Worth Launching Your Project in Europe?

In addition to the popularity of gambling in this part of the world, there are other arguments for entering the European market.

Advantages that businessmen get

Short commentary

Simplified taxation

Although the gambling legislation in different countries varies, the regulatory framework in the EU free trade zone is quite loyal.

If an entrepreneur is ready to carry on honest business, he will have no problems with taxation authorities

Reliable banks

The activity of European financial institutions is transparent and all transactions are protected. It is also possible to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency

Opportunity to develop effective marketing strategies

Operators of gambling project have a large selection of affiliate programs, which allows them to receive strong earnings from their casinos

A wide audience of online casinos

Only the casino owner himself is responsible for the growth of his business, and the more he does, the better results he gets

Laws and Regulation Across Europe

Online gambling in Europe: regulation

EU countries are divided into several categories. This division depends on the features of the casino business.

Four groups can be formed:

  1. Access to sites is provided in the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Iceland, Serbia, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. Permits for running a casino business are granted by local regulators in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and 7 more countries.
  3. Local businessmen obtain licenses from the regulators of their countries, and the work of foreign casino operators is not controlled in Hungary, Monaco, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, and 7 more.
  4. There are no restrictions on casino activities in Belarus, Gibraltar, Malta, Andorra, Albania, Liechtenstein, the Faroe Islands, and the Isle of Man.

Regulators of different states are trying to unify the legislation and bring it into line with the norms of the EU free trade zone. There are grounds for believing that already in 2022-2023, there will be fewer difficulties with the launch of new projects.

Specific Aspects of Running a Casino in the Most Gambling Countries

Launch a gambling startup in Europe

How to start a gambling project in Europe and achieve success? It will not be difficult if you choose an experienced business partner who understands the law and decide to attract traffic from those countries, the residents of which like gambling.


In Italy, there are several restrictions: all gambling establishments are located near the country’s borders.

If we are talking about online business, then entrepreneurs will be able to attract traffic from this territory. The main thing is to correctly develop the marketing policy of the resource.


Gambling in Poland is a legal business that brings a large profit to the public treasury. About a million people visit casinos annually. The total revenue of gambling establishments is more than 80 million euros. The work of operators is regulated by the Gambling Act of 2009.

Online casinos are banned but you can open a bookmaker’s office. To do this, first of all, the physical presence is needed.  Also, it will be necessary to use the services of local banks, and your site will need to have a domain that belongs to Poland.

It is mandatory for all online casino operators to get a license. This is not an easy task, so only a few companies operate in the country legally:

  • Fortuna Entertainment;
  • STS;
  • EnergyBet;
  • Totolek.

Experts estimate the annual turnover of the shadow segment of the online gambling business at 13 billion euros. It means that due to the prohibitions, the Polish treasury is losing about 156 million euros (a tax on the activities of operators is 12% of their revenues).


Here, all types of gambling are allowed, and the market size is estimated at more than 33 billion euros. The General Directorate for Gambling Regulation is responsible for the issuance of permits.

There are about 50 land-based casinos and 52 online locations in Spain. The most popular form of gambling entertainment is a lottery. You will need a special permit for each type of gambling entertainment. The taxation system is simple and transparent.

If you are thinking about how to create a gambling website in Europe and work legally, it will be a good idea to pay attention to the Spanish market.


As you see, governments are loyal to gambling not in all European countries. Operators face difficulties and statutory bans. But all these problems can be solved if you will be supported by a reliable partner ― Gaminator Studio.

Our company assists operators with the creation of both online and land-based gambling locations. If you turn to us, there will be no need to think about legal nuances, project development, and technical issues. We are going to take all this upon ourselves.


Our offer includes a package of the following services:

  • market analysis and the creation of  a business proposal;
  • assistance with the legalisation of a brand and acquisition of a permit;
  • development of a gambling platform with a unique design;
  • casino games (the wide range of slots, table games, various versions of poker, roulette, baccarat, and much more);
  • connection of multicurrency payment modules;
  • profitable affiliate programs;
  • maintenance;
  • promotion of the casino.

Just contact managers of Gaminator and conquer the European market in a matter of months!

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Artur Zimnij
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