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How to Create Your Own Online Casino: Step-by-Step Instructions from Gaminator

How to Create Your Own Online Casino: Step-by-Step Instructions from Gaminator

Updated 24/09/2021

The gambling industry is one of the most promising and popular areas of business activity. The gambling segment shows tremendous growth rates (according to statistics, the profitability of this sphere will increase by 80% within the next five years), thus the question of how to create own online casino is more than of current interest.

Online casino creation

Gambling Web Venue: Is It Worth Opening

Own business, regardless of the field of activity, is always challenging, including time and investments expenses. At the same time, no online project can compare the rate of return and the level of profitability with gambling resources.

Before making a final decision, it is worth to carefully examine the issue and weigh all the pros and contras:

Gambling business: advantages and disadvantages of own online casino



Wide coverage of the audience

Due to the rapid development of modern technologies and the availability of the global Network, the player from any corner of the world can take part in entertainments for money

Strict legislation

On the territory of many countries, there are prohibitions on the organization of games for money in any format. Violation of the established norms is fraught with penalties and prosecution by the authorized bodies

High profit

According to statistics, only in 2018, the total turnover of the online industry exceeded 44,1 billion euros

Complex preparatory stage

A novice operator is obliged to consider a lot of peculiarities, starting with the development of an overall business strategy and ending with the legalization of business, investments in affiliate services and many others

Minimal number of employees

All administrative processes can be performed remotely by hiring several competent professionals. The operator does not need staff constantly present in the real office

Significant material expenditures

Internet business from ground zero requires the investment of large sums. The costs of opening can reach 100 thousand dollars and even more

Low technical maintenance costs

As a rule, in the update and configuration of the gaming system are engaged third-party specialists who provide software, so that the presence of a special staff member is not required

Temporary losses

The complex development of the gaming platform, documentation, purchase of software components — the implementation of each of the items in this list can take a lot of time.

High return on investments

Even without advertising, online business in the first month is able to bring about 300-900 dollars. With comprehensive marketing support, the gambling platform is completely paid off within 3-6 months

Low level of confidence

Audience loyalty to new brands is in order of magnitude lower than to successful recognizable enterprises. It also applies to suppliers: software developers are extremely reluctant to cooperate with little-known websites

Preparing for the Launch: Where to Start?

Подготовка к созданию сайта онлайн-казино

If you are wondering how to create a website with an online casino, you should carefully prepare for the launch of the project and solve a number of problems.

Competitor Analysis

A detailed study of the market offers is the first step to success. A detailed analytical summary allows you to get acquainted with the current situation, learn more about the main leaders of the industry and find a niche that is not yet represented or poorly covered by large suppliers. For instance, every day more and more interest is aroused by gambling on cryptocurrency (read more on how to create a bitcoin casino further in the article).

Basic on the Peculiarities of the Required Funds Calculation

A profitable business is always accompanied by large start-up investments. Aspiring entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to plan in detail the budget not only for the development and launch of the project but also for the next year after the start. It is also not superfluous to have a detailed analytical summary, focused both on increasing possible spending and reducing it.

Approximate calculations for start-up launch

  1. Registration of legal status — 3-7% of the established capital.
  2. Legalization of the project — 10-30% (purchasing a permit on the territory of a foreign offshore).
  3. Purchase of software — 25-35% (games of chance, ready-made platforms, a connection of payment services and affiliate programs, etc.).
  4. Recruitment — 10-20%.
  5. Additional items of expenditure — 5-15% of the budget (rent of office premises, payment of utility bills, Internet costs, etc.).

Items of expenditure for the first year of operation

  1. Current expenses — 5% of the total capital (bank account maintenance, utilities and so on).
  2. License provision — 1-10% (depending on the legislation established by the jurisdiction).
  3. Software components support — 10% (navigation settings, adding new content).
  4. Commission payments to providers — 5%.
  5. Salaries of staff — 20-30%.
  6. Marketing — at least 50% of the estimated turnover of the establishment.

The Choice of Work Format

When the analysis of competitors and budget planning becomes more or less clear, it is the right time to determine the basic direction of activity.

In today’s market, there are such formats of gambling websites:

Main types of online casinos

Establishment format

Concise characteristic

Traditional portal

Downloadable software

A set of components to be installed on the user’s personal device

Browser service

The game is available directly in the browser windowа

Mobile service

Application for downloading

Set of software for installation on a personal mobile device. This type of gaming platform is recognized as the safest and most convenient (the presence of an expanded assortment of products and a wide range of personal settings, it is possible to play without access to the World Wide Web)

Browser casino

Special services with a unique set of options (for instance, telegram casino with “virtual assistants”) or adapted versions of traditional websites

Blockchain casino

Partial use of smart contracts

Unique algorithms of numerical sequences generation are integrated into the system, which guarantees absolute transparency of the gaming process

Systems on third-party platforms

As an example, we can consider developments based on the Ethereum platform. The service is a comprehensive decentralized application that stores data about each operation in special information blocks

Platform with cryptocurrency support

The resource is adapted to perform financial transactions in a virtual currency

Bitcoin casino

Payments only in bitcoins

Financial transactions are carried out exclusively in the virtual currency

Hybrid payment systems

Bitcoin is one of the additional means of financial transfers and is used in conjunction with traditional payment services (for instance, credit cards Visa/MasterCard, e-wallets WebMoney, Yandex. Money and others)

This is the basic classification of virtual sites. As additional evaluation parameters can be found the distribution of services by type of gaming content. For instance, there are resources on which only slots, thematic services, hybrid platforms with support for lottery draws and betting products are installed.

The Main Ways to Enter the Gambling Market

How to create a casino on the Internet

Answering the question of how to create a casino on the Internet, it is worth considering in detail the main options for the start.

Starting from Ground Zero

Just a decade ago, it was the only way to launch own start-up. Today, it is considered to be the longest and most economically unprofitable option, requiring extensive experience and knowledge in a variety of industries.

The independent launch takes about six months, besides all the risks remain under the control of the operator. Contracts with suppliers, partner programs, development of exclusive design and engine, purchase and provision of licenses, payouts of winnings (including large jackpots), control of personnel and ensuring stable operation of the service fall on the shoulders of an aspiring entrepreneur.

Purchase of Script

This method has one undeniable (but, unfortunately, the only) advantage — low cost. Moreover, in the results of the query, you can often find the magic word “free”.

No matter how attractive the offer may sound, we strongly recommend not using this option or at least acquiring the product from a trusted supplier. There is a high risk of encountering an unscrupulous seller and losing not only money but also reputation.

In fact, you buy the “raw” code that requires complex revision. There is no guarantee of the “viability” of such acquisition.

Franchise Agreement

A great option for novice entrepreneurs with minimal experience or limited start-up capital.

Benefits of working on a franchise basis

  • Record launch time (you can start just in a few days after signing the contract, the main thing is to have time to develop an exclusive logo).
  • Full legal guidance and technical maintenance (all internal issues and processes of interaction with software suppliers are controlled by the “parent” organization).
  • Proven gambling games (set of the platform includes only up-to-date entertainments from the reliable vendors).
  • No large payouts (all costs of winning jackpots remain within the responsibility of the franchisor).
  • Simple requalification without any financial risks (the operator can always change the decision and be engaged in other activities, just terminating the contract).

As the disadvantages of the choice can be considered mandatory charges for the rental of gaming products and the dependence on the decisions of the corporate parent. Any innovations, changes in the set of components and related services are paid in accordance with the additional price list, as self-adjustment of administrative processes is prohibited.

Turnkey Gaming Business

Purchasing an online platform from an intermediary is the most promising and profitable option, allowing you to maintain full independence and avoid any risks.

When ordering a finished project, you get a package of services, which includes:

  • Exclusive design.
  • Proven gaming platform with a flexible system of individual settings.
  • A wide range of games (integration of content from the most prominent representatives of the gambling market).
  • Free system updates.
  • Arrangement of professional technical support service.
  • Legal support (resolution of disputes, assistance in collecting documents for registration of legal entities, obtaining licenses).
  • Development of unique bonuses and loyalty programs.

Special attention should be paid to the set of additional services. By purchasing a turnkey online casino, you can also order the development of a mobile application, the integration of bitcoin wallets, comprehensive marketing promotion and much more (for more detailed advice, you can always contact the Gaminator managers).

A Few Words About Trendy Tendencies

Considering the fierce competition, the direct responsibility of the operator is the regular expansion of the range and providing users with exclusive new products that can conquer even the most sophisticated players. One of the keys to success is following the fashion trends of the market. 

Work in Mobile Format

The mobile casino is one of the innovative directions, which has already proved its effectiveness and attractiveness. In 2018 alone, the sector’s turnover exceeded 51.96 billion dollars.

We offer you a wide range of services to enter the mobile market. We are ready to help in the development of unique applications, to adapt the traditional service to personal gadgets, to provide a set of components for the launch of telegram casino with chatbots.

Gambling and Cryptocurrency

How to create a cryptocurrency casino

A search query on how to create a cryptocurrency casino is becoming more and more relevant every day. According to experts, by 2023 every second platform in the world will accept payment in bitcoins.

The immense popularity of this industry is associated with the following factors and unique features of virtual money:

  • complete anonymity;
  • 100% transparency and security of transfers;
  • no commission fees;
  • the ability to play at minimum bets (from 0.0001 dollars);
  • absolute independence.

Another important point regarding the issue of how to create a blockchain casino is the ability to organize work without a license. Virtual currency sign exists exclusively on the Internet and does not belong to any existing state, so there is simply no one to control the turnover. Moreover, it is physically impossible to track transactions in bitcoin. At the same time, the technology of decentralization guarantees absolute transparency of all financial transactions.


Entering the gambling market is a complex and multi-stage process that requires experience and significant material investments. At the same time, gaming platforms, in contrast to any other online business, have an undeniable advantage — fast rates of return.

Gaminator team has collected comprehensive information on how to create your own online casino. We are ready to consult you on any of the work formats and offer the most loyal terms of cooperation.

We strongly recommend you to use the service of creating a turnkey project and become the owner of a completely independent start-up with individual gaming content.


We will not only provide a full range of solutions but also undertake all the risks associated with the development and start of business.

Become a part of the Gaminator family and discover completely new horizons of development even today!

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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