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Bitcoin Casino Platform: Open a Modern Start-up

Bitcoin Casino Platform: Open a Modern Start-up

Updated 30/08/2022

Blockchain innovations were originally used to create digital currencies and now are actively penetrating all areas of business on the Web.

Bitcoin casino: features of Blockchain

Payments made via digital assets have a large-scale impact on the entire IT industry due to the following features:

  • absolute anonymity of participants;
  • high level of personal data security;
  • transparency of all financial transfers;
  • irreversibility of actions.
In this article, experts of the Gaminator Casino company will describe the concept of Blockchain and the positive aspects of a crypto project launch.

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Features of the Technology

A continuous digital sequence is built according to certain rules. Each component of the “chain” stores certain data that can be viewed using a special key (an access code created by a cryptographic algorithm).

With the help of software blocks, it is possible to transfer any digital data and bring crypto transfers. The service works well all over the world (it is decentralised and has no geolocation restrictions).

Technological capabilities of the technology-based tools:

  1. Lack of a single control centre. There is no main server: software blocks are stored on the devices of those users who take part in the formation of the information chain.
  2. Transparency of the service. Each gambler can get acquainted with the data and track the transactions carried out within the system.
  3. Privacy. Users get access to information encrypted in blocks but cannot determine the data of the addressee and the sender (if they do not have an access key to the wallet).
  4. Irreversibility of operations. The closed element of the information chain cannot be changed. Any attempts to do it will be automatically rejected due to inconsistency with a previously created duplicate.

Blockchain in the iGaming Niche

Blockchain technology in iGaming

One of the unique characteristics of decentralised services is the variability of use.

Ways to use the innovation in the casino industry

Full-scale Blockchain platform

All systems within the product are made using decentralised technology. At the same time, each participant in the project gets access to information flows but remains anonymous. Gamblers do not need to provide personal data

Smart contracts as part of game mechanics

The services can be used to generate random numbers for amusement. The technology guarantees transparency and security of raffles. It is impossible to somehow affect their results

Support for cryptocurrency payments

Entrepreneurs can start a Bitcoin project in the format of a traditional gaming site with an additional set of financial instruments. Apart from standard currencies, the system supports payments in electronic money

The crypto casino platform works based on smart contracts. The program code is generated automatically following the given algorithms.

Features of the system:

  • fully automated process without intermediaries;
  • transparent and publicly available conditions for receiving winnings;
  • high speed of processing requests and conducting transactions;
  • control of the activity of users without reference to personal information.

Benefits of Crypto Gaming Sites

The use of decentralised technologies makes it possible to solve almost all the problems that visitors to virtual casinos may face: from financial security assurances to geographic restrictions and the risk of leakage of personal data.

Bitcoin casino software combines the following features and benefits:

  1. Fair play. Conditions of the raffles are located in the public domain. Moreover, the history of drawings can be viewed and the outcome cannot be affected by anyone.
  2. Anonymity. The gambling platform does not ask for the private data of customers. To conduct transactions, they only need to provide the number of an e-wallet.
  3. Speed ​​of operations. The formation of smart contracts takes place automatically, without the participation of intermediaries. Thus, the speed of request processing increases many times over: payments are made almost instantly, regardless of the frequency of requests, the amount of money, or the location of operators and users.
  4. Financial security. Each project participant can trace the path of a transfer. It is also impossible to fake a payment, as well as to freeze the client's wallet and interrupt or cancel the transaction.
  5. Low fees. The system works without intermediaries: there is simply no one to pay a commission fee. A certain percentage may be charged by business owners for using the provided software.
  6. Ability to play with minimum bids. Blockchain casinos attract customers with a record low betting threshold — gamblers can place a bet of 0.001 dollars.
  7. Geographical independence. Geolocation and other user data are not requested, so operators can drive traffic even from those regions where money games are strictly prohibited.

Ways to Start a Crypto Platform

Cryptocurrency casino: launch ways

The procedure for implementing a cryptocurrency project is similar to the creation of a traditional location. The main nuances of the development of a start-up are the features of technology and the support of electronic payments.

Entrepreneurs can create a Bitcoin casino in several ways:

  • start from scratch;
  • buy a script;
  • conclude a White Label agreement;
  • purchase a turnkey platform.

The last option is the most convenient and safe. In this case, investors get access to a full-scale digital infrastructure, which includes:

  • the project’s visualisation and branding;
  • analytical services and programs for monitoring the activity of users;
  • payment modules;
  • a catalogue of entertainment content;
  • well-established communication channels with the customer service;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • legal support in the process of legalising a start-up and resolving disputes with gamblers.

From the Gaminator Casino studio, you can not only buy a ready-made and well-functioning system but also order several related services to optimise the project.

We offer:

  • remote administration services;
  • development of mobile applications;
  • creation and implementation of bonuses and loyalty programs;
  • production of unique HTML5 content;
  • connection of security systems based on machine learning technologies;
  • development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing program.

The Main Things about Blockchain in the iGaming Industry

Mass popularisation of decentralised services allows operators to increase the profitability of their business many times over.

The use of cryptocurrency systems opens up the following prospects for entrepreneurs:

  • Honesty and transparency of work. Information about completed transfers is available to any project participant but it is impossible to fake or affect the outcome of game sessions.
  • Geographic independence. Business owners can attract traffic from all over the world: digital money is not backed by fiat currency and is not linked to physical banking services.
  • Speed ​​of work. Decentralised technology is fully automated. Algorithms of the system are generated without intermediaries, which significantly reduces the platform’s response time to external requests. All operations are performed almost instantly, regardless of the volume of loads, the frequency of calls, and the amount of the transfer.

The Gaminator Casino team of specialists offers operators to buy a Bitcoin casino on the most favourable terms. Our turnkey solutions and Blockchain services will optimise the work of your gambling platform.

We are aware of the latest market trends and constantly update the product range.

From us, you can purchase:

  • live entertainment and VR content;
  • lotteries and instant draws;
  • social games and software for organising tournaments;
  • cross-platform HTML5 products;
  • unique bonuses and multi-level progressive jackpots.


For all questions, please contact our managers.

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
Gambling business specialist
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