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Recommendations on How to Open Casinos with Keno Games in the USA

Recommendations on How to Open Casinos with Keno Games in the USA

Updated 16/08/2022

The lucrativeness of a gambling site depends on the quality and relevance of the entertainment content. Lottery solutions, in particular keno casino software in the USA, are always in high demand. Such gaming products bring operators a constant influx of online traffic and high incomes.

Casino with keno games in the USA

Find out more about the benefits of working in this profitable niche and how to start an online casino with keno in the USA from this article prepared by Gaminator.

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How the Game Gained Popularity through the Centuries

Keno is known in global history as the earliest lottery. Its journey begins in ancient China.

  • The emperor Cheung Leung decided to hold draws to cheer people up during prolonged wars. The second, more pragmatic reason was to receive additional funding to the treasury. The country's budget at that time was depleted due to constant internal military conflicts.
  • The new game quickly became popular among the local gamblers. Historical facts indicate that regular keno draws helped finance the building of the Great Wall of China.
  • In the 19th century, the entertainment solution spread to Europe. Quite a lot of Chinese people were living in Italy and France at that time. They taught the Europeans the rules of this simple and fun game.
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a peak in the development of the gambling business in the USA. Keno began to be in great demand among Americans. Today, the game is well-known all over the world.

Daily or weekly draws are held at the state level in many countries. Private operators also organise online lotteries with large cash prizes and valuable gifts.

The Rules of Keno and the Reasons for Its Popularity

The essence of the game is quite simple. Players should select from 1 to 20 numbers from 80 options presented on the playing field. When the choice is made, the winning figures are determined using a lototron. The more selected numbers match with the dropped figures, the greater a player's winnings.

Keno casino software in the USA is popular for several reasons:

  1. Low bets. The cost of a lottery ticket is affordable. A player risks almost nothing when placing a bet.
  2. An opportunity to try a gambler’s luck. The outcome of games depends solely on the numbers drawn. A player cannot influence the result in any way. The anticipation of victory and hope for good luck create an exciting atmosphere.
  3. Legal leisure activities. Keno is lawful in lots of countries around the world. Millions of people from different regions regularly follow the draws in front of their TV screens or on their favourite gambling sites.

Why Is It Beneficial to Launch a Keno Project in the American Market?

It is favourable to buy keno casino software in the USA for some reasons:

High audience interest

The American nation is considered one of the most gambling in the world.

Residents of the United States are ready to spend impressive amounts on various entertainment services. They love to feel the excitement and try their luck

Solvent potential customers

The gambling business in the USA is characterised by high profitability indicators.

This is due to the good economic situation and decent salaries of citizens in different cities, be it New York, Los Angeles, or Iowa City

Lots of keno games software providers in the USA

Many suppliers tend to work in the American market and offer keno games and slot machines for sale due to the favourable gambling laws of many states and the possibility of making substantial revenues

Easy business scaling

After launching gambling businesses in the USA and gaining a good reputation in this prestigious region, operators can easily start working in other countries.

The recognition of their brands in the gaming industry will simplify the entry into new markets

The Stages of Starting a Business

Turnkey casino with keno in the USA

To open a successful project, you should follow the right algorithm. Here are some key steps:

The Creation of a Stylish Cross-Platform Website

The design and convenience of an online portal greatly influence the loyalty of the audience. Universal sites that can be loaded easily on mobile and desktop devices are the right choice for modern operators.

Cross-platform software for casinos in the United States with keno will allow you to significantly expand the reach of potential customers. The future belongs to mobile technologies. They let operators make the gameplay more comfortable and accessible for different categories of players.

The Purchase of Content

The choice of a keno gaming provider is the most important task for an operator. Cooperation with unreliable little-known manufacturers is fraught with significant financial risks and reputational losses.

To choose a good keno casino provider in the USA, you should consider these characteristics:

  1. Work experience. The more completed projects in the manufacturer's portfolio, the better for an operator. Brands with a good reputation can provide entrepreneurs from the United States with casino software of the highest quality.
  2. Content creation technologies used. Trust keno casino providers in the USA developing games with the help of state-of-the-art methods. One of the most demanded technologies today is HTML5. It allows creators to achieve clear and vivid visualisation, smooth transition between frames, easy integration on any platform, and other advantages.
  3. Bonus options. In addition to traditional jackpots, many keno gaming providers give players a lot of additional opportunities to get valuable prizes. This makes the gameplay more exciting and interesting.

The Protection of Data and Financial Resources

When working in the United States with casino software, the security of information is of the utmost importance. The operation in the entertainment business is always associated with large sums of money and confidential data. Therefore, it is essential to use relevant protection methods:

  • multilevel user verification;
  • restriction of access for minors;
  • anti-money laundering technologies;
  • machine learning technologies, and others.

The Connection of Payment Services

Reliable keno gaming providers offer their clients a huge range of up-to-date money transfer methods.

The most relevant options are as follows:

  • bank transfers;
  • electronic payment systems;
  • virtual wallets, and others.

Many keno games software providers in the USA offer operators to connect cryptocurrency payment instruments. They allow entrepreneurs to carry out instant transactions without additional fees and maintain the complete anonymity of users.

A successful combination of traditional and advanced methods will let an entrepreneur meet the needs of more potential customers.

The Promotion of a Finished Project

When your turnkey casino with keno in the USA is ready to interact with the audience, you should launch a well-organised advertising campaign to attract the attention of solvent consumers.

The most advanced methods are as follows:

  • social network marketing;
  • affiliate partnership;
  • e-mails with bonus offers, and others.

The Main Things about Opening Keno Projects in the USA

Keno casino games: key notions

Working in the American market brings operators good revenues, recognition on the world business stage, and the opportunity to scale their start-ups.

How to buy keno casino games in the USA and open a successful project?

Follow these tips:

  • evaluate the experience of a supplier;
  • study the technologies used;
  • check out bonus options;
  • create an attractive website;
  • integrate entertainment content;
  • launch a promotional campaign.
If you want to learn more about the considered theme and order software products for your business, contact Gaminator Casino.


Our company offers a wide range of slot machines, table and keno games for sale. Also, we propose comprehensive services for launching iGaming portals from scratch.

Artur Zimnij
Artur Zimnij
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