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Buy Online Casino Licence 2019: Review of the Best Solutions from Gaminator

Buy Online Casino Licence 2019: Review of the Best Solutions from Gaminator

Updated 27/09/2021

The gambling industry demonstrates tremendous development rates. Over the past year alone, the industry’s turnover increased by $ 4.3 billion. At the moment, the gambling sector is recognized as one of the most significant factors influencing the world economy and the most promising area for investment.

Online casino license is essential for any gambling business

Considering the current situation, in the top of search engines, the leading queries are “how to start your own business” and “where to buy a licence for online casino”. Gaminator specialists have collected comprehensive information about the peculiarities of launching legal gaming venues and the main features of purchasing a licence.


How to Legalize a Gambling Project

The first thing you need to do starting an Internet business is to buy a licence. Permitting documentation is mandatory for online gambling enterprises.

The presence of a licence provides the operator with the following advantages:

  1. Interaction with reliable foreign partners.
  2. Work with international banking institutions.
  3. The ability to purchase certified software from major suppliers.
  4. Access to approved payment services with a rich selection of currencies.
  5. Wide opportunities to work in the international format.
  6. Increase of loyalty and level of trust on the part of potential customers.
  7. Demonstration of the site reliability and the absolute transparency of the establishment.

The most popular forms of gambling business are:

Structure of profitability of gambling industry sectors in 2019 (online market)
Game on money format Percentage Volume of income
Bookmaking (betting on sports and artificially created events) 49,4% 20.1 billion euros
Traditional casino games 26% 10.6 billion euros
Lottery draws 9,6 % 3.9 billion euros
Card games, poker tournaments 5,9% 2.4 billion euros
Games that require “level up” skills 4,7% 1.9 billion euros
Bingo draws and other formats of entertainment 1,8% 4.4 billion dollars

To obtain a licence for online business, the operator has to collect the following documentation:

  • copies of documents confirming the identity of shareholders and founders of the company;
  • full set of constituent papers;
  • notarized certificates confirming the existence of a banking account and a certain amount considering as a reserve fund;
  • documentary evidence of the physical address of the company (for example, copies of utility bills or a receipt for the payment of renting the office premise);
  • copies of certificates of installed software;
  • documentary evidence of technical support and security systems;
  • confirmation of the availability of certified payment services.

The list of documents may vary depending on the standards and requirements existed in the chosen jurisdiction.

The Most Popular Offshore Territories for Legalization of Gambling Projects

Gambling license: the best jurisdictions

Gaminator specialists have prepared a list of the most popular and reliable jurisdictions that provide services of legalization of gambling websites of any type.


The state is considered to be one of the most loyal jurisdictions with an impeccable reputation. The price of obtaining a gambling permit for business activities is about 25 thousand euros. As an additional payment, the fees for the processing of the application (2,3 thousand euros) and the annual maintenance of the licence (from 15 thousand euros) are also provided. In order to renew the service, you have to pay 1.5 thousand euros.

Costa Rica

One of the most important advantages: here the gambling services are not taxed. European and the United States markets are also available to operators. Registration permit will cost in the amount of 40 thousand dollars. The annual fee for the renovation of the service is 10 thousand dollars.


This jurisdiction allows using one licence by several affiliate companies. The price of permission is from 40 thousand dollars. The annual maintenance will cost 15 thousand dollars.

Isle of Man

This is a respected offshore company with strong partnerships with the UK. The jurisdiction belongs to the EU free trade zone and guarantees the complete absence of currency control. The cost of consideration of the application is 1 thousand pounds. The annual maintenance of the licence costs 35 thousand pounds.


It is one of the largest banking and offshore zones in the world. The state has proposed a simple system of regulation of the gambling industry and exempted local businessmen, who serve the foreign users, from taxes. The cost of legalization is 40 thousand dollars. The renovation of the service will cost 20 thousand dollars.

Alternative Licencing Methods

Ways to obtain a gambling license

Self-legalization of the project requires significant time and financial costs. For operators with minimal experience and limited budget, there are several proven options.

White Label Program

The affiliate scheme allows renting a ready-made gaming project and organizing work on the basis of a sublicence issued by the corporate parent. This is a convenient option that allows reducing the time for launching and start a business with minimal risks, using already approved and well-established mechanisms of work.

The disadvantages of this system include a complete dependence on the internal policy of the leasing holder and the need for regular deduction of commission fees for the use of provided services.

Ready-made Start-up

Buy online turnkey casino with a licence is the most thoughtful and practical solution that allows solving a number of technical issues at once and maintain complete independence.

Having decided to buy an online casino with a licence, the operator makes an agreement with the intermediary company, expresses his wishes and is engaged exclusively in the control of the contractor.

The basic set of services includes the following solutions:

  • development of design, the company logo;
  • gaming content integration;
  • adjusting the administrative tools;
  • connection of payment services;
  • software technical maintenance;
  • arrangement of technical support service;
  • legal assistance at the conclusion of contracts with partners, opening a bank account, purchasing software, legalization of the website in offshores;
  • the security ensuring of the web resource.

Casino Script

As another way to launch a gambling establishment, you can consider a script. In fact, it is a “raw” code that can be adapted to the current needs of the customer. Today, you can buy a casino script for a fairly modest amount, but, unfortunately, the low cost of the product is almost its only advantage.

Before choosing this method of creating a casino, we recommend that you seek the advice of specialized professionals and order related services (for example, design development, integration of gaming content, adaptation of internal services, marketing promotion, etc.).


Legalization of the gambling website is a mandatory procedure that guarantees stable operation without unnecessary attention from the government authorities and local regulators. The most convenient form of licencing is the purchase of documents in offshore zones.

In order to receive detailed information and support in the process of collecting and processing documentation, you should contact Gaminator specialists. You can order solutions for already existing services or buy an online casino with a licence and a set of unique gaming offers.

Become a part of the Gaminator family even today and we will discover completely new development prospects for you. Guarantee of payback period — 3-6 months since the beginning of the cooperation.

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Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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