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Connect Instant Games from Gaminator Casino: Features and Benefits of the Solution

Connect Instant Games from Gaminator Casino: Features and Benefits of the Solution

Updated 19/08/2021

Instant games are one of the key trends of the coming decade. Such entertainments are marked by extensive mechanics, instant launch, and a quick selection of the winner.

Instant games for online casinos

Over the past year alone, the number of active users of casual games exceeded 94 thousand people per day. At the same time, the number of casino content installations increased by 104% in the first quarter of this year.

Gaminator Casino experts will tell you about the features of instant draws and their advantages.

We closely monitor the development of the iGaming market to offer you modern and profitable products. You can order the universal Gaminator system, games from the best manufacturers, and secure payment software from us.


How Did Instant Games Become Popular?

The first line of instant draws was created based on the social messenger Facebook. The IT giant presented 16 hyper-casual games. A year later, the firm expanded its collection by 50 items.

Instant games are based on the concept of "quick and successful rounds during breaks". Gamers can enjoy dynamic sessions on the road, at work, on vacation, during the commercial breaks during their favourite TV shows, etc. The developers offer vivid and exciting content: games catch users’ attention in the first 3–5 seconds after the launch.

The popularity of Facebook entertainments has surpassed all expectations. Over 2 billion gamblers have played instant games in two years. Therefore, the corporation decided to transfer the content to the new Facebook Gaming platform in 2018.

In parallel with Facebook, the following well-known brands presented their fast game lines:

  • Microsoft — innovative cloud service Project xCloud;
  • Google — the Stadia's platform for distributing the Stadia games;
  • Artie — the same-name start-up for the creation and spread of instant games;
  • Samsung — the Game Launcher internet platform where Samsung's exclusive solutions and products from other software vendors are presented.

The Specifics and Principles of Hyper-Casual Games Operation

Hyper-casual games: specifics and principles of operation

The instant draw genre implies immediate immersion in the gameplay. Such entertainments have simple and clear mechanics. They are not limited in time. The games can be compared to mini-lotteries. It is so easy to start a prize round and get a good reward.

Instant games are characterised by diversified storylines. That is why they are often called hyper-casual. Gamblers can bypass obstacles, collect jewels, build towers, and perform any other actions — the list of subjects involved is huge.

Entertainments are not limited in time. The gameplay is divided into many short sessions (2–3 minutes). This ensures fast, fun, and exciting play. Popular products contain 20–30 rounds or more.

Let us consider how hyper-casual entertainments work:


A gamer launches a game, chooses a vivid character or artefact, buys a lottery ticket, and bets on his or her favourite number combination


Depending on the plot, a user needs to perform a specific action:

  • to start the wheel of fortune or a lotto machine;
  • to go from point A to point B, skilfully avoiding obstacles on the playing field;
  • to find 5–8 hidden objects;
  • to solve the puzzle;
  • to build a wall, or a tower


A gambler receives an award for a completed round. Some products provide monetary payments, others options imply motivational prizes

Why Do Gamers Choose Instant Games?

Here are the main advantages of hyper-casual entertainments:

  1. Quick launch. Gamers do not need to install products on their devices or download games as mobile apps. The solutions can be instantly run in all browsers. Users can collect valuable gifts literally 3 seconds after starting the session. Games are always updated automatically. They do not need to be reloaded or reinstalled.
  2. Interesting mathematics. Instant games are characterised by progressive and fast gameplay. For example, the selected character can jump, rotate, fly, and be endowed with other superpowers.
  3. Stylish and cross-platform design. As a rule, solutions are created based on HTML5 technology, supplemented with Unity or JavaScript elements. The finished products are compatible with all operating systems. They work flawlessly on any equipment: PCs, tablets, smartphones. To make the image memorable, the developers use 3D elements, VR and AR technologies.
  4. Simple verification. Gamers do not need to go through multi-level identification. They can confirm their profiles via interconnected platforms — Facebook, Google, and others.
  5. Social orientation. When paying through popular instant messengers, gamblers interact with each other. They can click the "like" button, comment on the results of the draws, and share their achievements with friends.

The Benefits of Developing Hyper-Casual Entertainments

Investing in instant games is beneficial in several ways:

  1. Low production cost. Most products are built using HTML5 technology. The development environment is publicly available. To produce high-quality content, programmers do not need to pay rent and licence fees. HTML5 technology is constantly being updated, providing only useful settings and tools.
  2. Excellent response from users. Instant games are incredibly popular in the gambling market. As already noted, the solutions imply a fast launch, cross-platform support, and simplified verification.
  3. The minimum occupancy of the niche. Nowadays, only a few developers and operators offer hyper-casual games. This iGaming sector is marked by low competition and excellent growth prospects.
  4. Additional channels of promotion. Typically, operators use SMM marketing tools to attract targeted internet traffic from social media.

The Methods of Monetisation in Instant Draws

Instant draws: methods of monetisation

Hyper-casual games can be divided into two broad categories:

  1. Content for classic online casinos. Most often these are lottery draws, bingo, wheels of fortune, and other genres with quick sessions. Customers bet their money and get real earnings.
  2. Social games. Such entertainments are classified as conditionally "free". Gamblers use virtual currency (coins, tickets) to complete the initial rounds. Then, gamers have to spend some money to open access to closed levels.

The main ways to monetise user traffic in free casino games:

  • built-in advertising (ranging from posting promo videos of external products to purchasing a premium version without ads);
  • in-game purchases (gamers buy additional abilities for their characters and access to new levels, pay to unlock accounts);
  • the sale of merchandise (clients improve the gameplay thanks to stylish attributes: soundtracks, background screensavers, animation inserts, etc.).

The Main Things about Instant Games for Online Casinos

Gaminator Casino creates modern and profitable custom iGaming content. We use HTML5 technology to produce high-quality instant games, lotteries, and slot machines.

The Gaminator system is presented in 3 basic versions. The software line will please land-based gamers and mobile users.

  • Instant entertainments are a popular genre characterised by progressive gameplay, captivating storylines, and fast immersion.
  • Gamblers appreciate the cross-platform nature of hyper-casual games, their colourful design, simplified verification, and active social interaction with friends.
  • The installation of instant casino games will bring some tangible benefits to an operator: a rapid growth of internet traffic, promotion through additional marketing channels, low production and rental costs of software.

To order the development of instant games or install the Gaminator Casino gambling system, contact our consultant.

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Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
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