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Casino Partner Program: Next-Generation Marketing Tools from Gaminator

Casino Partner Program: Next-Generation Marketing Tools from Gaminator

Updated 20/06/2023

The gambling sphere is one of the fastest growing and most competitive branches of commerce. To get the maximum result and consistently high income, it is not enough for entrepreneurs to simply buy a casino with content from rating providers.

A key success factor is a properly organised advertising campaign.

Casino affiliate programs: promotion tools

Gaminator offers one of the most effective and profitable promotion instruments in 2022 — an affiliate program. You can learn about how such a scheme of work looks and what benefits it gives to investors from this article.


The Concept of an Affiliate Program

An affiliate network is an interactive traffic monetisation tool that guarantees financial and other benefits to both parties.

The work within the program is built on the following principles:

  • casino administration provides associates with ads;
  • affiliates publish promotional materials on their portals or other resources;
  • an interested audience studies the offer and performs certain actions (follow the link, register on the gaming site, make a deposit, etc.);
  • advertisers get a new clientele;
  • partners receive a financial reward for each attracted user.

Benefits of a Casino Associate Program for Operators

The administration of a gambling establishment has at its disposal a flexible, personalised marketing tool with the following features:

  1. High targeting indicators. The affiliate system independently filters out inappropriate traffic and sends the interested audience which is ready to place bets to the casino platform.
  2. Large selection of personalisation tools. The service can offer several adaptive templates with the ability to combine payment methods and order a list of specific goals from partners: from a simple click on the ad to the mandatory registration of new users and participation in a certain game.
  3. Control of the marketing budget. Built-in analytical tools allow entrepreneurs to monitor the effectiveness of cooperation with each partner and predict possible business development options.
  4. Payment for the result. Thanks to affiliates, the gambling project receives a stable influx of interested clients. Moreover, operators can control the payment scheme used with partners and award them only when they manage to achieve good results. Moreover, some programs involve several penalties for arbitrageurs if the client they bring is too lucky and wins often.
  5. Professional technical support. Thanks to ready-made services, operators do not need to form their customer service staff since the service provider takes care of organisational and other issues. If necessary, representatives of the associate program will help business owners transfer the database to another platform.

Advantages of Affiliate Networks for Partners

Participation in such a campaign gives associates the following benefits:

  1. Expansion of the audience. The partner's resource may not be directly related to the casino industry but interested users will provide additional traffic for its development.
  2. Various types of cooperation. Affiliate networks offer several options, allowing entrepreneurs to choose the optimal format: one-time payments or fixed constant earnings throughout the entire time the attracted player is active on the portal.
  3. Stable income. Depending on the format of the associate program, a partner can count on 40–60% of the casino’s revenue from each new visitor.

Sources of Traffic

After buying a turnkey gambling platform, businessmen get complete freedom of action to promote their projects. As a basis for the placement of advertising content, it is possible to use any niche resources or portals with a similar thematic, including:

  • news sites;
  • forums;
  • video blogs;
  • online marketplaces;
  • social networks;
  • informational blogs, etc.

Any type of digital advertising can be used as a tool that helps operators to attract the target audience.

Types of promotional materials for working with gambling partners

Banners and teasers

Graphic advertisement, including photo and video materials with brief information about the offered goods and services

Search forms

The optimal solution for quick acquisition of statistical data and information about users.

A special form is placed on the webmaster's resource, in which players can enter their data without the need to visit the platform with slot machines

Link mass

Direct links to the advertiser's website. As a rule, these materials are published as part of text content


Graphic elements with information about the gaming portal and such an option as a quick transition to the casino platform

Types of Gambling Associate Programs

Partner programs: the main types

All existing partner services work under the above-mentioned scheme. The difference between the tools lies only in the ways of remuneration of affiliates and the types of actions performed by the attracted users.

Cost per Action

The CPA scheme is the most common and fastest payback option that allows operators to work with already interested clients who are willing to spend money on casino games.

Owners of websites with slot machines independently form a list of paid actions. An arbitrator may receive payments for:

  • registration of new clients and creation of user accounts;
  • making the first deposit;
  • participation of gamblers in a certain event or entertainment, etc.

Payments in the system (for each completed action) are charged on a one-off basis. This scheme is designed for the fastest possible turnover of funds.

Percentage of Losses

The partner receives a fixed compensation for each loss of the attracted user. Players are assigned to the arbitrator for life and will bring a stable profit throughout the entire time of their activity on the gaming site.

Rewards for the Lead

Payouts are charged for each new account. The system assumes a one-time payment.

This option is relevant for investors aimed at the constant growth of the affiliate network and expansion of sales markets. Moreover, the system allows operators to repeatedly increase the speed of financial turnover.

Payments for the Transition to the Site

The program rewards partners when users click on an advertising link. No other action is required.

Previously, such a system was extremely popular but today it has practically lost its relevance since the percentage of players who remain interested is minimal.

Rewards for the Views

The system is similar to the program that was described above but it does not involve any action on the part of the client. The arbitrageur receives money simply for publishing promotional materials which are viewed by the gamblers.

Multilevel Marketing Program

From the Gaminator studio, you can order the creation of a digital casino and the development of a unique affiliate network, which is adapted to the needs of a particular project.

This option allows operators not only to interact directly with associates but also to work on the attraction of new ones. The affiliate is usually interested in expanding the network since he will receive a percentage of each attracted player’s deposits.

Hybrid Systems

It is a combined payout program with flexible personal settings. The scheme includes 2 payment models:

  • rewards for the performance of a given action (for example, casino visitors can follow a link, register on the website, make a deposit, etc.);
  • commission percentage from the burnt bets (the work is aimed at increasing the indicators of customer lifetime value).

The Main Things about the Cooperation with Affiliates in the Gaming Industry

Affiliate casino marketing: key features

Casino associate networks are among the most promising and profitable advertising tools that are very popular with domestic and foreign operators.

The core benefits of joining such programs are:

  • Expansion of sales markets. The service allows you to screen out a non-target audience and drive traffic from any third-party resources (from news sites to video blogs and social networks).
  • Variability of work. Operators can choose one or more traffic monetisation schemes. Moreover, it is possible to change the payment format at any time, depending on the performance indicators of the program.
  • Payment for the results. Affiliate networks allow entrepreneurs to clearly control the actions of each webmaster and work only with interested punters. Associates are rewarded only upon the achievement of a positive result.
From our professionals, you can learn more about the possibilities of affiliates and the features of internet project promotion.

We will help you organise the launch of the next-generation casino business and provide a full set of tools for its successful promotion. Our company guarantees that you will achieve great results already by the end of the first year of operation.

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Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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